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5 Best Information Product Ideas

If you are just starting out in Internet marketing, one of the best models you can get into is Information Marketing. This is even more so when you are bootstrapping on a very low budget and need to maximize your results as best as possible. In this write-up, I will be showing you 5 best information product ideas you can create a digital product on to make money when starting out.

The first thing you need to understand is that the best information product ideas are those that help people in need solve their problems. It is a fact that if an information product does not provide a solution to people’s problems, keeping it as a sustainable income generator will be difficult.

Therefore, the first thing to think about when creating info product is to think of the serious problems a lot of people have issues with and how you can offer a solution for it.

Problems like infertility, sterility, STD treatment, dating, picking women, starting a particular business etc are examples of difficulties people won’t mind paying for a solution.

The 5 best information product ideas should ideally be solutions to problems that are either painful or embarrassing to discuss. It should be a solution that provides relief for the victim who is willing to go almost any length possible to get it.

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All you need to do is to do your research, gather this valuable information and sell it to a hungry audience to make your money.

Further research is needed to provide an information product for each problem you identify. This is where you come in as a savvy information product creator.

Information product ideas that can be considered hot enough with a large hungry audience include but are not limited to the following below.

  • Make Money Niche/Financial Management/Investment

One of the biggest problems people have is how to make money then keep it or build it. The niche this falls into is what is called an ever-green niche because it a challenge that ties to man’s basic welfare.

Therefore, it is reoccurring and has no all-in-one solution as almost everyone has this problem. The beauty of the make money or financial management niche is that the market is huge so tapping in is no problem.

Many people want to make money, many others want to keep theirs while others want to increase theirs. If you have a monetizable skill that is in-demand, you can make bigger income teaching what you know and not even practicing it.

This doesn’t mean that what you know is wrong but it doesn’t mean you can’t teach it to make money.

Anyone who can provide solutions to the challenges faced in making money, managing finances and handling investments can make huge sums of money creating and selling digital products that solve this products.

  • Dating/Relationships/Marriage

This is another area of human need that is as basic as it gets. The need to have a companion of the opposite is universal whether it be temporal or permanent. At a point in our lives, there is a need to have someone in your life as a mate.

As sweet as this sounds, it’s not always easy and this is where the problem lies. Getting someone suitable to date, have a relationship with or even marry is not an easy feat.

Many end up with the wrong person, some end up with someone they can tolerate while a few actually meet their right mate.

As it stands, the dating/relationship/marriage market is ripe with problems that need solution and you can position yourself as that expert. This is one of the best information product ideas anybody can run with to create a dating or relationship course and be sure of selling.

So long as it has the tag of being a dating guide or marriage course and the marketing is done right, you will have sales creating an info product to solve needs in this market.

The best information product ideas here should be based around topics like: How to get a girl or woman of your dreams, How to go on a date, How to manage and grow your relationship, How to have a successful marriage, How to avoid challenges in marriage, How to keep a woman/man,How to manage a divorce etc.

The list is endless but if you can do a bit of research, you will easily come up with a hot idea to run with.

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  • Sexual Health/Improvement Product Ideas

This particular is under-served, large and people with problems here would rather not talk about it. A lot of people have varied sexual health problems that they would rather keep private.

What makes this market one of the best information product idea is because it involves a pressing need that requires a solution fast. A lot of people have these problems but prefer to hide their identity even while looking for a solution.

If you can provide this solution through your information products, you will be patronized as long as your audience are sure of their privacy.

Think of men who have premature ejaculation problems or those with STDs, most need help but are suffering in silence. If you can find these people in your market targeting and provide them with your product, you make money.

Remember, you are only selling valuable information that can help them get rid of their problems. Product ideas here should be based around topics like How to last longer in bed, How to satisfy your partner, How to handle STDs, How to avoid STDs, How to cure impotency etc.


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  • Women’s Health/Pregnancy/Breast Cancer

It might be unfair to say that women have a wide myriad of health problems but that’s the truth. These problems usually require urgent attention because of the more delicate of the human female body.

Fortunately, there are solutions available for many of the problems. You can position yourself as an authority in providing valuable, well-researched information on how to tackle some of these problems without prescribing drugs or medical treatment directly.

Women’s health problems relate to topic ideas like: Breast cancer awareness, avoidance and prevention, How to get pregnant easily or avoid pregnancy, How to choose the sex of a baby, How to avoid specific disease types in women, How to carry your baby safely to term etc

The good news is that there is a ready, hungry market for this waiting for you to provide a solution and they will buy your product to consume if your marketing is done right.


The best information product ideas are products that solve people’s problems. Most of these problems are either pressing or embarrassing which makes the victims desperate for effective solutions for them.

Some of the best information product ideas focus on making money, investment, finance, dating, relationship, marriage, sexual health and unique disease conditions like cancer, diabetes etc.

Information product ideas providing a solution for these problems can provide a consistent means of income when marketed right. If you are just starting out in online business, information marketing is one of the models to look out for till you find your feet.

Most internet marketers use the information marketing model when creating products and training courses. Whether you are just starting out or experienced, you can succeed in information marketing with little financial investments and efforts.

I hope this post has been helpful. Kindly let me know your thoughts in the comment section.

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