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Businesses Fail When They Keep Advertising This Way

Businesses Fail When They Keep Advertising This Way.

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Heading home on a cool evening, I heard a radio jingle about this company’s products. I’ll call them Company A for the sake of this post. Company A’s advert on the radio was about their roofing products which they claimed to be the best in the country.

Now, how sure is Company A that they are actually reaching people who are interested in buying roofing materials?

How many people actually listen to radio jingles enough to take action?

How many people who actually have an interest in roofing materials can be found listening to the radio?

These are just some of the holes I found in using traditional media for advertising especially if it’s via radio.

TV and newspapers have a better reach but are still expensive and not as effective as new media.

Two questions that bogged my mind most while I listened to that radio jingle were:

– Why are they still using a means of promotion that is no longer very effective like it used to be?

– How many of their real and potential customers can be found listening to the radio?

The truth remains that times have changed and it is no longer business as usual.

Many businesses are still doing their advertising and promotion either the old way or the wrong way.

In today’s world, having a presence on social media is a cheap and effective way to get seen by your audience.

The only advert channel that comes close to it is visual channels through the newspaper and the TV.

However, they don’t come cheap and this is where social media trumps them all.

With social media, you get

– a larger reach
– a targeted audience
– less expense on budget
– a better return on investment

Have you noticed that a lot of foreign brands are already on social media and are enjoying an impressive impact from it?

That’s how effective it is.

With this type of advert or promotion, a company will be able to reach more people who will likely have an interest in their products and services.

A business can spend less in advertising if it has a grounded social media expert and of course, there will be a better return on investment.

Between traditional media and new media, the difference is already clear as to which is the better option.

As social media experts, this could be a win-win for us and the businesses that need effective promotions.

Amazingly, some of the marketing leads in these companies don’t know better.
With a well-packaged presentation, giving them your sales pitch could make all the difference for both parties.

So what do you think between traditional media and social media, which would you rather go for?

Let’s hear your comments.

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