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12 Best Automated Emails for Subscribers

In today’s world of business, communication has been made easier through the use of various channels like email marketing, social media marketing and others. In this post, you will find 12 best automated emails for subscribers to nurture and build a relationship with them.

If you are business person who would love to keep in touch with your subscribers and customers, consider email marketing as a major tool to leverage on.

Automated emails make it possible for you to keep in touch with your subscribers and customers at all times because they are automated.

This means that after set-up, they can send out on their own without any extra effort on your part.

If you are thinking of using email marketing for your business marketing campaigns, these 12 best automated emails for subscribers will improve your chances of making sales in your business.

With the power of auto-responders, setting up automated emails for your subscribers means you can send out different individual emails or drip emails in a sequence.

These emails can be conditioned to a particular activity that triggers it to send to a particular or group of subscribers.

Below are different types of automated emails for subscribers depending on the condition that you want them sent out for. It could be dependent on the gender of the subscriber while signing up, the campaign objectives, the specific type of audience etc.

  1. Welcome Email

This type of automated email is a kind of introductory email to your subscribers probably after they just signed up into your list or offer.

It is exactly what it is, a welcome email showing them their presence on your platform is appreciated.

Welcome emails can make your new customers or subscriber feel special and eager to know more about what you are offering.

It can go perfectly with a free welcome gift further making your audience feel really wanted on your list.

Welcome emails can be automated on your email marketing account by integrating them on a list and sign-up form.

Any new contact on that list gets the Welcome email almost immediately.


  1. Thank You Email

Just like a Welcome email, a Thank You email serves to thank or show appreciate your subscribers or audience for taking a specific action. It could be subscribing into your list, downloading a free material, or purchasing your product.

Setting up a Thank You Email involves setting up an automated email in your email marketing form and targeting a specific list. Your subscribers or customers will get this email once they perform a certain action which triggers it.

Thank you emails can come with freebies to further entice your audience to be eager to see your emails often.

If you are in business, using a Thank you email to conclude your sales will show your customer that you are appreciate their buying decision and improve your chances for a repeat purchase in future.

Consider Thank you emails as one of the best automated emails for subscribers benefit in your marketing campaigns.


  1. Status Email

If you are running an e-commerce business, automated status emails are really essential to keep your customers up to date about their delivery.

Status emails basically inform your audience or customers about when orders have been placed, moved for shipping, shipped or arrive location for pick-up.

Status emails as automated emails help improve marketing efforts and improve product delivery to customers who need to know the status of their order.

Apart from e-commerce businesses, status emails help your subscribers audience know the current status of an activity carried out on your platform.

As a brand, you can set up this type of email to improve your relationship with your audience when they transact with you in any activity.


  1. Feedback Email

Feedback emails can be automated emails for your subscribers to tell you how they really feel about a product or service.

You can set-up an automated feedback email to a list to be sent on a specific day after a customer carries out an action. It could be days after a purchase or a download of your material.

Feedback emails improve your marketing efforts by helping your learn more about your audience’s preferences. It can give detailed insight into their preferences, likes, challenges, targets and objectives.

When you are armed with this information, you can adjust your marketing campaigns to focus on any feedback.


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  1. Recommendation Emails

As a business enterprise servicing a unique customer base, it is important you provide value at every customer touch point.

Customer touch point means every time a customer comes in contact with your business in any form. One way to offer value to your customers or audience without selling something is to send a scheduled email recommending or suggesting products they should consider.

Suggested products could be based on their history of buying activity.

In addition, results from past surveys can be useful in creating recommendation emails to educate and inform your audience about better and improved products and services.

Your email marketing campaigns can be set in a way where a certain buying activity will send out specific automated emails to your subscribers recommending a product or products.

Recommendation emails are highly effective in causing impulse buys from customers.


  1. Activity/Event reminder emails

If you have any activity or event coming up, automated event reminder emails are the way to go to ensure your audience turns up. Many people are very busy with their lives and may not even remember you have an event coming up if you don’t remember them.

Automated reminder emails can be set up to send out to your list at specific intervals. Most events managed this way experience a higher turn-out than those that weren’t handled the same way.

In addition, activity reminder emails are one of the best automated emails that serve to remind your audience about an action they have to take.

It could be a reminder about a reactivation request, a sign-up action, an abandoned cart on an e-commerce store or any other call-to-action.


  1. Blogpost reminder emails

If you run a blog, blog post reminder emails can serve a useful purpose for your content marketing. This is one automated email you should send your subscribers any time you have a new post update.

You can also use blogpost reminder emails to inform your audience about any offers that might be valuable to them.

These offers could be your products, services, discounts, solutions to industry problems etc.

Consider blog post reminder emails to improve your content marketing efforts and you can be sure of an approximate effect on your business.


  1. Product promotion emails

Let’s say you have a new product in your line-up that you need to introduce to your audience. Automated product promotion emails are one of the ways to get the news out that you have a new product.

These type of emails can be set up to go out at certain times of the day when the engagement will be higher.

Ideally, your audience should be the first people to find out about any products that you have and automated emails will make this task easier.

Do you have products to promote, consider promotion emails as one of the automated emails for subscribers.

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  1. General reminder emails

General reminder emails come in different forms and can be automated to follow audience behavior or activity.

It could be reminder emails for a webinar event, discount expiration, sign up request, after-event follow-up, and other emails that serve as reminders about some activity or action needed.

You need this type of automated emails for your subscribers if you plan to keep them engaged on a regular basis. The online space is a highly volatile one and out of sight is usually out of mind.

People are very busy with a lot of distractions and general reminder emails will work perfectly you keep your business in their minds.


  1. Anniversary Emails

Who doesn’t love anniversaries? Well, a lot of people do because anniversaries are usually associated with good will.

Anniversary emails could be birthday good wishes and come very handy in maintaining your relationship with your customer.

Customers usually feel good getting anniversary emails from businesses they deal with.

It shows to an extent that the business has them on their record and thought it necessary to remember them on their special day.

Anniversary emails give a human face to your business and are one of the best automated emails that connect you with your customers.


  1. Appreciation Emails

Appreciation emails can be automated to send out to customers or prospects who come in contact with your business.

This type of email could concern offering a free service, trial offer, welcome message, thank you message or simply commending them for checking out your business.

Appreciation emails can push your customers or audience to take action even when it doesn’t appear like you are marketing to them.

The language should be subtle and suggestive without being obvious.

After stating your appreciation for their interest or being in touch with your business, the email can suggest a product or service and the value it offers.

If you plan to have an improved email marketing experience, appreciation emails can make a lot of difference.

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  1. Content marketing Emails

Content marketing simply means demonstrating your expertise about your field in a way that markets your business.

It involves the use of related content in your industry to engage with your audience.

This information can be educating, informative, or entertaining but above all must be targeted at your specific audience.

Content marketing emails can also involve the use of blog posts and social media posts to build your engagement with your customers. Such content must be relevant and could come in different formats like text, audio or video.



At this moment, you now know about the 12 best automated emails for subscribers. You can use these email ideas for your marketing campaigns irrespective of your industry.

In your subsequent campaigns, think of any of these emails you can implement for best results in your business.

I know these automated emails will work for you when set up properly in your email marketing platform.

Kindly let me know your thoughts in the comment section.

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