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Best Social Media Platforms for an Author or Writer

Thanks to social media, you can now build your engagement with a targeted audience and reach a lot of people easily without spending a dime on advertising and promotions. If you are into content creation, you will need to consider my list of the best social media platforms for an author or writer.

As a writer or an author, you must agree with me that the beauty of writing is when you can share your piece with an audience who truly appreciate your works of art with words.

If you are just starting out, building an audience might not be the easiest thing to do.

It is doable however, if you know what you are doing. Like if you have read this post.

Social media gives you the extra muscle to lift and push your works to the fore so people can read and connect with you.

When you do this, you build your authority, your expertise and your relationship with your audience.

As you well know, there are several social media platforms and tools out there but only a handful are truly suitable for your needs as a writer.

For social media platforms to join, I will suggest the following:

  • Facebook

Facebook currently has over 1.5 billion active users the world over. This is really massive and you can’t afford not to tap into this resource.

You must be on Facebook.

You will need a Facebook account and also have a Facebook Page to your name. If you will love to take it a step further, you can also create a Facebook group where you can build your dedicated followers, engage often with them and offer them value.

You can also offer them your products from time to time to make sales. The bigger your audience, the more your authority is going to be.

Once you have a large number of people who have become your friends and members of your group, this is when your popularity and authority kicks in.

Facebook supports a lot of text content more than other platforms like Instagram and Pinterest.

A simple but relevant picture is enough to build engagement as long as your content rocks.

Drop your content from time to time and encourage them to like and share to people who might need it.


  • Instagram

After Facebook, Instagram is your next best social platform to consider as a writer.

Though it is a very visual platform where high quality photos and videos have more engagement, you can leverage on this by using high definition images to drop your posts headers with a link redirecting to your website.

Engagement in Instagram is even far higher than on Facebook and once you have achieved a large following, what remains is quite easy.

Of course, you must also remember to use appropriate hashtags to make your posts easier to find.

If you a writer who is into visual activity like cooking, preparing products and some other physical activity, Instagram is the platform for you.


  • Youtube

You may not know it but Youtube is the social media arm of the almighty Google.

I guess you now know what that means.

There are tons of heavy traffic on Youtube and as a writer, you need to tap into this massive source.

The question is how and the answer is simple.

Create a channel on Youtube and do short videos about your book, written works or content.

If you an author or writer into visual activity, Youtube is a perfect option for you as you can create short videos about the activity which you have a book about and talk about it live on video.

As you create more content and connect to more people, your channel grows and so does your online presence.


  • Twitter

Personally, I think Twitter is one of the most viral social media platforms in existence.

If your content is of value and you put it out there using the appropriate hashtags, you are bound to connect with more people quickly.

Though, the platform supports a few character posts at a time, you can create a thread of posts in a sequence and use focused hashtags to make the post discoverable.


On this platform you can reach out to a lot of book readers and other content creators to share ideas and gain followership from each other.

Consider Twitter if you need to connect with others in a similar niche as you while growing your audience as well.


  • Goodreads

If you know Amazon, then you know Goodreads.

Goodreads is social media platform from Amazon dedicated to readers.

Authors and writers can congregate here to connect with other authors, readers and potential readers seamlessly.

On this platform, there are book reviews, discussions, sharing of ideas and building of networks on an international level.

If you have a book you would love to put out there to the world, then you have to be signed up on


  • LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an awesome platform for professionals and if you are an author or writer who has books or written works on professional topics and ideas, you will do well to be on LinkedIn.

Books in the form of a guide or manual will connect particularly well with people on LinkedIn.

How-Tos, manuals, guidebooks, inspirational and motivational books, self-help books are all highly recommended materials that professionals can connect with.

Consider being on LinkedIn if you are a writer or author that creates such books or content.



Then for social media tools you must have as an author or writer, you need one or two of the following:


  • Hootesuite

You must consider Hootesuite if you plan to send out your posts to your multiple social media accounts at a scheduled time.

It saves you the time and effort of sending the same post repeatedly.

With this social media tool, you can simply load your content and send out to your social media at the click of one button.

You can check out every comment and see what the engagement on your posts look like.

If you don’t plan on hiring a social media manager to handle your social media accounts, Hootesuite is th way to go to make things very easy for you.


  • Buffer


Like Hootesuite, Buffer is another social media management tool that makes it easy for you to manage your social media accounts from one platform.

With Buffer, you can create your content, schedule everything at a go and set it to go out at a specific time.

You can manage your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google plus accounts from this platform without having to jump from one to the other.

It is highly automated and I highly recommend it if you have multiple social media accounts to drop your content on.

There you have it.

Are you an author, a writer or a content creator seeking to reach more people without blowing a budget on promotions?

Consider any of these social media platforms and tools.

Kindly drop your comments and share this posts as well, you might be helping someone who needs information like this.

Thank you for reading.



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