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5 Lead Generation Tactics Using Content Marketing

5 Lead Generation Tactics to Boost your Business Using Content Marketing

The saying that ‘content is king’ has been around for quite a while and it is quite easy to see why this is so. Quality content engages, educates and connects a business with its audience seamlessly making it possible to turn them into leads and subsequently into paying customers, ceteris paribus.

As it stands now, many businesses engage the use of content marketing to hook their audience by providing quality and valuable information to them via a variety of channels.

These channels for getting your audience engaged can be referred to as lead generation channels because with them you can acquire leads from your audience.

Businesses can use content marketing to boost their lead generation and acquisition by using any of the 5 tactics below:

1.Give away a lead magnet

A lead magnet makes it possible for you to give out valuable content to your audience but ensures you get their contact information once they acquire it.

Usually, it comes in the form of an opt-in form where your audience is required to enter their personal contact information in order to download the valuable offer. Your lead magnet could be content in the form of an e-book, audio book, video etc.

2. Create trial offers of your products

One other way to generate leads using content marketing is to offer some of your products as trial offers to an interested audience. The category of people your business will target will be people who are interested in sampling the content of your free trials.

Your free trial will have a feature where you can get their contact details for remarketing purposes in future.

3. Create How-tos and Guides

How-Tos and Guides when targeted at an audience using a catchy title, relevant content teaching something useful and effective call to action will snag a lot of leads. You can promote such guides and material on your social media pages and wait for your audience to respond to them.

4. Host life workshops and events

This remains one of the biggest ways to generate highly-interested leads who will want to try out your products or service.  As a content marketing tactic, your audience gets to see you live and it puts a face to your business.

You can connect better with your audience this way because the promotion activities alone gives you more visibility, builds your brand and public image and makes people realize you are ‘real’.

Content like photos, videos, social media posts, hash-tags, and articles from your event all work to give your business greater authority and people who are interested in your service would want to connect with your SaaS business.

5. Do a Customer Questionnaire or Survey

A customer questionnaire or survey makes it possible for you to tell exactly what your current and potential customers want. Using content marketing as leverage, you can create a short, informative report then add a survey at the end of it to get your audience’s insight concerning your topic or business.

A simple customer questionnaire or survey can involve open ended questions and a feature where your audience will have to include their name and contact to submit the survey or questionnaire.

As it is, there are many content marketing strategies your business can implement to generate more leads for business. All are effective depending on how well they are used and the results you achieve could also vary.

What matters in the end are the numbers which include the conversion rate, quality of leads, number of leads and most importantly the sales revenue generated from the marketing activities.

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