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5 Marketing Ideas That Will Promote Your Small Business

Managing a small business is quite a challenge especially in the early days. I am sure you must have noticed.

You might have to manage all tasks by yourself with little room for outsourcing.

Let’s say you have a good business environment, quality services and business offers, you will still need very good marketing for that business to expand and grow.

Marketing is a must if you want a successful business.

Combined with your quality offers/services, your customers will become repeat customers and even persuade their friends and acquaintances to patronize you.

There are several marketing tips that will most likely boost and promote your business significantly and I have listed 5 of them below.

These tips will promote your business to the public in the most noticeable way possible.

Check them out below.

Make yourself known in your local area.

You can run small ads on local newspapers and magazines.

Get a unique logo and banner created for your business and get affiliated with school events or community events.

You could write a proposal to offer your services for free at these events.

It’s a type of marketing idea – this will be in exchange for the popularity you will be gaining.


Mark the territory – this is tied to the first tip I suggested earlier.

They say charity starts from home, create enough awareness in your local area first.

Get flyers and posters designed and shared or pasted in public places.

Hand out your business cards and network with people asking for referrals and word of mouth recommendation.


If you are finding marketing difficult, you could hire a marketing expert to assist.

If the effort will boost your business, I see no reason why it shouldn’t be explored.

Don’t be doubtful about seeking out extra help….it might just be the extra push your business needs.


You can also leverage on the power of search engines by linking your business to these sites. When searches are done, your business shows up.

This can be handled for you by an SEO expert. It will help your business visibility in your niche and local area.

This usually works better when you have a website which can be likened to your online shop or your office on the internet where your goods and services are displayed for public consumption.


Social media – this is one of the best things that happened to businesses.

Social media gives you visibility without costing you an arm and a leg.

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram most especially are more than enough to give your business that extra boost.

You will need a Facebook page, run targeted ads, acquire followers and likers who help you share your service offerings the world over at the touch of a button.

Cheap but super effective advertising.

These 5 tips are known to be super-effective at giving any business, both offline and online  all the edge it needs in marketing and growth but only if you take relevant action and do them correctly.

I hope you will do this then watch the magic happen.

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Kalu is a digital marketing strategist and online business consultant. With years of experience studying the internet marketing space, he is an authority on how best to leverage on digital tools for business growth and development.

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