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2019 has to be different for you and you just have to start now to plan for it – NOT in January.


Have you ever been in a situation where you needed money for business or something important yet it seemed that no matter how hard you tried by asking people or running around, you just couldn’t make it on time?


Tired of being broke or managing your meager salary which is barely enough in a month?


Do you have too many bills and responsibilities and need some money you can be putting away as your savings?

Do you simply want life to be easier for you as far as money is concerned?


Are you a corper, school leaver or someone who is currently unemployed?


I can show you how I was able to recover my life after I had to leave my job in one of the best financial institutions in Nigeria in 2016. Today, I have successfully turned my life around and making a successful living off the internet.

With your permission, if you are truly tired of managing your tiny income and need more money coming into your life, to teach you how I was able to increase my income earning potential and successfully diversify into other businesses today!



The business of selling your skills as a service on the internet to clients that need them in exchange for payment. You are going to be earning in USD so get ready, amigo.


The only business model on the internet that requires little to no capital at all to make huge income if you follow an expert.


If you are just getting started in online business, then Freelancing is the way to go because it requires no capital to begin and earn money and I will put you through – if you allow me.


You will need a PC, or good smartphone at least and internet connectivity.


Below are the skills you can offer to make solid income to divert into your order business, improve your life, invest in stuff or just save!

  • Different forms of writing (email writing, article or blog writing, website content etc)

  • Graphics design – logo, card, letterheads, flyer design, brochure etc

  • Animation and video editing and design

  • Website design and programming

  • Audio editing

  • Proofreading

  • ‘Email marketing

  • ‘SEO

  • Social media management’

  • Facebook ads and Instagram ads

  • Database management

  • Academic research and many more. 

The list is endless honestly…but don’t worry, you only have to pick one and focus on offering it as a service as I will show you.


Below are samples of a test I ran recently setting up an account with one of the most popular Freelancing websites in the world – Fiverr.


From October to date, the test account has earned over N500,000 naira without me making any serious effort. Jobs were just coming to the account.

Check the screenshots below:



5 Determinants of the Success of Your Facebook Ad Campaign

It is no longer news that online advertising today leans on two major hinges – Facebook advertising and Google advertising. While Google ads rely on the power of Google’s search algorithm, Facebook ad campaign relies on social traffic to drive promoted content to interested users.

Personally, I use Facebook ads in just about anything related to my business. In fact, if Facebook advertising gets shut down today, my major alternative would be to go back to blog and forum advertising.

However, this post is not on other media of advertising but on the 5 things that will determine the success of your Facebook Ad campaign. A lot of people run ads wrongly even with their best efforts, this is understandable given that there is a lot of half-baked, hyped information about Facebook advertising.

You see people rush into Facebook ads, burn through a ton of money, lose badly and run off never to return again with the impression that ads do not work. So what really makes a Facebook ad a successful one?

In this post, I have discussed the 5 things that will determine the success of your Facebook ad right from the onset. If you get this thing wrong, you are likely to fail in your ad campaign. Read on to learn more!


1.) The Ad Objective

The first step in any ad campaign is to know exactly why you are running that ad. Get this wrong and every other thing will fail flat. Unfortunately, a lot of marketers do not carry out enough analysis to identify what their objective is before running ads.

Not doing this is the first reason why a Facebook ad campaign will fail. Knowing the objective of the ad will give your ad focus and help you detect failure easily.

There are several ad objectives to consider when running ads. You could run ads simply to drive traffic to your website either to sell something or to generate viable clicks on your offers.

You could also run traffic to a post to sell something via post engagement or you could simply drive social traffic to get people to subscribe into your list, also known as the Lead Generation objective.

Facebook ads make knowing your objective quite easy because the manager tool already has in-built Objective options in place. You will find Objectives like:

– Traffic

– Post Engagement

– Lead Generation

– Page Likes

– Video Views

– App Installations

–  Conversions etc

Whatever is your intention for running ads, the objective should be clear from the start so you can optimize your ads campaign properly for the best ROI.


2.) The Audience and audience analysis

If you wish not to waste hard-earned income on Facebook advertising then you need to know who your audience is. You do this by first having a general idea of who you are going to target with your ad. Failing to identify your audience means you Facebook ads campaign is dead on launch.

So how do you know who your audience is? This shouldn’t be difficult because you should have a fair idea of the niche where your audience belongs to before you start setting up your Facebook ad campaign.

Now, let’s assume you already know your audience, you still need to do the further analysis so your ad campaign will be as laser-targeted as possible. To do this successfully, you need to run some test ads using your supposed audience.

Next, go to the Audience Insight tool in your Facebook ad manager to check the analytics of your ad (those that responded best to your test ad).

Your Audience Insight tool will give you analytics covering parameters like Age, Gender, Location and which indices cost more money than others.  This also known as Cost per Click or Cost per Impression as the case may be.

At this point, you will be able to tell where to focus your ad targeting efforts and money at with ease.



3.) Your Copy and value proposition

Simply put, it is your copy that will engage people and when combined with your offer, push them to take the action that you desire strongly. The copy of your ad should be in clear, easily understandable language and should clearly state what the ad is about.

You don’t want to confuse your audience by using verbose grammar and missing your message. The rule of thumb is to use as fewer words as possible. Your header should be engaging and attention-grabbing enough to pass stop people who see the ad on their Facebook or Instagram feed.

The body of the ad should be engaging with a clear value proposition of what the ad is about and a clear call-to-action that your ideal audience is going to take on viewing the ad. If there is a link on the ad, it should be clearly visible if the Facebook ad campaign is using the Post Engagement objective.

Ads with too much hazy grammar can be a turn off as people have a very short memory span on social media. One look at the ad and it looks like too much work reading it and you find people turning away and scrolling past it to more interesting stuff on their feed.

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4.) The creative of the ad

The creative of your ad refers to the graphic used to set up the Facebook ad. It could be an image or a video as the case may be. Facebook and Instagram have a specific guide on the type of images you can only use for their ads.

Your image must not only be high definition, but it should also have certain measurements so as to fit in properly for the ad you are running. Your creative should sharp and clear to the eye so it catches attention easily.

To ensure the success of your Facebook ad campaign, try testing around with different images or videos till you find one that commands a better audience engagement then stick to it.

Generally, video Facebook ad campaigns convert better than other types of ads and if you can use a video creative to test run your ad to see how it goes.


5.) Split testing and Scaling

Split testing is really simple and very effective in helping you determine which ad campaigns are converting better than others. Remember that you do not want to waste your funds in dead campaigns that won’t yield the results you need.

Split testing means running several versions of the same ad campaign using different elements like a different copy or image or video.

Of course, there is an option for split testing your Facebook ads campaign on the Facebook ad manager tool right there.

So how do you win at ads after split testing?

It is after running a split test or checking your Audience Insight that you can comfortably scale up your ad budget. You do this to drive more results because your test ads have shown you to be on the right track.

Only successful ad campaigns should be scaled up, anything less than that is wasting money. Some marketers leave a bad ad running for more than 3 days when it is clear that the ad has no hope of performing.

Personally, I kill my ads after 2 days of non-performance and you should too.

So there you have it, 5 things that will determine the success of your Facebook Ad campaign in no time at all.

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How to Increase Sales by Building Authority in Your Business

Apart from making sales, there is one other major reason why brands spend a lot of money on advertising. Brands advertise to build authority and generate sales organically after a while. When a brands gains authority, it becomes known for a particular thing or area of specialization. In this post, I will discuss how you can increase sales by building authority in your business.

It must be said that a brand could be an individual or a business or service. Therefore, for a brand to increase its audience reach, it needs promotions.

A brand can go for either paid advertising or organic promotions to sell itself. The cheapest way to increase your sales is by building an authority in that niche.

This is very important whether you are a personal or corporate brand. The question then is, how to your build authority?

Authority concerns gaining social acknowledgement for a service, skill or product that you offer. Your audience or people in general begin to see you as an expert or provider of such skill or service.

When this happens, your sales will experience an upward shift as more people approach you for business.

To build authority organically without a budget, you need to do a lot of content marketing. Your content marketing game has to be top notch to the extent where your audience becomes eager to read your content.

Content marketing means you have to create a lot of good informative, entertaining and informative posts in your area of interest. The more often you do this, the more your audience starts believing in your abilities.

Your content has to provide information that is perceived to be valuable by your audience without you trying to sell anything. Great content resonates with your audience with little effort from you. This is how to increase sales by building authority in your business.

In fact, brands that churn out a great deal of valuable content find themselves against hungry customers who are eager to know more and partake of their services.

There is what is called the KLT factor in marketing and it refers to the terms – Know, Like and Trust factors.

The KLT factor is a measure of how well your audience responds to your business. It increases when you give a lot of value to your audience. By value, it could be an educative or informative blog post, podcast, Youtube video etc.

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As you continue to engage and connect with your target audience, they start perceiving you as an expert or guru in that field. It is at this point that will start seeing an increase in your sales because your authority has increased.

It is proven that the more you create engaging and valuable content, your audience begins to know you more. They begin to like you and enjoy coming across your posts. Finally, you build trust as an expert in that field. Once you have gained credibility, they come to you to solve their problems and you make even more money.

Now that we understand what how to increase sales by building authority in your business is about. How do we actually get to it and results?

To do this effectively, you need the huge traffic that comes from social media especially Facebook.

First, visit Facebook and join a lot of Facebook groups relevant to your niche. Next, you need to quickly introduce yourself using a very informative where you will indicate at the bottom what you do and how you can be reached.

To make posting content easy for you, you can draw up a calendar of topics that you have a lot of knowledge on. Your content calendar will aid you in quickly creating quality posts from your pre-selected topics.

Prepare yourself to post content in those groups at least 3 times in a week. It could be Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays or as the spirit leads. At the bottom of each post, include a short bio about your name and what you do.

If you can write interesting posts relevant to your business and follow this strategy for 3 months straight, your sales will definitely experience a hike.

People will associate you with that service or business and see you as an expert. In addition, they will approach you if there is need for that service.

It is at this point that it can be said that you have learned how to increase sales by building authority in your field. I personally advice most newbie entrepreneurs to do this when starting out.

In the beginning, you are most likely to be your own advocate if you have a small budget for advertising. A lot of content marketing is needed to build your authority and generate sales for your business.

The challenge with this strategy is that it is not easy but the results are more than worth it. Writing content upon content is tough so you need to be determined to hang in there for the duration.

With a content calendar, the writing content aspect of it will be less tedious. With consistency, you will be able to increase your sales by building authority in your niche this way.

In fact, a lot of experts in different got their start from doing this for a period of time before leveraging on other media.

In conclusion, the steps to increase sales by building authority in your business includes the following:

  • Create a content marketing calendar
  • Join several relevant Facebook groups
  • Create informative and engaging content
  • Include a short bio about yourself for each content
  • Post consistently for at least 3 months
  • Provide great service to have awesome testimonials
  • Follow through and watch results manifest

In conclusion, increasing sales in your business is possible with dedication and strategy even on a budget. The basic strategy behind doing this is by creating content consistently on your niche and sharing to your audience.

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Let’s know your comments as you read and share!

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3 Content Marketing Post Types You Should Consider When Marketing Your Customers Online

There are 3 types of content marketing posts you should have in mind when getting in touch with your customers.

It becomes irritating when all you do in your marketing efforts is to pitch, promote and push your audience to buy your product or service.

Let me give you an example:

Let’s say you are going to take a bus to Lagos or Abuja, and all those loaders keep rushing you, pressing you, trying to force you to take a decision by going with their transport line….

What usually happens?

You become irritated or try as much as possible to resist them and head to a transport line that you have come to like, connect with and prefer their services.

This is what happens in Marketing.

Even though you want to sell something, there are better ways to do it.

The more subtle your strategy is, the faster the audience gets convinced to try out your offer.

Marketing is a long term game and quick-wins are only possible when you have done a lot of the background work building, nurturing and getting your audience to grow on you.

In this post, I have succinctly listed out 3 ways to deliver your content to your audience without being too pushy about it and driving them away from your list.

Read on below:

1.) Nurturing Content

This content marketing type connects with your audience without selling anything to them.

This type of content is in the form of story-telling and uses emotions to make your audience engage with you on a personal level.

If you are serious about mastering content marketing then you have to take this particular point seriously. This is where the bedrock of your connection with your audience lies, you get it right and your audience will love you like no other.

The more consistent you are at doing this, your customers get to see you as their fellow human and not just another marketer out there trying to force a product down their throats.

You could tell a story about how you survived a difficulty, how you achieved success in a particular endeavor etc.

At the end of the content, you can add your profession so they will connect the story to what you do.

Doing this reinforces your person into their minds without their knowing it.

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2.) Pre-selling Content.

Have you ever read a content that discusses a problem that you probably share and you find yourself looking for a way to connect with the writer whether they can provide a solution to that problem?

That is perfect Pre-Selling Content……na you go rush the writer.

The writer will simply sit back and wait for you to visit his message inbox or mailbox if they want.

This kind of content is expository, educative, informational and whatever word you feel like adding here.

Pre-selling content marketing post is magnetic and works like magic because you don’t even have to mention that you are selling anything and you will find people asking if you can offer a solution.

A lot of copywriters that you know today use this technique to get you SUPER-HUNGRY for their next coming product.

When you create Pre-selling content perfectly, selling the follow-up product that comes next is easy because you have already whetted the appetite of your audience PRIMING them to buy when you offer your OFFER.

Pre-selling content is also known as a Primer content. It can use fear or benefits or some other emotion to induce your mind into action.

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3.) Promotional Content.

This is the type of content marketing posts many of us use to sell our products, goods, services etc.

Also called a HARD-PITCH, this type of content marketing post works best when you must have PRIMED your audience properly to ANTICIPATE your proffered solution to their problems.

If you should pitch hard at your audience, you will appear DESPERATE, SHADY, PUSHY and any other aggressive marketing adjective you can think off.

A lot of people get turned off by such marketing.

Heck, they don’t know you from Adam and you are trying to convince them to buy your offer???

How sure are they that you aren’t selling a dud?

To sell using promotional content, you must have done any of the following:

– Pre-sold, primed or prepared your audience by getting them to engage and connect with you.

– Built influence, authority and brand visibility as an expert so they can trust your word and take the plunge.

Anything other than this will most likely backfire.

The good news is that you can implement any of these content types in any business model so long as you are using online platforms to connect with your business.

So tell me what you do in the comments and I will suggest how you can implement any of these content marketing types in your business or role consisting.

Don’t forget to share this post too so others can benefit!


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Is Too Much Information a Problem Today?

In a field such as ours – online business, you will find out that there are a whole lot of different ways to monetize the internet and this has led to information overload.

This has led to a super-flooding of our senses and person with so many different information all pointing to one thing – making money.

You find yourself confused and considering several options on the path to toe in your money making journey.

This challenge is known as INFORMATION OVERLOAD.

It affects even the best of us and without guidance, it can do more harm than good as is mostly the case.

It hampers your growth, slows you down with so much unnecessary baggage and helps you spread your scarce resources too thin.

Now consider this:

There is information marketing and consulting, affiliate marketing, blogging, freelancing, e-commerce and so many others…..

How do you know the one that will suit you best?

You can do this by picking the one that interests you most. In fact, you may never be able to know which is best till you pick one or two and follow through.

You just have to trust the process and adapt to failing and learning while being guided by someone who is grounded in the business. That’s the only way to succeed.

If you can get a mentor or coach, so much better.

Information overload has led to a syndrome called The SHINY OBJECT SYNDROME.

This is when you see yourself jumping from one money-making ‘business’ to another without following through with the one you are currently on.

At the end of the day, you will find out that you have nothing to show for it because your resources are spread out too thinly to be effective.

There will always be an abundance of information available. What makes the difference is your ability to single out that which you have interest in and focus all your resources and interest in to make it work for you.


There are no LEGITIMATE GET-RICH-QUICK money schemes anywhere. You have to focus and put in the work.

Sometimes I see people who learn a skill or buy a course ask, “Like how much will I make in the next 1 week?”

I just laugh when I hear this, money is a motivation, yes but mastering what ever you want to offer and how to offer it should be primary first.

To do that you need to focus on that one thing.

In the end, when such people don’t make money as fast as they expected, you see them jumping to the next shiny object and bashing gurus (both fake and real).

Information is everywhere……even free information that will make you money. Most of what I know were learnt FREE but it wasn’t easy figuring them out.

What I usually advice is this, learn one or two business models at most…commit every resource you have to make it work. Only when you have done this should you think of jumping into another thing.

The only caveat here is when you have done everything possible and for some reason, your village people have refused to leave you alone. Only then should you abandon ship and move to something else……with a vetted coach, of course.

For me, I focus on Authority Blogging, Affiliate Marketing and Mini-importation. I keep every other online business model as secondary to optimize my resources.

So tell me, what you focus your resources on to make money and how you fight information overload in the comments.

Why Email Marketing In Business Might Save Your Brand

A lot of businesses are completely ignorant of the power of email marketing in business. Email marketing represents a key part of marketing for many medium to large corporate firms who have been able to harness its awesome leverage.

In this post you will read why your small business needs an email marketing system for best results.

Small businesses by virtue of their size usually have less budget available for adverts and promotions. Email market in business can make all the difference for these small businesses as it involves lead generation, nurturing, relationship management and consistent sales.

With email marketing in business, these small businesses will be able to compete somewhat favorably with bigger competitors for a fair share of the market without being dominated completely.

The process involved is actually simple when you look at it; at every customer touch point, there should be a lead magnet available to take in leads/prospects who come in contact with your small business.

If you are wondering if your business qualifies as a small business, worry not. Email marketing in business works irrespective of size of your establishment.

The main thing to do here is to build an email list of leads, prospects and customers, old and new. Once you have such a list, segmentation is key as your email marketing effort will be different across each segment.

Content sent to a lead will differ from that sent to a prospect and even different from that sent to an existing customer.

With email marketing, your business will be able to reach your target audience at all hours and they can get to be mentally aware of your service whenever your newsletter comes in.

Email marketing in businesses means you can easily share information about your discounts, promotions, special events, pitch sales and create more awareness about your brand.


Cost effective compared to other advert and promotion strategies

With email marketing, your advert expense is going to be lower than when you are using most other method. The only fee you are likely to pay is the monthly subscription fee charged by email marketing platforms like Getresponse, Aweber, Mailchimp and others.

This fee is usually very minimal compared to other ad media resources. A professional email marketing service in Lagos like Digital Universe Tech can easily set up your email marketing accounts, build your list and manage your customer email lists and your sales promotions.

Of course, there are a good number of email marketing services in Lagos but I highly recommend Digital Universe Tech because of the special relationship I have with them.

Email marketing unlike many other alternatives is virtual and super-fast. At the touch of a button, you would have sent out your newsletters to hundreds or thousands of subscribers at zero cost.


Time management and efficiency

Any brand using email marketing in their business can dictate when they want their subscribers to see their ads and promotions. Emails can be auto-set to trigger following specific customer actions or time settings as preferred by the business management.

Email marketing is a major aspect of online marketing in Nigeria today and the tech-savvy brands are already leveraging on its advantages to win a good percentage of their specific market.


Availability of data analytics to improve marketing efficiency

The use of email marketing in business makes for an overall improvement in marketing efforts. Most email marketing platforms offer data analytics where a user can monitor the performance of their marketing efforts and how their subscribers are responding to it.

Generally, email open rates are around 20-30% at best and click through rate is even lower too.

With this knowledge in mind, businesses using email marketing services will be able to detect what is causing what and how to improve low metrics and improve them too.

Email dynamics you must ensue your email marketing service provides your team includes deliverability, rate, subscribe and unsubscribe rate, bounce rate, open rate, click through rate and of course, reply mails to your marketing efforts.

This data tracking feature of email marketing makes it a must have for small businesses that serious to scale their growth and sales respectively.


Adds a personal touch to your brand

Customers love it when a business relates with them on a first name, first hand basis. Email marketing makes this possible as emails can be customized to show first names, smileys and other emoticons which convey a personal touch to the customers making them trust your service and business more.

Most online businesses in Nigerian and indeed, the rest of the world understand this customer psychology. Ask yourself why else do you get mails from brands and it shows you first name.

How do you feel when you get a mail and the first thing you see is ‘Hello First Name..’. It makes you feel valued and you will find it easier connecting with that brand.


Ease and convenience of dispersing information to customers

Unlike other forms of marketing, a brand can easily reach out to its customer base using emails at any time. Information sharing is very convenient using this form of marketing.

Your audience can read the information you are sharing at their convenience without worrying about missing a notification or promotion from you. Be it in the morning, afternoon or night, you can reach your audience in minutes and at zero cost.

Business owners who wish to build their business for the long term will benefit greatly from having an email marketing service grow their business.


Final words

So the questions are, why are small businesses not using this form of online marketing to the maximum and how can they start using this service?

The reason behind the first question is a case of reduced awareness, a lot of people don’t know about these or how it can be used. The responsibility lies on the marketing and sales units of a business to carry out detailed research on how to go about their marketing projects.

For the second question, to get started in using email marketing in business, a simple search for ’email marketing service in Lagos’ or any other location will turn up a handful of results showing businesses that offer this service.

Digital Universe Tech is one of such services offering digital marketing in Lagos and Nigeria. Send a mail to to book an appointment or discuss terms.

Did you enjoy the post? What do you think of using email marketing in your business and watch out for improved growth and sales rates.

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4 Mini Importation Business Tips to Optimize Your Sales

You’ll find this post very useful whether you’re just starting out in Mini importation business or you’ve been there for quite some time. These are mini importation business tips everyone running the business should know.

When I started Mini importation business, I went in without much research into the market dynamics.

It’s not just about importing anything people respond to OR you feel people will respond to.

There are certain items you’ll bring in and you’ll have a lot of headache selling them off.

In this post, I have listed some boxes to check before importing products if you’re really interested in making pure profits.

1. Go for products that have nothing to do with size or measurement.

I remember bringing in some gowns and heck, I found it difficult to sell off those gowns.

Some were tight, others were loose….how will you be sure you’re going to get customers who’ll like the exact specs you have?

You may find customers whose sizes fit your products but that will be after you must have spent thousands of Naira on Facebook ads.

Shoes, gowns are great if you have a list of people you are ordering it for, but if you’re going in blind…… you may end up with sizes that people may want but won’t like the color………or colors they may like but the size won’t fit them.

If you must bring in shoes, go for sizes 39 and 40 and for gowns, 12 and 14….that’s if you are ordering female items.

As for colors, solid colors are always better and you will never go wrong with them.

Now if you can think of any products that doesn’t require sizes to be used then you already have a winner in your Mini importation business.

The next thing to do is to gauge the market to know if they will want it.

Don’t ask me for examples of such products….lol.


2. First test the water with your toe before jumping in.

This one cost me a lot before I learnt my lesson in Mini Importation business.

You look at a product with the eyes of the customer and you think to yourself, ‘these ladies will love this, then you run to order’.

At the end of the day, you run your ads and nobody responds to it or the prospects engage you and immediately you quote price, the prospect disappears.

The pains of Mini importation business….hahaha.

It simply means the products doesn’t interest them enough. It could be from the picture or the ad copy or from their perception of that type of product.

So how do you tackle this challenge?

By first running ads, you will be able to tell which products engage better and focus on them when importing.

Ideally, run your ads for about 3 days to gauge interest properly.

N3,000 at N1,000 daily should do the trick.

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3. Over-pricing your goods.

Where the money is in Mini importation business is marginal profit multiplied by massive turnover.

It’s not about buying at N1,500 and selling one or two items at N15,000.

Nope, it’s simply like any other buying and selling business.

Make a profit but have a high turnover rate.

Instead of chasing customers away with price when they respond to your ad, go with a reasonable price.

Funny enough, you can easily sell off your items easily at 5 times the original price.

But most folks want to sell at 10 times, even 15 times the cost price.

This won’t fly all the time….if you can get 5 times your cost price per unit of product, by all means, go ahead and sell of your goods and bring in new stuff.

Rinse and repeat.

Every prospect that engages with your ad should be converted into a buying customer.

This is the way to sell of everything quickly while covering your cost price, ad budget and still make profit.


4. Keep a list of people who contacted you or bought from you before.

Whether phone numbers, emails or Facebook names, the rules of list building remains the same.

If someone showed interest in your product or service before, the person is likely to show interest again in future.

In this regard, store up names, emails or phone numbers of leads, prospects and customers and engage them from time to time.

It could be via a Whatsapp broadcast, an email newsletter or manually chat them up on Facebook messenger.

It might sound like hard work but it’s marketing. If you want to sell, you got to market your business.

Moreover, building a list like this will save you expenses from running excessive ads.

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Well, these 4 tips are from my experience so far running a buoyant Mini-importation business, of course there are more tips involved which I will reveal in my Mini-importation business 2.0 class soon.

If you implement these strategies, your results will be far from average.

Questions? Ask.

Don’t forget to share too!


5 Benefits of Registering for Paid Courses When Starting Out

Starting out in a specific path can be exciting as well as scary especially when you are new at it. Fortunately, having a coach, trainer or mentor makes the walk easier through the new path.

In truth, if you are interested in learning anything fast and getting results, the best way to about it is to find someone who knows and practices it and get them to impact that knowledge on you.

One way to get such knowledge impacted on you is by paying for their training, courses, or programs. If not for anything, paying for such trainings will bring you closer to the inner circle of the trainer where you will get to enjoy several benefits you could have missed otherwise.

The truth is, a lot of people especially people who are new to a path find it difficult to cough out money for paid courses, not necessarily because they can’t afford it but because of their mindset, their mentality.

Such people feel they are doing the coach a lot of good without even considering the benefits attached to working with a coach.

In this post, I have listed 5 benefits of registering for paid courses when starting out. These benefits are interconnected as each one can lead to the other.

Of course, this list is not exhaustive but it’s meant to serve as insight to individuals who need coaching, mentorship, or training.


– Saves you from wasting time and effort

Paying for a course saves you from wasting too much time and effort on trial and error. You get full access to the full information without spending needless time and effort looking for answers, making mistakes and getting frustrated along the way.

When you have the exact information you need, you will be able to manage your time better and maximize your effort for best results.


– Makes you more productive and efficient

Just as having access to specific, targeted information through paying for courses saves you from wasting your time and effort on meaningless research, it also makes you more productive and efficient in delivering the project in question.

Because you have the precise information you need, there is less chances of making mistakes and this reflects in your results. Your output becomes more result-oriented because you are working with a proven, tested system that truly works.

When you see people churning out result after result, there is a reason behind their success. They are following a proven strategy most likely coming from a paid or premium course or program.


– Delivers specific knowledge saving you from guesswork

Paid courses are usually created from an aggregation of the expert’s experiences and knowledge. They are usually specific and detailed enough to provide with value on what really works.

When you pay for a course, you are paying for an undiluted, practical form of the information you seek and from someone who has probably tested it out. You save yourself and business from guesswork.

Most mentees and newbies don’t get this however and will prefer to keep running around wasting time, limited resources and effort from one fruitless, half-baked, poorly-conceived idea to another.


– Helps you build relationships and expand your network

This is a key part of paying for courses that many people don’t even remember. When you pay for a course, you have built a new relationship with the owner of the course.

You have expanded your network and gotten closer to one more person of value whose actions could have a wholesomely, positive effect on your life journey. Unfortunately, many people do not get this….they don’t understand it or even look at it from this perspective.

For you to grow exponentially in business, you need a larger network you can leverage on. With such a network, you meet newer people, build more relationships and come close to the inner circle. This benefit ties in closely to the next benefit.

In addition to all these, you get the divine blessings that comes from sowing a seed into a creator’s life. There are divine consequences of most actions we take. By paying for a trainer’s course or program, the fruit of their labor has been rewarded and yours will be rewarded as well in due time and season.


– Usually leads to more opportunities to improve in life and business

Personally, I have paid for courses not because I was really interested in what the paid course was about but because getting those courses will lead to opportunities. I am talking of opportunities to meet new people, like minded people, power brokers, authority figures and industry influencers whom you might leverage on to move to the next level in life and business.

They say that your net worth is a value of your network…..associations are powerful and can spell the kind of opportunities that come your way.

As discussed above in one of the 5 benefits of registering for paid courses, there are certain information you can never find in the media. You can only these valuable pieces of info flying around in close circles you have no access to.

A lot of paid courses offer so different opportunities any clear-eyed newbie can leverage on to grow past that stage. Most coaches with a conscience will be more favorably disposed to people who contributed to their life by purchasing their course by presenting them with mouth waterlng opportunities.

Friends and family might see this as going overboard but trust me, you are marking your territory and in due time, your effort will be rewarded many fold.

How to Promote Affiliate Products Using Youtube

One of the simplest models in the world of making money online is affiliate marketing. The name alone explains it all – affiliate marketing, meaning marketing a product to an audience as an affiliate. Of course, there are different ways of doing this, one of which I will discuss shortly – how to promote affiliate products using Youtube videos.

In affiliate marketing:

– you do not need to create or own the product

– you do not need to offer support for it

– you do not need to update the product

– you do not to troubleshoot it

– you incur no expenses in producing it

Your only task is to pick the product and sell to people who need such products. No long stories. This is the basic framework to it.

Of course, it is not as straight forward as I have it out to be. Now, I must be very honest with you – affiliate marketing can be hard if you don’t plan well before going into it.

Heck, even with a great promotion strategy, it can still be tough succeeding at affiliate marketing if you are looking at it from a quick-money scheme perspective.

However, in this post I will be revealing how you can make money from affiliate marketing using Youtube to promote products.

You will need the following:

– Registration with an affiliate merchant

– A Youtube account

– A Tubidy extension account on your Google Chrome browser for ranking videos on Youtube

– A video creating software, if you know how to create explainer videos (alternatively, you can visit a freelance website and get a video designer create videos for you of the affiliate product)


Now let’s get started….

The first thing to do is to register with an affiliate merchant, you can pick anyone from Sellhealth, Clickbank to JVZoo. It doesn’t matter which one you go for, just go with the flow.

Next, you need to select a niche of choice from any one of these:

– Health and Fitness (Weight loss and diet, Sexual health, Body building, Skin enhancement, Hair care, Disease treatment and management)

– Software and other digital products in the Make Money Online Niche

– Marriage and Relationship


Whatever product you are going for should be one with a decent commission percentage and enough buzz on it as a performing product. It doesn’t have to be a top selling product as products of that level might have a lot of affiliate marketers like you on them.

It should have some rave reviews and buzz all the same. You can still go for top selling trending products too as I will be showing you how to rank them on Youtube’s search engine.

After selecting your product of choice and copying the affiliate link, visit to cloak the affiliate link then save in your Notepad on your PC.

Now check out the link and read through it to understand how they product works, write a rave review of about 300 – 500 words yourself and save this too.

Go to Youtube on your Google Chrome browser, login then open another tab and search for Tubidy Chrome extension.

Tubidy is a free extension that helps you rank videos on Youtube using keywords. After registering on it, it will naturally integrate itself to your Youtube account.

Whenever you are uploading a video on Youtube, it will come up, showing you elements where you can input name, search keywords and other features that will help you rank the video.

This feature of Tubidy makes it great to promote affiliate products using Youtube videos, as you will find out.

At this point, you need an Explainer video review of the product you want to promote on Youtube. You can do it yourself if you are a good Explainer video creator, video editor, or you can get one to do it for you.

The best to do this however, is to go on a freelancing website like and get an expert explainer video creator to create one for you where a medical personnel in a white lab coat preferably will talk about the product briefly.

This explainer video should be about 1-3 minutes, highlighting its value. You don’t want your link visitors to lose interest in a long video. The script should be straight to the  point, discussing what the product does using the ROT formula.

The ROT formula stands for Result, Objection and Time.

Your video script and written content should focus on this too.

It should start with the result your product offers…..then proceed with the challenge and objections your prospect might have then end it with a time-frame within which the product will deliver the solution.

Finally, a call-to-action showing the cloaked affiliate link should be at the end of the video script and the written content.

At this point, once your video of the product is ready and uploaded, enter the most likely keywords you know the product will likely be searched with on the internet then fill in the content with the affiliate link.

Next you submit and wait for about 6 – 24 hours for it to rank on Youtube’s search engine. If the product is a hot and trending one, it can even rank on first page in a few minutes or hours.

I have once ranked a video in a matter of minutes.

Now, repeat the same process for any number of products you may have and watch your sales begin to come in over time. This process is everlasting and as long as Youtube is in existence and the product is still available, you will see sales from that video from time to time IF IT RANKS WELL.

I hope you enjoyed this affiliate marketing hack – how to promote affiliate products using Youtube videos.

If you liked it or have questions or comments, don’t forget to drop them below.

You can also send me a direct mail at

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Kalu Udeagha.


How to Promote Affiliate Products Using Blog Commenting and Google Alerts


In this post, I will be showing you showing you one way to promote your affiliate products using a combination of Website commenting and Google Alerts.

As I’m sure you already know, you make money through affiliate marketing by promoting specific projects to a target audience and for each purchase they make of the product, you earn a commission.

Now, the more the number of products they buy, they more the amount of commissions you make.

It’s simply math which means it’s actually easy for you to scale your figures up.

The first thing to do is to register with an Affiliate Marketing platform of your choice

Next you need to select a niche where you’ll pick affiliate products from.

Let’s say you’re going with an Affiliate Merchant like Sellhealth or Click bank, you can go for the Weight Loss niche.

Under the Weight Niche, there are hundreds of affiliate products you can choose.

But we are not going to pick just any weight loss products here.

We need to pick products that are known winners in the industry.

Such products should fulfill any one of the following parameters:

– It should have rave reviews.
– It should be a top selling product; that is, it should have a high gravity
– It should be moderately priced with a good commission percentage on it.

So let’s assume you now have your product of choice, it’s time for the next step.

Remember that our strategy for promoting the affiliate products is via niche blogging commenting.

Go to your browser and search for this link –

What we want to do here is to register for Google Alerts which is a platform where Google sends you notifications when any content you have interest in is published on the web.

Note that our interest at this moment is to find niche blogs that have decent traffic and frequently updated content.

To register for Google Alerts on these blogs, in the search bar of the Google Alert page, enter the keyword of the niche and add blog or website to it.

Here is an example:

‘Weight loss + Blog’

Once you enter these keywords, you will be prompted to add your email of choice where you want to be receiving the alerts of new blog posts on the niche your product is on.

Now it’s gets even more interesting.

When you start getting alerts, simply visit the blog, sign up if you have to do that before commenting.

Contribute positive comments to whatever discussion the new post on the weight loss blog is about then add your affiliate product link as a link and suggest to other readers to give it a try that you’re currently using it.

A Word Of Caution – It’s important that you cloak your affiliate product link with a Link Shortener like or Bitly before pasting it in there with your comment.

If your comment appears original and helpful, you should be able to get some people to purchase the product from the link you drop especially if the blog has decent to massive traffic on it.

Most of the blog readers might likely not know that what you dropped is an affiliate product link.

The more you do this using helpful comments on other blogs, the more your chances of making sales.

This method of promotion works but might not be fast.

If you’re just starting out and lack funds to buy email lists or run Facebook ads, this is one way to promote your affiliate products.

If you liked what you just read and would love to learn some more from me, I’ll love to see your comments and questions below.

I will be dropping another strategy within the week so be on the look out for it.

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Why SMS Marketing Could Be Exactly What Your Business Needs

With the world growing more sophisticated than ever, marketing has gone purely digital with social media taking the lead. As much as this is so, SMS marketing however, could be exactly what your business needs.

You may ask why this is so but the facts are really glaring when you look at it. Almost 70% of the world’s population now uses mobile phones and these phones range from highly featured smart phones to simple phones that are only capable of calls and text messaging.

With everyone on mobile phones, there is need to have a means through which your business can promote its products and services across board to its different classes of customers.

This is where SMS marketing comes in.

With a lot of businesses going different routes in their marketing efforts, the smart business owner should retrace steps back to SMS marketing because of its efficiency in delivering results.

Email marketing, social media and search engine optimized marketing are all great but none can compare to the instantaneous delivery that SMS marketing offers.

It is important to also remember that the noise in the world of marketing is quite high now, therefore being unique and standing out is necessary to be visible above the whole marketing clutter.

Here are some reasons why SMS marketing is important if you own a small business.


Cost Efficiency

Compared to the amount of money needed to run traditional ads on TV and newspapers, effective social media ads, or the cost of doing proper SEO marketing, SMS marketing is relatively far cheaper and several times as effective.

As long as your potential customer has a phone, you have a high probability of reaching them the minute you send out your bulk SMS. Of course, it is important not to spam too because spamming will reduce your efficiency.

The general rule is to only send promotional offers and deals to people who willingly submitted their phone numbers for that purpose.

If it turns out that you are spamming your audience with texts they do not need, they can ignore or worse yet blacklist your number completely ending your chances of future campaigns.


Heavier Reach

With SMS marketing, there is little room for your audience to miss your messages when you send them. Only if the individual’s phone is unavailable will they not get a message from you when you run a campaign.

Unlike in E-mail marketing where your subscribers need data to receive the mail and even check their box to read, SMS marketing delivers messages directly, forcing the recipient to take action.

SEO marketing still requires people to run  search on search engines. Messenger bots require the internet as well, but SMS marketing is almost unavoidable.

Personally, I have found them very useful as smart businesses use it to remind their customers of deals and promotions that might be very useful.

Consider what the telecoms network providers do, they have a very heavy SMS marketing campaign project which has proven very effective in keeping their customers within easy reach.

A sizable number of the population still do not have these smart phones and if you really want to put your business out there in the faces of people, consider SMS marketing in your marketing efforts.


Instant Deliverability

From all indications, it has been proven that SMS marketing has a higher degree of deliverability (no fear of your content ending up in the promo tab like in Gmail).

Open rates are high and click-through rates are higher compared to other marketing media too.

Provided you send your messages when your subscriber haven’t slept off at night, you are bound to have a high open rate.

It is this way because SMS content usually comes with a loud notification and is usually straight to the point with the information contained.

In fact, it can even be argued that whether you send your message in the night, morning or afternoon, you are still bound to have a high open and read-through rate, all things being equal.


Fast customer response and experience.

With SMS marketing, customers can easily respond to your call-to-action or any other information contained within with or without the internet. SMS marketing makes it possible through the use of USSD commands.

These commands are short codes that your audience can dial to get a specific response to an inquiry. What this simply means is that at the touch of a button, your audience can gain access to whatever you provide either by replying the message, call the number or dialing a short code (USSD).


Exclusive Marketing

By exclusive marketing, I mean there are few businesses in your niche that will be using SMS marketing for their promotional campaigns should you decide to apply it. You will get to reach a greater percentage of the market doing what a lot of your competitors are not doing.

While your competition is busy battling the noise on social media and the struggle for ranking on search engines, you will simply build your SMS marketing list and fire away.

For a moment, consider what banks and telecom providers are doing with SMS marketing and then ask yourself why they seem to be the only brands with a strong focus on it.

It’s simple really.

These brands know that a far higher percentage of their customer base may not even have smart, internet-enabled phones. Therefore, they are not ready to leave any stones unturned.

Are you a small business owner or perhaps, you have a growing business……consider growing an SMS subscriber list then applying SMS marketing techniques to grow your business.

You will find out that your business will experience more engagement, visits and patronage which will all translate to mean more profits for you.

Even if you have doubts about this strategy, consider trying out an SMS marketing strategy in your business before disregarding its effectiveness.

Don’t forget to check out my next post on what you need to avoid in SMS marketing.

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How to Set Up a Sales Funnel for Your Products

Perhaps you are new to marketing in the online business space or may be not so new. However, you need to set up a sales funnel for your products if you want to make sales. In fact, every business based online that sells products need to set up a sales funnel for effective marketing of those products.

Question is, what is a sales funnel and how exactly does it work?

In simple terms, a sales funnel is marketing unit with different components that function by introducing you to your prospects by giving them value and nurturing them to the stage where they are interested in buying your products.

For me, this is the best definition of a sales funnel. Without a sales funnel, it is difficult to build prospects who come in contact with your business into loyal customers who are not going anywhere.

Some call a sales funnel a pathway, business plan or customer journey platform which captures the interest of your audience by first offering value, turns them to subscribers and prospects then subsequently into buying customers.

This cycle can be repeated again and again over time so if you want to set up a funnel for your products, it is important to know from the start that it is a process that can be repeated.

When planning to set up a funnel, always ensure it follows the basic sequence below to a large extent.

Audience – > Free Offer/OTO(Squeeze/Landing page)-> Join List-> Intro Email-> Nurturing Emails(Pre-sell Content)->Pitch Email-> Sales Page/Product


If you can follow this sequence when selling your product, half the battle has been won. All you need now will be COMPELLING copies on your funnel and targeting the right audience to make SALES.

In this post, I will discuss the components that make up your sales funnel and how to connect each to the other to make it a whole.



Identifying your audience is the first process when trying to set up a sales funnel for your products. Mind you, a sales funnel works perfectly with both a physical and digital product. It doesn’t matter if you are selling an e-book.

You need to know who your ideal audience is first so you can direct traffic accordingly. Whether you plan to run a Facebook Ad or post your offer on a popular blog, if you get your audience targeting wrong the your sales funnel already has a problem.

To know your perfect audience, you need to check for those who are likely to have an interest in your product.

Are they nursing mothers? Young single women? Diabetic individuals? People looking for an extra mean of income?

Once you know the type of incidence you need, the next step is to create a VALUABLE but FREE offer that you can give away. At this point you know, they will want your product but there is no need to rush them with a paid offer unless the pricing is really low.

Ideally, most marketers use a FREEBIE that is valuable all the time. The challenge however is that you might end up attracting FREEBIE-SEEKERS who will never buy even when they join your list.

To weed such people out, you can try out a really LOW PRICED One-time-offer. It could be very cheap but VALUABLE information as well.

By doing this, you would have rid yourself of FREE LOADERS and gotten HIGHLY QUALIFIED subscribers.

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For me these two are together to set up a sales funnel for any product marketing campaign. If your landing page is crap, your audience may even skip your offer entirely. Therefore you need a properly designed squeeze page or landing page.

There are a number of landing page builders you can use; most of them are paid but you can buy them once and for all. Thrive architect, Optimizepress, Instabuilder and Leadpages are some of the most popular ones.

It won’t take rocket science to figure out how to use them because they are mostly drag and drop page builders and you can play around with it using the already-existing template on them.

Alternatively, if you are looking for FREE page builders, you can use the NATIVE builders that come with your email marketing platform of choice. Both MAILCHIMP and GETRESPONSE offer a free squeeze or landing page builder when you sign up with them.

Your squeeze page should be simple and uncluttered, with a clear, compelling header showing what your offer is about. Using a relevant video or image can also increase audience engagement. Next, your sign up form should have NAME, EMAIL and maybe PHONE NUMBER fields.

Let’s discuss your offer now.

Your ideal offer should be either FREE and VALUABLE or PAID, LOW PRICED and still VALUABLE. It can come in any form; you can create an Ebook, a video course, webinar or an Email course.

Email courses are actually great as they push your audience to be on the look-out for your emails. If done right with SUPERB PRESELLING tactics, you can start selling your main product from the email course.

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At this point, it is safe to say that your target audience has joined your list and it’s time for the marketing act to begin.

But not so fast! You don’t want to come across as interested in just selling…..of course, that’s your main interest but you have to be subtle about it.

First, your first email should be kind of introductory and should be sent immediately people sign into your offer. It should introduce you and what you do then what your offer is about.

If you can create a CLIFF-HANGER in the email copy, better….so your new subscribers will be primed up for your next email.

Subsequently, your next couple of emails should come in every day, say from Day1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4. Each email should be a continuation of the previous and should OFFER A LOT of value.

Value here could be IMPORTANT information or a FREEBIE to help your audience more in their affairs. It is also very CRITICAL that you start PRE-SELLING in your content.

Subtly lay reference on your PAID product as you create your email content so they will know you have a PREMIUM offer loaded with goodies but ONLY for people who will pay for them.

Increase your pre-selling tempo as the days go by to increase their awareness of it but never tell them directly to BUY it. Remember you are not selling yet, only NURTURING your list and giving value for free.

An example of Pre-sell content are these two lines:

….you can use the information below to get the results you want but it is only 50 % effective depending on your usage. However, if you prefer something that is SURE-FIRE effective, then consider checking out this STUFF. 100 % RESULTS guaranteed.


….so that’s how you can handle this service. In a module of my video course ONLY for my paid members, I discussed this in detail. 4 different FAIL-PROOF methods that give you results instantly.

You see what I did there?

Learning how to set up a sales funnel isn’t hard.

I didn’t sell directly but the message has been passed across all the same. This is how your email marketing content should sell your product while you are still building and nurturing the customer-seller relationship.

Finally, your FULL-POWERED Sales email can now come in on Day 5 or Day 6 as the case may be. This email should be a HARD PITCH containing all the elements of selling.

At this point, your subscribers are no longer new to you and will likely not unsubscribe or run. So put in every persuasive marketing element into that email.

From the header to the discount offer, bonuses and even timer count down, everything should have a SENSE OF URGENCY to drive your subscribers to buy the product.

If done right, your audience should see your offer as an OPPORTUNITY they can’t afford to miss. Your sales email should have a direct link to your PRODUCT SALES PAGE.

Now, you need to understand that some will not buy immediately and will require further prodding to do so. Personally, I suggest creating 5 more emails for 5 different days.


All these might sound complex when starting to set up a sales funnel but I assure you, it isn’t really. It may take some practice if you are new to the process but getting a hang of it shouldn’t take you long.

For your email marketing campaign, I recommend Getresponse, Aweber or MailChimp. There are a number of others of course, like CampaignMonitor, ConvertKit, Constant Contact, Freshmail, Mailerlite, Oninbox, Sendy.

Most of them are all great so in the end the choice is yours.

Are you planning to sell a product or service? Or you simply want to learn how to set up a sales funnel. You will find this post very useful.

Kindly drop your questions or comments and I will respond ASAP.

And don’t forget to share! Someone needs to read this!

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How to Create a Content Calendar for your Blog

If you are a blogger or content creator, then you must have come across the term – Content Calendar. This term refers to a blogging tool that is very useful for creating quality blog post ideas for your blog on demand. A content calendar makes your blogging journey easy and less stressful. In the post, I will be showing how to create a content calendar for your blog.

Every writer experiences difficulty in generating content ideas from time to time. This phenomenon also known as a ‘writer’s block’ can affect anybody at any time irrespective of your level of training or experience in writing.

A  content calendar saves you from this difficulty by presenting you with a pre-planned content plan to follow to ensure your blog is constantly updated.

Are you planning to start a blog or do you already have one? Check out the following tips on how to create a content calendar for your blog without breaking your head.


Focus on your audience/niche

If you plan to blog, then you must be focused on your niche or audience. Your blogging activity should have a target. Without focus on your audience, you are bound to always forget content ideas to create.

Understanding your audience will help you find topics of interest and create it for them. When planning your content calendar, put your audience in perspective to help you generate content ideas.

In my opinion, knowing your target audience is the first step on learning how to create a content calendar for your blog. Without this knowledge, every other thing you are doing on your blog is left to chance.


Set up structured proper blog post categories

With blog post categories, you give your blogging effort an element of variety. Blog categories give you more content ideas to create and post on your blog.

Let’s say you have a Football blog, you can create categories on English football, Spanish football, Nigeria football, Italian football and others. The more specific your blog categories are to your audience the more interesting and engaging they will find your content.

If you are planning to post frequently on your blog without running out of content ideas, consider setting up structured post categories when learning how to create a content calendar for your blog.


Flow and think of possible content ideas

The best way to generate content ideas for your blog while creating a content calendar is by being intentionally spontaneous. What do I mean by this?

Being intentionally spontaneous means deliberately brainstorming on possible content ideas and writing them down as they occur to you. It can also refer to going with the flow of your daily life activity to generate content ideas as it pops into your head.

Going with the flow concerns being able to realize content ideas when thoughts come to you regardless of the activity you are involved in. Whether you are bathing, working, shopping, or resting, you can stay conscious of your thoughts to filter out post ideas that jump at you.

As a matter of fact, the general rule of thumb when learning how to create a content calendar for your blog is to write or note down any thought that comes to you immediately. Delaying to another time might lead to you forgetting the content idea.

You may also need to take out time to brainstorm and think of possible content ideas and write down for future use on your blog.


Follow a specified schedule

Without a posting schedule, you may not be able to meet up with your posting deadlines. It’s always better in the long run if your website has regularly updated posts on it.

It will show your subscribers that you mean business and it will also improve your SEO ranking if your posts are keyword optimized for search engines. Choose a posting schedule that will fit your type of blog.

If you have an authority blog, you may not need to post everyday but if you have a viral blog, then frequent posting is required to keep the blog updated. When you have a specific schedule to follow, creating a content calendar becomes easy.  A posting schedule helps you with know when you need to post and when you don’t need to do so thereby saving your time and content ideas.

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Be consistent and intentional in your content idea creation

Consistency and intentionality are attributes you must take up in the game of content creation and posting on your blog. If you really hope to learn how to create a content calendar for your blog, then you must be very intentional about it.

You will have to stay on it and ensure you follow through as always. This ties into the post above concerning following a specified schedule. Anybody can create a content calendar but it takes willpower to carry on with it because it’s a never-ending activity as long as your blog is alive.


Final words

Learning how to create a content calendar for your blog is only one of the first steps to managing your blog and optimizing it for your subscribers. Remember you are not blogging for yourself but for your audience.

Therefore, it’s important to know your audience first before creating a content calendar. An effective way to generate blog post ideas is to deliberate create time for brainstorming and writing down ideas that come to you.

In addition, you can intentionally force your sub-conscious mind to realize content ideas while going about your life’s activities. Content topics can come upon you while running, working, driving or even on a date or meeting.

Are you interested in setting up a content calendar for your blog? How have you been doing it?

Kindly leave a comment in the discussion section below and don’t forget to share too as someone out there needs to read this good stuff!

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Why Choose WordPress Over Other Content Management Systems

If you are planning to have a website anytime or maybe you already have one. You will find this post to be very useful where setting up and managing your website is concerned. For websites to be set up for use, they require what is called a ‘content management system’ or CMS.

Essentially, this is the framework supporting the build of the website. If you already know about content management systems, then you this post might be even easier to grasp.

There are several building frameworks or Content Management Systems used to set up a website to function properly. Some examples include WordPress, Blogger, Drupal, Joomla, Wix, Squarespace etc

Yet despite this wide availability of options in choosing a Content Management Systems, one specific system dominates the market more than the others.

That’s WordPress.

As a matter of fact, most of the popular websites in existence are designed using WordPress. The reason behind this is quite simple. WordPress makes website set up and design easy even for the absolute learner in comparison with other alternatives.

With WordPress, there are a greater number of versatility and functionality you can bring to your website with ease. This is not to say that other CMS are not good enough; on the contrary, some of them beat WordPress in certain regards.

Joomla and Drupal are great alternatives if you choose not to go with WordPress. Joomla is just as easy and has as much functionality. Drupal is superb as well and exceedingly great for making complex and secure websites that require increased security.

However, these two can’t compare with WordPress when it comes with ease of use. In addition, there are a lot more people who prefer the convenience and variety WordPress brings. Joomla and Drupal have less users which makes troubleshooting more of a challenge in comparison.

To use Joomla or Drupal to their fullest capacities, a knowledge of coding is required and many individuals are neither interested nor willing to bother with coding. Ease of use and convenience is the WordPress selling point.

Fortunately though, these 3 CMS are open source software and have a wide range of contributors and developers willing to improve their efficiency. Numerous templates and plugins are available to improve the functionalities that comes with any one of them.

In the end, WordPress still trumps the rest of them in terms of availability of themes, plugins and ease of use. When you get the question – Why Choose WordPress, below are some of the reasons why you should go for WordPress no matter what anyone tells you regarding the other CMS.

Convenience and Availability of Add-ons

Even if you are just starting out in website ownership and management, WordPress makes it easy for you. From the simple installation process, to choosing from thousands of themes and plugins, you can do just about anything on your website with WordPress as your CMS.

You don’t need to know coding as everything has already been programmed into the platform making it easy for you to simply modify and tweak things around as you want.


Free use of the platform

WordPress is a free, open source software managed by many different developers. There is no fee for installation and use once you have paid for your hosting and domain name. Drupal and Joomla offer this feature as well but CMS like Wix and Squarespace require monthly subscriptions to have certain premium features.

Some of these premium features on Squarespace and Wix are actually free on WordPress, making it unnecessary and expensive to go for the former two.

WordPress comes with a large collection of add-ons i.e plugins and themes which users can access free of charge.


Easy trouble shooting for users

As the world’s most used CMS, WordPress is comparatively easy to troubleshoot in comparison to other CMS. With a lot of people using this CMS, a large vault of resources lies at the disposal of anyone who cares to look when faced with website issues.

However, if you are using Joomla or Drupal, you will have to find Joomla and Drupal experts in most cases. If you are using Wix or Squarespace, the way out when you are troubleshooting could involve getting in touch with a customer support person for assistance.


Robust and Secure Platform

With the power of its plugins and themes, WordPress provides a robust and secure platform that meets and matches the security standard pf the Drupal CMS. Though ordinarily less secure comparatively against the likes of Drupal and Joomla, WordPress can still be juiced up to be quite formidable security-wise.

If you are using WordPress, you don’t need to worry about your website being hacked especially when you have installed the powerful security plugins offered by them for this purpose.


If you are planning on having a website built for you, consider WordPress as the most convenient Content Management System to use. It is newbie friendly, requires far less technical skill, free and super easy to manage.

Many popular, world-class website are built on WordPress, so you see there is a reason why it dominates the market currently.

So what’s your take on this? Which CMS do you think is a better option?

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7 Sure Tips To Be More Productive Every New Week

Yeah, I know it’s a new week and you have probably heard or seen all the Monday motivation posts. Or even read how to make your week more productive. But how are those working out for you? To be more productive every new week, you require committed effort and plan of action you will follow.

It’s not so easy to do when you check how fast you can actually lose track of your carefully planned schedule. Nonetheless, we still have to try to keep things in order. You know how Monday’s can be so overwhelming.

In this post, I will be sharing with you 7 sure tips to be more productive every week.

This isn’t rocket science and works for everyone irrespective of your field of endeavor. Employee or business owner, read on below to learn these tips to improve your productivity.

Start on Friday

That’s right. To make your next week more productive, you truly need to start planning from the previous week.

What didn’t you finish the previous week? What did you miss out on? What needs to be completed?

I know Friday should be time to relax! Heck! It’s TGIF but then if you don’t have a documented checklist of stuff still pending to be done, you are likely to be in a hassle on Monday.

So note down all unfinished tasks especially if your Fridays are less busy then plan how you to follow up on each one come Monday.

You can simply schedule them to the different of the coming week so the load will be evenly dispersed and not clutter your activities for the new week.

Relax and have fun during the weekend

Very important! If you are like most busy or productive people, you are likely consumed with the hustle  during the week. Getting into a new week with no real break for fun or relaxation will lead to one thing – Unproductive.

You begin to tire, get bored or lose interest completely in your business or job. When this happens, you become less efficient at completing tasks needed to grow your business.

To be on edge and productive every new week, you need time to have fun and enjoy life. Take a break, do fun stuff, visit friends and loved ones, go see a movie, travel a bit if possible.

A change of scenery can do wonders. Sometimes what one needs to improve their productivity is a tiny change of environment.

Coming back into the new week, you will be more refreshed or relaxed compared to if you didn’t chill during the weekend at all.

Believe me, life will continue without you should you break down and lose your life. There will be tears maybe, but you will be forgotten fast enough all the same.

If you have your own business, try to discipline yourself enough to stay away from work. Yes, it won’t run away. Companies that really value their staff encourage them to enjoy their weekend and have fun.

Draw up a plan for the new week

Without a plan, it’s very easy to not only lose focus but to forget a lot of important tasks that need to be handled.

The best plans are drawn up in a list form which makes it easy for you to tick out anyone you handle. With a plan of action in your hands, delegating your efforts accordingly will be easier making you more effective and productive.

Generally, the harder, time-consuming tasks should be handled first of all so you can put in all your zest and fresh energy into them. By the time you are powering down, you can then focus on the easier tasks and relax while doing them.

You can set up an activity or weekly planner or To-Do checklist that will guide your activities during the week. Check back on this list from time to time to see how far you are faring and where you need to put in more effort.


Check your emails preferably every 2-3 hours

Emails can be a help or a distraction depending on how you use it. One email can distract for at least 1 full hour. That means out of your 8 hours work period, you potentially lose like 2-3 hours depending on the kind of work you do.

There are emails you don’t need to respond to immediately. Checking them might likely distract you from your already planned schedule, making you less productive.

If there is something important that needs to be done, a colleague, superior or industry friend can call you via phone or find a way to call your attention to it.

You can also set an alarm to be reminded at intervals when to check your email so you won’t be lost in the haze of spam and other attractive promotions that end up in your box.

Set a primary goal for the week

Yep!. There should be at least one primary goal for the week if you truly hope to be more productive every new week.

This goal could be anything. But let it be something major.

Maybe you are creating an information product, a video course, writing a book or plan to meet an exclusive lead or client. Set it up to be your landmark achievement for that week and allocate enough time to strategize on getting it done right.

Setting primary goals are important as it can help your confidence when other stuff are not going well. You can fall back on it as motivation in your life journey.

The more you set and achieve your weekly goals, the more effective and productive you become in your field.

Be determined to put in extra effort

Your mindset is very important to be more productive every new week. You have to decide within yourself that you are going to achieve most or all the tasks you have set up for yourself.

Be determined to put in extra effort. Surely, you won’t die from the work if you follow a well-tailored plan of action. Say NO to distractions and naysayers and put in every ounce of effort to be better and get more results.

If you can’t focus on the tough tasks first, then handle the easier tasks first then relax in peace to tackle difficult ones taking the rest of the day at it if it can be helped.

Check what worked the last time you were faced with a task and what you did differently. Try out the same strategy and see if it works out for you.

You can also contact colleagues or industry associates for support. In all, be determined to put in more effort to make it work

Improve and grow yourself further

To be more productive every new week requires the extra-ordinary.

Yeah, it does. You have to be determined to do what others are not may not be willing to do. Research and improve on yourself every spare chance you get so you will be better than others.

Fortunately, a lot of people are naturally lazy so if you decide to go the opposite direction by being hardworking, you will be experiencing a lot of growth.

There is Google and Youtube for research and improving yourself on any field of your choice. There are online-based personal improvement centers where you can become better in anything. You don’t even have to be present physically to get this done.

You can network using Eventbrite to go for meetings and events where you can get the juiciest information on a wide number of topics that will increase your portfolio.

By being better at what you do, your tasks become easier and you begin to enjoy your work even more. You may even gain authority status as time goes on.


Being more productive requires effort, it doesn’t come to anybody just like that. There has to be a conscious effort and plan to be more productive weekly.

With these 7 tips to be more productive every new week, your business or work is going to benefit from having a more effective you. Isn’t that what we all want?

So tell me, what would you do differently from this new week going forward? I am interested in seeing your responses so don’t forget to comment to below!

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