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Best Information Product Formats in Internet Marketing

Simply put, information marketing involves the creation and marketing of information products for sale to people who need them. To do this right, the information has to be collated, processed, and packaged in a format that will not only appeal to the audience but provide maximum impact on them. In this post, I have discussed the best information product formats in internet marketing.

Whether you are creating a make money online course, health guide, or repair manual, your information product needs to be in a specific format. The best information product formats are doc or pdf document, an audio book, video course, webinar or membership site.

Any one of this best information product formats can serve your purpose but some formats are more fitting than others.

For example, video information products are generally more engaging than text or audio formats which means if you are creating an information product, consider using a video format.

Below are the best information product formats and why you should consider each:

Document format

The document format is the most common type of format used when creating an information product. It involves using the native document file processor of your computer to create readable documents usually in either doc or pdf format.

Almost everyone who has access to a computer or smart phone can access this one using Microsoft Word or Adobe Reader.

It doesn’t require any expertise, just use your Microsoft Word to create your information product, format accordingly and do an e-cover page then you are good to go. You can also convert to a pdf document format to make it look more appealing and easier to design.

Using, you can create a beautiful e-cover to add to eat and make it even more credible.


The advantage of creating document format information product is that it is cheap and easily accessible but the disadvantage is that many people are losing interest in reading, especially when it’s more than a few pages.


Audio book format

The audio book format is one of the best information product formats out there in information marketing. However, a lot of people are sleeping on this information product format.

If you remember clearly, people love listening to the radio or to music. This makes this information product format a winner for folks who are interest in your niche.

To get started, you can use the sound recorder on your phone to record your voice notes while you speak. You can also download sound recorder apps or software on your computer for use in creating audio books.

For phones, you can use Spreaker or Parrot mobile apps while for computers, you can use Camtasia Studio.

The audio information product will have to be in MP3 format for easy playback. Also, if you can inculcate podcasts to your repetoire, then you should be armed enough to use audio books as a reliable information product format.


Video Course format

The grand daddy of information product creation is video info products. Their very visual nature makes them highly engaging and much more appealing than other information product formats.

Naturally, humans love something they can watch and connect much more with it.

This is so because videos can relate the tonality, emotions and knowledge of the creator to the audience more directly than other information product formats.

To create video courses, you need a screen recording software on your phone or computer. For phones, you will need an app like A-Z Phone recorder and for computer, you will need Camtasia Studio or Screen Cast’Omatic to record your video courses.

Another advantage of video information product format is that they are priced higher than audio and text formatted info products because of their more detailed nature.

If you are considering creating an information marketing product, give a great deal of thought to creating it in a video format.


Just like videos, webinars are one of the best information product formats to consider when creating an information product. However, rather than being a stored information product, they are live information products because they are recorded and presented as they are being presented.

Webinars present your audience with the chance to witness how a process is carried out live. It is one of the most engaging and informative information product formats.

The only set back that can be attributed to webinar info product format is that you might find it difficult saving it for future reference if you are not experienced. However, with a screen recorder you can catch the live relay as it plays.

Saved webinar training are usually priced at a  premium because of their highly-instructive nature.  So if you plan to create information products, consider creating a webinar format of it.



There are different formats to use when creating an information marketing product. In the post above, you will find out in detail the best information product formats to consider when creating a digital product.

Each product format type have their benefits. Generally, document and audio products are less priced than video or webinar formats of information product which are usually priced at a premium.

Whichever information marketing product format you chose, your success in making sales is determined by a number of other different factors.

Your promotion strategy, your product branding and packaging, your marketing funnel all have a major impact on how well you can make sales from your products.

I hope you found this post instructive. Kindly let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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