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7 Online Businesses You Can Make Money From

Considering the fact that there are 7 online businesses you can make money from monthly, earning good income online is difficult.

That’s the truth but only if you don’t know what you are doing.

It’s actually very easy to get lost online with the myriad of information floating about.

This is why it is important you focus on one model at a time if possible. As soon as you master a model, you can then move to another model.

Even if you have zero skills, there are online business models anyone can and start earning good income monthly.

In this article, I am going to be discussing the 7 online business models that can earn you thousands of dollars in income monthly and consistently.

Some of them can be started without any formal training; you can watch Youtube videos or source for materials on the internet.

Other will require you undergo mentorship or coaching before getting started.

Check them out below:


  • E-Course Creation for Online Learning Platforms

Many Online learning platforms now exist where students can enroll for courses on a wide range of topics.

You can become an instructor on these online learning platforms.

These topics range from art to tech and there is something for everyone. It’s not really a question of what will I teach, you can easily create a course on something you know, find a category on the platform and put it out there as a course.

Of course, there are guidelines to follow.

You can register right away to get started.

It doesn’t take so much requirements and once your course is well-packaged and easy to assimilate, you are good to go.

You can register on online learning platforms like Udemy, Skillshare, Coursera etc to get started.

Course pricing is quite competitive but once you have a high number of students, this shouldn’t be a problem.

Would you love to create an amazing course on a topic you know?

Follow the links above.


  • Information Marketing

Information marketing remains an ever viable niche.

People need information to solve different problems.

To make money through information marketing, you have to do just three things.

– find a problem a lot of people have

– create or find a solution to this problem

– offer it to them at a price and earn your money

Now the challenge most people have is finding a problem a number of people have.

This shouldn’t be difficult if you do your research well. It could be weight loss, diabetes, relationship, sex, or even making money.

There are 3 core categories to focus on when you want to create an information product and they are:

Health, Wealth and Heart (relationship)

Under these 3, there are so many different sub-categories where people are hungry to have a solution to.

Do your research, create your information product and sell it to them to make your money.

Of course, it is more detailed than these and in my next post, I will discuss this in greater detail.


  • Blogging

Blogging is another evergreen niche to consider if you want to make good money online.

However, the mistake that most people do is to go for a multi-niche blog or a niche with low interest yield.

By low interest yield, I mean the niche doesn’t have a lot of interested people in it.

To make money through blogging, you need to have a good sized audience who will read your content each time you drop a post.

You also need to monetize your blog using affiliate marketing or selling advert spaces to clients.

The more the number of visitors you have on your blog, the more your chances of making money from your blog.

So to make money through your blog, you need the following:

– traffic, lots of targeted traffic.

– products and services to sell on your blog

– advert spaces and banner ads using Company ads, Google adsense, Facebook audience network or affiliate banners

If you have all these in place, the next thing to do is to keep creating quality content to draw your visitors in and engage them accordingly.

You might also need to draw them into your e-mail list by offering giveaways so you can send them posts regularly to increase your traffic.


  • Affiliate Marketing

This remains one of my most favorite online businesses. This online business model can be set up to run on almost auto-pilot, day in, day out.

Yes, affiliate marketing is that cool if you know what you are doing.

As an affiliate, what you have to do is to sell a product for an affiliate company online and earn commissions on each product successfully sold.

There is no question about it, once you make a sale you earn money. Registration into an affiliate platform is free.

Here are some affiliate marketing platforms to consider:






Would you love to join, click on any of them to register now. You may also check my post on How You Can Start Earning Money As an Affiliate.

There are certain tools you will need to start making cool dollars monthly.

You will need the following:

– Products

– Traffic

– An Email Marketing system

I will show you how you can get this started. Click HERE.


  • E-Commerce

E-Commerce is another cool way of earning really good income on the internet.

With the advent of Woocommerce and Shopify and others, you can create an online store where you sell good quality products you know your audience will cater to.

You must have a market before you pick a product, this is cardinal rule in marketing.

The kind of product you want to sell will determine the kind of potential customers you will have.

With Shopify and Woocommerce, your online store can be set up and optimized to make sales easily from your website visitors.

Targeting is important when you are doing your marketing too.

Your products can be gotten from giant merchant dealers like Aliexpress, Alibaba and 1688.

These merchants have thousands of products with good quality that you can buy at a give away price and sell for many times the cost price.

Return on investment in E-commerce can be as high as 400-500% or even more.


  • Social Media Management

Social media is the new girl in town when it comes to advertising.

What’s more?

It’s cheap when compare to other advertising media but still more effective than them.

Facebook for example, has more than 4 billion users worldwide and this figure isn’t constant.

Companies and brands have realized the fact most of their consumers are on social media and are not putting their faces on social media platforms to increase their reach and engagement.

There is Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as the main three while Snapchat and others are coming quickly behind.

Almost everybody is on social media and it’s influence and reach is unbelievable.

This is where you can come in to make money.

If you can help brands and businesses manage their social media platforms as a social media strategist to increase their reach.

You can offer to engage more potential customers and build more awareness, perception and relationships as the social media advertiser.

Brands are ready to dole out good money for this because it is effective and they know it works.

All you need to do is to present your offer professionally and with good results from a previous performance if you have one.

If you have none, simply enumerate all they stand to gain by going the social media route through you.

From content creation, social media ads, and promotion to building followers and creating a buzz, you are bound to make a killing if they take you on.

You can read more about how you can start a social media agency HERE.


A freelancer is one who offers their skills and services in exchange for payment.

Freelancers are not full time employees and usually work on a contract basis.

As a freelancer, you will need to have a specialized skill or service.

It could be web design and development, graphic design, programming, writing, or mobile app development.

The skill or service range is very diverse and there are so much you can offer clients.

To work as a freelancer online, you have to join a freelancing platform.

There are several of them like:





Registration is free and you can start earning immediately you get registered and start offering a hot and in-demand skill or service.

Some niches are already over-crowded and the best thing you can for yourself is to avoid such niches.

You can learn a rare skill or service that has fewer people in it but still hot in demand to make money from.

Follow this link HERE to learn more about the top Freelancing platforms you can register on today to start earning good money.

So which of these 7 online businesses are you interested in getting into?

Drop a comment below and I will respond immediately.

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