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3 Content Marketing Post Types You Should Consider When Marketing Your Customers Online

There are 3 types of content marketing posts you should have in mind when getting in touch with your customers.

It becomes irritating when all you do in your marketing efforts is to pitch, promote and push your audience to buy your product or service.

Let me give you an example:

Let’s say you are going to take a bus to Lagos or Abuja, and all those loaders keep rushing you, pressing you, trying to force you to take a decision by going with their transport line….

What usually happens?

You become irritated or try as much as possible to resist them and head to a transport line that you have come to like, connect with and prefer their services.

This is what happens in Marketing.

Even though you want to sell something, there are better ways to do it.

The more subtle your strategy is, the faster the audience gets convinced to try out your offer.

Marketing is a long term game and quick-wins are only possible when you have done a lot of the background work building, nurturing and getting your audience to grow on you.

In this post, I have succinctly listed out 3 ways to deliver your content to your audience without being too pushy about it and driving them away from your list.

Read on below:

1.) Nurturing Content

This content marketing type connects with your audience without selling anything to them.

This type of content is in the form of story-telling and uses emotions to make your audience engage with you on a personal level.

If you are serious about mastering content marketing then you have to take this particular point seriously. This is where the bedrock of your connection with your audience lies, you get it right and your audience will love you like no other.

The more consistent you are at doing this, your customers get to see you as their fellow human and not just another marketer out there trying to force a product down their throats.

You could tell a story about how you survived a difficulty, how you achieved success in a particular endeavor etc.

At the end of the content, you can add your profession so they will connect the story to what you do.

Doing this reinforces your person into their minds without their knowing it.

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2.) Pre-selling Content.

Have you ever read a content that discusses a problem that you probably share and you find yourself looking for a way to connect with the writer whether they can provide a solution to that problem?

That is perfect Pre-Selling Content……na you go rush the writer.

The writer will simply sit back and wait for you to visit his message inbox or mailbox if they want.

This kind of content is expository, educative, informational and whatever word you feel like adding here.

Pre-selling content marketing post is magnetic and works like magic because you don’t even have to mention that you are selling anything and you will find people asking if you can offer a solution.

A lot of copywriters that you know today use this technique to get you SUPER-HUNGRY for their next coming product.

When you create Pre-selling content perfectly, selling the follow-up product that comes next is easy because you have already whetted the appetite of your audience PRIMING them to buy when you offer your OFFER.

Pre-selling content is also known as a Primer content. It can use fear or benefits or some other emotion to induce your mind into action.

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3.) Promotional Content.

This is the type of content marketing posts many of us use to sell our products, goods, services etc.

Also called a HARD-PITCH, this type of content marketing post works best when you must have PRIMED your audience properly to ANTICIPATE your proffered solution to their problems.

If you should pitch hard at your audience, you will appear DESPERATE, SHADY, PUSHY and any other aggressive marketing adjective you can think off.

A lot of people get turned off by such marketing.

Heck, they don’t know you from Adam and you are trying to convince them to buy your offer???

How sure are they that you aren’t selling a dud?

To sell using promotional content, you must have done any of the following:

– Pre-sold, primed or prepared your audience by getting them to engage and connect with you.

– Built influence, authority and brand visibility as an expert so they can trust your word and take the plunge.

Anything other than this will most likely backfire.

The good news is that you can implement any of these content types in any business model so long as you are using online platforms to connect with your business.

So tell me what you do in the comments and I will suggest how you can implement any of these content marketing types in your business or role consisting.

Don’t forget to share this post too so others can benefit!


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