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7 Best Tools for Affiliate Marketing

If you are interested in succeeding as an affiliate marketer, these are some of the best tools for Affiliate marketing success. You have probably heard about or tried affiliate marketing if you have been in the internet marketing space for awhile and if this is so then read on.

Affiliate marketing remains one of the most scalable online business models. Also, if you are just starting out, it is one of the options to consider along with Freelancing.

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You don’t need to create any product, the products are already available and all you need is just to promote to make sales. As an affiliate you are paid commissions for each sale made and the more your sales, the higher your commission earning.

As easy as it sounds, you need to learn the tricks and acquire the tools of the trade before going in. I will be discussing in more details some of the best tools for affiliate marketing. Even if you are just starting out, if you have these tools and the right knowledge, you are more likely to succeed.

With these tools, you will stand a better chance to earn a solid consistent income over time. Read on below to learn how you can deploy them to full, optimal use.


Affiliate Platform

For you to start your affiliate marketing career, the first step is to register with an affiliate merchant of your choice. Of course, you will need to have chosen on a niche or category of product you will like to focus on.

Your affiliate platform provides you with the needed affiliate product links for your marketing. Each affiliate product has a unique link for it that you use in your promotion campaigns. There are different affiliate programs out there to join like Warrior Plus, JV Zoo, Amazon etc

Account registrations are free and you can select as many products as you want to promote. Generally, it is always advisable to go for products that are selling well. You also have to focus on a particular niche at a time.

When you focus on a niche, you build a dependable subscriber base of customers over time. In addition, you would have learnt the market dynamics by this time rather than when moving wherever the wind blows.


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A website is one of the best tools for affiliate marketing as it serves as a platform for you to drive targeted buyer traffic to your affiliate products. Before you can have a website set up for affiliate marketing, you need to pick a domain name and hosting for the website.

Your domain name should be a name relevant to what your website will offer. Let’s say you plan to sell or promote baby wears. If you can use a name related to or connects well with baby wears then you have increased your chances of success even better.

To get a premium domain name, you can check out some of these best domain registrars like Hostgator, Namecheap, Godaddy, Bluehost etc. Each of these registrars offer different price options on how long you want to keep the domain name. The choice remains entirely up to you.

Once you have a domain name, you need to get it hosted so it can start showing on the internet. To do this, you need a web hosting account. Most domain name registrars also offer web hosting services so you can easily get a web hosting services as well from providers like Digital Ocean, Blue Host, Host Gator, Godaddy etc

Next, your website needs to be set up or designed. I will advice you go for WordPress CMS (content management system). WordPress is easy to install and set up once you know the basics.

You will need a premium affiliate marketing theme to set up your website and display your products. If you are proficient in web designing, you can set it up yourself but if no, head over to Upwork or Fiverr to get a freelance web designer to give you the best web design.


Paid Ad Account

One of the best tools for affiliate marketing that you can hope to have is a means of paid ad traffic. Most paid ad marketing means are highly targeted once you set them up correctly. An example is Facebook and Instagram ads which are known to be quite effective for driving optimized traffic to offers.

If you are not planning to use SEO or buy ad emails from solo ad vendors who sell their emails, then using Facebook to drive leads to your offers is the way to go. To make this work for you, you will need a level of knowledge and expertise on using paid advertising through Facebook ads.

You can use the Ad Espresso tool to make your ad creation and management effort easier for best results. With this tool you will be able to check and test ad variants, test different audiences and segments and observe activity to lower your cost and maximize your ROI.


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Email Traffic Account for Solo Ads

With an email traffic account, you will be able to buy solo ads from vendors who provide emails from their huge email lists for sale. These vendors have a large database of targeted emails which they sell from the solo ad or email traffic platform.

All you need to do is to register an account with the platform and check around for sellers who have emails for your niche. Also check their reviews from past buyers to have a fair idea of how their service is.

Solo ad vendor websites you can get signed up on include Udimi and Clickonomy. There are different price plans and each plan has a number of emails available to be sent to your offers.

Usually when you will buy 100 emails for around $50, 150 emails for $70 and so on. This is one of the best tools for affiliate marketing success.


Email Marketing Account

You need an email marketing account to help you retrieve and store email leads gotten from your traffic activity. With your email accounts, you will be able to send content marketing emails to your subscribers to promote your products to them.

The best email marketing platforms for affiliate marketing are Getresponse, Mautic, Clickfunnels, Kyvio etc. You can count on their ease of use and deliverability for handling your affiliate emailing without attracting penalties.

Avoid MailChimp and Mailerlite at all costs. Either of these two won’t hesitate to block your email marketing account when it suits them.

Your email marketing account will come in handy for setting up your automations to drive autoresponder emails bearing your affiliate product links to your subscribers. The autoresponder feature of email marketing is actually the beauty of it, almost plug and play.

Once you have set them up for the duration you want, your subscribers will get emails from you on the schedule you have chosen. An email marketing account is a key tool in affiliate marketing if you are serious about making money.


Thirsty Affiliate Plugin

This WordPress plugin is an amazing website plugin that allows you embed affiliate ad banners anywhere you like on your website. It is very easy to use and a must-have for every affiliate marketer.

If  you have an affiliate website or have plans of setting up one, then you need the Thirsty Affiliate plugin to make your work easy for you.


Landing Page Builder

If you prefer not to go the website route as an affiliate marketer, you can set up a landing page for your affiliate products. When you have this ready, then your traffic can be directed at it with the hope of making sales so you can earn commissions.

There are many landing page builders you can integrate into your campaigns for best results in affiliate marketing. Thrive Architect, LeadPages, Instabuilder, WPProfit builder, Origin builder, OptimizePress and Clickfunnels are some of the best landing page builders you can use to create your sales pages to drive offers to.

After setting up your landing page, it needs to be integrated with your email marketing account. This integration will help push your page visitors who subscribed for your offer into your email list for further marketing using your autoresponder email series.



Finally, this isn’t an exhaustive guide on the best tools for affiliate marketing. It serves to show the necessary tools needed to get started and if used to the optimum will yield the commissions you need in your affiliate promotions.

As you experiment and get hands-on experience in affiliate marketing, your use of these tools will improve. As it stands, the affiliate marketing industry is a billion dollar one and it is getting more competitive than ever.

If you hope to get started, the time is now and not tomorrow. So what do you think about these best tools for affiliate marketing? How have they worked for you?

Let us know in the comment section.

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