Zero to Profits Online Business Training

2019 has to be different for you and you just have to start now to plan for it – NOT in January.


Have you ever been in a situation where you needed money for business or something important yet it seemed that no matter how hard you tried by asking people or running around, you just couldn’t make it on time?


Tired of being broke or managing your meager salary which is barely enough in a month?


Do you have too many bills and responsibilities and need some money you can be putting away as your savings?

Do you simply want life to be easier for you as far as money is concerned?


Are you a corper, school leaver or someone who is currently unemployed?


I can show you how I was able to recover my life after I had to leave my job in one of the best financial institutions in Nigeria in 2016. Today, I have successfully turned my life around and making a successful living off the internet.

With your permission, if you are truly tired of managing your tiny income and need more money coming into your life, to teach you how I was able to increase my income earning potential and successfully diversify into other businesses today!



The business of selling your skills as a service on the internet to clients that need them in exchange for payment. You are going to be earning in USD so get ready, amigo.


The only business model on the internet that requires little to no capital at all to make huge income if you follow an expert.


If you are just getting started in online business, then Freelancing is the way to go because it requires no capital to begin and earn money and I will put you through – if you allow me.


You will need a PC, or good smartphone at least and internet connectivity.


Below are the skills you can offer to make solid income to divert into your order business, improve your life, invest in stuff or just save!

  • Different forms of writing (email writing, article or blog writing, website content etc)

  • Graphics design – logo, card, letterheads, flyer design, brochure etc

  • Animation and video editing and design

  • Website design and programming

  • Audio editing

  • Proofreading

  • ‘Email marketing

  • ‘SEO

  • Social media management’

  • Facebook ads and Instagram ads

  • Database management

  • Academic research and many more. 

The list is endless honestly…but don’t worry, you only have to pick one and focus on offering it as a service as I will show you.


Below are samples of a test I ran recently setting up an account with one of the most popular Freelancing websites in the world – Fiverr.


From October to date, the test account has earned over N500,000 naira without me making any serious effort. Jobs were just coming to the account.

Check the screenshots below:



Best Social Media Platforms for an Author or Writer

Thanks to social media, you can now build your engagement with a targeted audience and reach a lot of people easily without spending a dime on advertising and promotions. If you are into content creation, you will need to consider my list of the best social media platforms for an author or writer.

As a writer or an author, you must agree with me that the beauty of writing is when you can share your piece with an audience who truly appreciate your works of art with words.

If you are just starting out, building an audience might not be the easiest thing to do.

It is doable however, if you know what you are doing. Like if you have read this post.

Social media gives you the extra muscle to lift and push your works to the fore so people can read and connect with you.

When you do this, you build your authority, your expertise and your relationship with your audience.

As you well know, there are several social media platforms and tools out there but only a handful are truly suitable for your needs as a writer.

For social media platforms to join, I will suggest the following:

  • Facebook

Facebook currently has over 1.5 billion active users the world over. This is really massive and you can’t afford not to tap into this resource.

You must be on Facebook.

You will need a Facebook account and also have a Facebook Page to your name. If you will love to take it a step further, you can also create a Facebook group where you can build your dedicated followers, engage often with them and offer them value.

You can also offer them your products from time to time to make sales. The bigger your audience, the more your authority is going to be.

Once you have a large number of people who have become your friends and members of your group, this is when your popularity and authority kicks in.

Facebook supports a lot of text content more than other platforms like Instagram and Pinterest.

A simple but relevant picture is enough to build engagement as long as your content rocks.

Drop your content from time to time and encourage them to like and share to people who might need it.


  • Instagram

After Facebook, Instagram is your next best social platform to consider as a writer.

Though it is a very visual platform where high quality photos and videos have more engagement, you can leverage on this by using high definition images to drop your posts headers with a link redirecting to your website.

Engagement in Instagram is even far higher than on Facebook and once you have achieved a large following, what remains is quite easy.

Of course, you must also remember to use appropriate hashtags to make your posts easier to find.

If you a writer who is into visual activity like cooking, preparing products and some other physical activity, Instagram is the platform for you.


  • Youtube

You may not know it but Youtube is the social media arm of the almighty Google.

I guess you now know what that means.

There are tons of heavy traffic on Youtube and as a writer, you need to tap into this massive source.

The question is how and the answer is simple.

Create a channel on Youtube and do short videos about your book, written works or content.

If you an author or writer into visual activity, Youtube is a perfect option for you as you can create short videos about the activity which you have a book about and talk about it live on video.

As you create more content and connect to more people, your channel grows and so does your online presence.


  • Twitter

Personally, I think Twitter is one of the most viral social media platforms in existence.

If your content is of value and you put it out there using the appropriate hashtags, you are bound to connect with more people quickly.

Though, the platform supports a few character posts at a time, you can create a thread of posts in a sequence and use focused hashtags to make the post discoverable.


On this platform you can reach out to a lot of book readers and other content creators to share ideas and gain followership from each other.

Consider Twitter if you need to connect with others in a similar niche as you while growing your audience as well.


  • Goodreads

If you know Amazon, then you know Goodreads.

Goodreads is social media platform from Amazon dedicated to readers.

Authors and writers can congregate here to connect with other authors, readers and potential readers seamlessly.

On this platform, there are book reviews, discussions, sharing of ideas and building of networks on an international level.

If you have a book you would love to put out there to the world, then you have to be signed up on


  • LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an awesome platform for professionals and if you are an author or writer who has books or written works on professional topics and ideas, you will do well to be on LinkedIn.

Books in the form of a guide or manual will connect particularly well with people on LinkedIn.

How-Tos, manuals, guidebooks, inspirational and motivational books, self-help books are all highly recommended materials that professionals can connect with.

Consider being on LinkedIn if you are a writer or author that creates such books or content.



Then for social media tools you must have as an author or writer, you need one or two of the following:


  • Hootesuite

You must consider Hootesuite if you plan to send out your posts to your multiple social media accounts at a scheduled time.

It saves you the time and effort of sending the same post repeatedly.

With this social media tool, you can simply load your content and send out to your social media at the click of one button.

You can check out every comment and see what the engagement on your posts look like.

If you don’t plan on hiring a social media manager to handle your social media accounts, Hootesuite is th way to go to make things very easy for you.


  • Buffer


Like Hootesuite, Buffer is another social media management tool that makes it easy for you to manage your social media accounts from one platform.

With Buffer, you can create your content, schedule everything at a go and set it to go out at a specific time.

You can manage your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google plus accounts from this platform without having to jump from one to the other.

It is highly automated and I highly recommend it if you have multiple social media accounts to drop your content on.

There you have it.

Are you an author, a writer or a content creator seeking to reach more people without blowing a budget on promotions?

Consider any of these social media platforms and tools.

Kindly drop your comments and share this posts as well, you might be helping someone who needs information like this.

Thank you for reading.



Effective Targeted Traffic Sources to Focus On

Traffic remains a very hot necessity for everybody in business. Every business needs effective targeted traffic sources to focus on.

This is understandable when you consider the fact that traffic means having visitors who are interested in your products and services. In essence, to make sales and profits in business, you need traffic and not just any traffic but targeted traffic.

Therefore, most businesses are always on the look-out for ways to have relevant to traffic to their products and services.

Whether you are an e-commerce person, blogger or even an offline business person, to make money you need patronage from people who want what you are offering.

There are two different types of traffic mainly; there is FREE traffic and there is PAID traffic.

Generally, PAID traffic is more targeted than FREE traffic and if you want better results without wasting to much time and effort, the better option to go for is PAID traffic if you have the means.

FREE traffic is far slower in comparison and includes joining and posting in relevant forums and carrying out several SEO practices.

PAID traffic includes employing Google Adwords, Facebook advertising and other paid forms of advertising.

Below are some effective targeted traffic sources to focus on without spending a ton of money on advertising.


Having an email list of individual who are interested in your products or services is one amazing and effective way of enjoying targeted traffic.

It isn’t as tough as it sounds.

Building a targeted list could involve offering a VALUABLE free offer to a group of people who sign up to be your subscriber so as to receive more valuable offers.

Of course, you can use paid advertising at first to promote your offers to them but once you have built your list to a sizable number, you can reduce the paid advertising strategy.

You can build your list via Facebook Messenger Chatbot, Email Marketing, or building a Facebook group dedicated to your business and product offers.




Building a social media following is another effective targeted traffic source to focus on for best results in targeted generation.

You will need to identify who your targeted audience is.

Next, you create valuable content that is relevant to your audience then post consistently on your social media timeline.

To make this SUPER-EFFECTIVE, you will need to use the relevant hashtags relevant to that industry so as to reach more interested individuals and businesses that need your products and services.


You must also be available to engage, comment and like other peoples posts who are in the same industry as yours.

It is important you offer VALUABLE but FREE content to build a relationship with your audience. Once you have established a relationship of authority in that niche, your know, like and trust factor increases.

Whenever you decide to pitch a product, it won’t come across as ‘salesy’ and your audience will easily patronize you because they have come to trust and believe in your authority.



If you have the bucks, this is one of the most effective targeted traffic sources to focus on.

However, you have to be careful because it is easy to waste money if you don’t know what you are doing.

There are different paid traffic sources.

Google Adwords, Facebook Advertising, Instagram Advertising and Solo ads.

I will advise you have a really good product, content or offer to promote before going for paid advertising.

You must also have identified who your target audience is and whether what you are offering is a NEED or WANT.

Needs have more drive than wants and if you want to make sales or generate profit then you offer must be solutions to people’s needs.

It is  important that you have all these sorted out before going for PAID traffic so as not to waste good money.

So there we have it, 3 effective targeted sources you can focus on to yield positive results for your business in 2018.

  • List Building
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Paid Advertising Options

I hope this has helped you, let us know what you think in the comment session!

10 Tools You Need to Set Up the Perfect Blog

Blogging is fun especially if you are someone who loves to write. There are 10 tools you need to set up the perfect blog.

You can easily turn your love for writing into a business that can earn you money while you write.

Unlike freelance writing that involves writing for clients, when you blog you simply put your knowledge, experiences and information out to the public on your blog.

Blogging can earn you a very lucrative income if done right. To get it done right, there are 10 tools you need to set up the perfect blog.

Blogging can improve your business presence by giving you more visibility, authority and engagement with your audience.

In this article, I will be listing out the best FREE and PAID tools you need to start blogging either for your pleasure or preferably for business.

Here we go!


  1. Domain Name

Yeah, you need a domain name before you can even set up your blog. Your domain name is simply the name of your blog.

If you have noticed, the name of my blog is, this is the domain name of my blog.

So simply put, your domain name is the name of your blog (or website). It is important that you choose a name that is relevant to your business if possible.

It isn’t a must but if you can find a relevant name, go ahead as it is helps your search engine ranking. You can get a domain name from any domain name provider. There are so many of them out there.

You can click any of the following to get a domain name right away for your blog:

Bluehost, Whogohost, Godaddy, Hostgator, Namecheap etc


  1. Web Hosting

This is another tool you need to set up your blog or website right. Your web hosting is a platform on which your domain name is based.

Without a hosting account, your domain name wouldn’t function on the internet.

See your domain name as a house and your web hosting as the plot of land on which your house is built.

The two go together the same way.

There are several web hosting platforms you can go for without paying a ton of money to get registered.

You can register a webhosting account on the following platforms:

There are so many others you can try out as well.

If you are Nigerian, I will suggest you try out our indigenous web hosting provider – Whogohost.

They are quite good and respond quickly to inquiries and complaints. You can click HERE to sign up with them right away.


  1. WordPress

WordPress is an awesome Content Management System you can use to set up your blog without any issues.

There are other CMS like Blogger and Joomla and others but if you want anything close to perfection then I suggest you go with WordPress.

WordPress is the most popular website creating app and many websites are based off the WordPress platform.

It has the best integration systems with other tools, has a supportive forum and community, easy to use and there are thousands of plugins and free/paid themes you can use to set up your blog.


  1. Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner helps you identify the keywords that have the most searches on the internet.

With this tool, you can go for these keywords in your content creation to improve your visibility to search engines on the internet.

Remember that your audience is out there on the internet and you have competitors who are competing with you to win your audience over.

The Google Keyword Planner will help you see the keywords in your niche that has the most searches online and you can implement these keywords as well to rank quickly.

If you are a blogger or content creator, it is important that you have this tool handy.


  1. Social Sharing Tools

Social media is the new face of advertising and if you want more people to come across your content then you will do well not to overlook social media.

The question is, why do you need to share you content?

Traffic is the answer.

The more people who see your content and visit your website, the more you chances of making money from your website through the sale of your products, affiliate networks or advertisers networks.

There are several tools you can integrate with your blog so that when you post your content, it goes directly to your social media accounts pulling your audience to visit your website to read more.

Below are some social sharing tools you can implement on your blog and fortunately for us, most of them are free to use:

  • WP Social Sharing
  • BuzzSumo
  • JetPack by
  • Ultimate Sharing
  • Social Share Icons

There are hundreds of social sharing tools and plugins you can install to share your content to your audience.


  1. Evernote

Evernote is another wonderful content creation and editing app you can use to create, edit and manage your content easily if especially if you are always on the go.

It is tied to your email so you can easily create and send to your email to send out later to your audience.

Evernote really makes content creation easy and seamless because it has all the important features to help you create your content as you love it.

Are you always on the move?

Try Evernote for Android and Iphones today.


  1. Canva

It will be erroneous not to include Canva in this list. Canva is a FREE online platform that helps you create wonderful graphics and text for your content creation needs.

Using Canva, you can create just about any type of graphic for your blog content and it is entirely free.

You can create, edit, modify or customize your images and infographics to look as you want without stressing yourself unnecessarily.

To use Canva, you have to get registered first, but don’t worry as registration is free.

Click HERE to visit Canva and get registered now.



The Yoast SEO is another useful for every blogger who knows their business.

SEO is everything especially if you are not depending on paid traffic to grow your visibility.

This tool is actually a plugin that helps you improve your blogs features so it becomes more visible on the internet.

With Yoast, you can get decent traffic to your blog if you do the right things and meet all parameters set by the plugin.

Even if you are a newbie, you can visit their website HERE to find out how you can set up your Yoast plugin on your blog for maximum effectiveness.


  1. Google Analytics

Like the name implies, this tool helps you check your analytics to see how your blog or website is performing.

It is free of charge and has a plugin that you will install on your blog’s WordPress dashboard to use it.

This tool will help you track, monitor and measure your blog’s statistics and performance. You will get to see how many visitors you have had, their locations, their interests and several other indices that will guide you in taking action accordingly.


  1. E-mail Marketing and Management Tools

Whether you are a professional blogger or not, you need to be close to your audience one way or another or suffer the consequences of your neglect.

That sounds serious right?

It is.

If you are wondering how staying close to your audience is going to be possible, this is how – Email Marketing

The truth is, if you don’t keep in touch with your audience, sooner or later they are going to lose interest in you.

There is competition out there so to keep your audience, you have to keep them engaged as often as possible.

With Email marketing tools, you can get this done without issues.

Your email marketing helps you to not only keep in touch with your audience but to drive traffic to your blog and offers.

If you have a product to sell, your email marketing audience can provide a list of willing buyers who will place orders from you immediately.

Email marketing tools are offered by platforms offering email marketing and management services.

When you sign up to their offers, you will have access to email creation and management tools like the autoresponder and newsletter campaign managers which help you create and store emails and send them out automatically when you like after you have scheduled them.

Below are some email marketing platforms you can get registered on to use their email marketing tools.

Some of them are free while others require little monthly payments.

You can pick any one of your choice after you have visited their websites to check out their packages. You can click HERE to read more about Email Marketing platforms so you can make a choice right way.

I discussed them in detail HERE so you can check them out now.

So there you have it, the 10 very important Blogging tools you need to have a professional blog.

I hope you enjoyed it and if you have questions or suggestions, kindly put them in the comments section.

Don’t forget to share this either.

See you around in my next post.

You Can Start Earning Online If You Start Any of These!

As rehashed as this topic is, the truth remains that people are making money off the internet…and I’m one of them.

A lot of doubting Thomases don’t believe this and I wonder where they get their proof from.

Online business is real and could easily replace your 9-5 job, if you have one or it could earn you a living if you are unemployed.

True, there are a lot of scams going on online but the legitimate business
are also there waiting for those who will take the chance and run with

Given the world economic situation, the unemployment rate and the number of graduates churned out each year by higher institutions, it is left for each individual to help themselves any way they can.

A good option is internet based businesses, start-up capital is
minimal…you basically need a PC, internet connection, some software and mentoring and you’re good to go.

I have made a list below of some internet-based businesses anybody can go into with little capital. With dedication and application of the right strategy, success IS GUARANTEED.

Check them out below:

1.) Affiliate Marketing

As the name implies, you earn income working as an affiliate for a
merchant who pays you commission for each sale you make of his products.

You promote his product and earn commission for each successful sale

There are so many affiliate firms available and its up to your
discretion in picking one of your choice.

Income is usually in USD which is a plus because the dollar is an international standard currency.

Examples of Affiliate platforms you could look up are JVZoo, Clickbank, Maxbounty etc .Income from this model can be staggering if done well.

2.) Network Marketing

We all know about MLMs aka Multi level marketing. Examples include
Forever Living Products, Helping Hands International and others.

This business relies on the power of your network…it is usually in the form of
a pyramid and each tier feeds the one above it.

It works by referrals and building a chain of interconnected people called your downlines.
Your downlines have their own downlines who have theirs and so it goes.

As long as there are people working below you, you will continues earning income passively.

This is usually after you have built a large network of downlines.

Many of these networking businesses are legitimate and if you are good in convincing people and socializing to build a network, you could try it out as start-up is also minimal.

3.) Information Marketing

I love this one a lot. You provide information on a solution to
people’s problem and you get paid for it.

The information must be valid and effective to start with, if you have a large audience who need this solution, you make a lot of money.

There several problems plaguing man and whoever can provide information that takes care of any of these problems would have made a killing.

Imagine you have a failure-proof solution for getting a scholarship to study in any part of the world and you broadcast this information to the right audience. Will they be ready to pay to have it?

Yes, I know so.

That’s where you make your money.

Capital needed is minimal here too, you only need to have the right tools and do a lot of research on problems you could provide solutions for then find the right audience.

4.) Social Media Marketing

Marketing or advertising done on social media.

Social media has taken over the world of advertising and marketing, in fact, there is no brand that does not have a social media profile now.

It would be a mistake not to have one.

Who isn’t on social media?

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram receive massive flow of cheap traffic that can be harnessed to positively boost business growth.

With the right knowledge, contacts and exposure, one can can become a
social media marketer for a brand, you will manage their social media
accounts and run promotions and brand awareness is if it were them and you get handsomely paid for it.

Imagine you were the social media marketer for say, Peal Milk…this is just an illustration.

Even if you don’t have the connection for this kind of project, if you project yourself well and learn and master the basics you could sign up on freelancing sites like Fiverr and Upwork to offer services.

Click HERE to get registered on Fiverr and HERE to register on Upwork.

The income is very substantial and start-up capital is also minimal.

Social media marketing provides a huge source of very effective but cheap advertising.

5.) Blogging

When you think blogging, you remember Linda Ikeji.

Blogging pays and it pays very well.

If you have an aptitude for writing well and engagingly, why not substitute your paper with a PC instead and project your thought flow to the world through blogging. Now you are not going to be writing (blogging) on just anything.

You will need to have a focus – also called a niche.

Your blog must be on a particular market…it could be sports,entertainment, gossip, business, weight loss, food or any other niche you can think of.

You will need to be consistent and constantly update your blog as well as provide valuable content for your audience.

Quality and valuable content, good traffic plus engaged audience and money will definitely come.

Paid adverts, Google Adsense and Affiliate marketing banners will monetize your blog.

These businesses work 100% and don’t doubt it.

You only have to follow them right and you will see results. Start-up capital is minimal for each one but the income potential is great.

You will need the right tools – PC, power supply, internet, relevant software, mentoring/training,dedication and a drive to succeed.

Kindly drop a comment if you need more information or have further inquiries, I
will always give you valuable information to help in my own way.

Thank you.

Information Marketing – Learn How You Can Earn Money Selling Information

Information marketing, simply means selling information.

However, this information must be valuable and relevant and must be targeted at those who are hungry for it.

What does this mean? You must market this information to people who have need for it….simple!

Once this is done and your marketing strategy is right…..I see no reason why you won’t make a sale or sales.

It appears quite easy, right?

It actually is though a lot of people make it out to be something complex. The catch here is that whatever information you have decided to market must be something that truly works.

The survival of your information marketing career may depend on your reliability and credibility.

Information marketing is a business model that will remain evergreen forever.

People are in different types and levels of need and pain.

What if you could provide a solution that works to these people that need it. Will they patronize you?

You know the answer to that.

Below are some steps on how you can kick-start your information marketing business.


Research, search and research

Yes, research, search and research what is trending currently.

Check social media, join forums and go through the question and answer sections, check online generally on what people are currently interested in.

In my opinion, there are three markets where the hunger for solutions will never end – wealth, health and heart.

I mean ‘make money’, health and fitness, and relationship niches.

These three encompasses the myriad of problems most people are looking for a solution for.

If you can get people in this niche and provide them a solution that really works, you make money.

Valuable information in exchange for cash…..end of discussion.


Create a valuable and effective solution

Now you have a target market and you know what they want.

Next is to get a solution you that actually solves this challenge. How do you get a solution?

You research and find it or you buy it then test it out to make sure it really works.

If it’s a product you can’t test for some reason, make sure you check for online reviews from people who have used it before.

The thing is most people are too lazy to search for solutions themselves….

Some of these information can be found online. Google is your friend but procrastination and laziness will not allow a lot of folks help themselves.

Well, it’s to your benefit if you can provide this reliable and effective solution.

Your solution could come in the form of an ebook, video, seminar or any other product.

Market this solution to the right audience

You have a target market who have a challenge, you have a solution for this challenge……now you only have to introduce this solution to your target market and you are good to go.

There are several ways you can do this. You can use the following methods:

  • Post your offer in groups and forums where your target market congregate and hope for the best, this may not be so effective unless you have built some sort of engagement with them previously.
  • Buy a targeted email list and use email marketing to market your offer to them
  • Use targeted FB ad marketing which links to a landing page to gather their emails then presell to them using email marketing before marketing your product.  To make this even more successful, you might add a lure also known as a freebie to attract them to click on your FB Ad and subsequently exchange their email for your free offer.

I personally advocate this last option, you will spend some funds on Facebook Ads but it is bound to pay off more than the other two if done right. You will have their emails and can sell other information materials later on if there is need for it.


Basically, this is what information marketing is about and if you follow these steps even as simple as they seem, you would have gotten started.

I hope you find the information I have shared useful, if there are questions or inquiries, don’t fail to reach out to me.

Here’s Why Your Business Will Benefit from Having a Website

The saying ‘the world has become a global village’ is truly cliched now but yet it remains true. With a touch of a button, information can easily be spread to hundreds of thousands of people in a few seconds. The information age is more exciting than ever…what a time to be alive!

Big corporations and businesses have realized the power in leveraging on this information mobility. Traditional marketing methods are being replaced by the advent of social media and content marketing websites – both methods are cheap and even more efficient than traditional marketing methods.

This means that any business that wants exponential growth ought to have a website. Fortunately, getting a website set up for your business doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. All you need to do is to decide on a relevant name for your website (also called a domain name), a hosting account to host the website and a web designer or developer to set up the website.

There are several benefits that comes with having a website for your business, but for the sake of simplicity and brevity, I am going to highlight 5 top reasons why you need to get your business a website.

Below are some reasons why your business needs a website:


1.) Brand awareness and exposure

Millions of people are now internet-enabled, thanks to smart phones and
tabs…having a website means you can easily reach across to a percentage
of these people. It gives your business the ability to be accessible from
any part of the world and reduces the limitations of geography and a
physical address. You can get more individuals to get to know your business better this way especially when you employ certain niche targeted techniques. Your business having a website on the internet means you can be contacted from any part of the globe. Your services will be on display right on your site and it does the job of marketing as well. As a matter of fact, a website for a business is like a shop situated on the internet where physical prospects are replaced by online prospects.

2.) Cheap but super-effective advertising

Compared to the cost and efficacy of traditional advertising methods,
owning a website is inexpensive and more effective in advertising. Your
site is permanently on the internet with your goods and services on display in detail for the world to see. There is no need to rely on expensive radio and TV commercials to draw in prospects. Your website can easily leverage on social media and targeted traffic sources which gives your business huge leads with more potentials of conversion. Your prospects can easily contact you at their convenience through your website. All you will need is get a domain name, get web hosting, get targeted traffic sources, display relevant content on the site and drive your traffic through the site and you are good to go.

3.) Saves money, time and always available

Time is money, money is time…I’m sure you have come across that
statement before. Let’s say your business website is up and running, 24/7,
365 days a year…you will not have to waste precious time responding to
queries and phone calls all the time. Why? Because everything they need
know is clearly outlined on your site. You will only have to point them to
check for more information and that’s it. Time and effort saved. Remember a website for your business is like an online version of your physical shop or office. The advantage however, is that it is always open and your services can be checked out by prospects at any given time without inconvenience to either party. You save time wasted, you save money on unnecessary adverts. A win -win.

4.) Builds customer loyalty and offers convenience

When your business as a website on the internet, it is like saying, ‘we
are good and very confident in what we do, so here we are showing it to the whole world’. It makes your business have more credibility, this makes potential clients able to trust you more because of the exposure you have given your business. Surely, you won’t be up to something funny and expose your business that way. It gives a personal feel to your business.

It also offers them convenience to be able to access your services at
any given time. Say, during weekends, they won’t have to wait till Monday
morning to visit your office or call your office line. This convenience of
access is really an advantage most businesses fail to realize.

5.) Establishes you as an authority in that field

When your business has a website, it establishes you as authority in
that niche. You are an expert in providing solutions and services to people
who need them. They are more likely to believe you and patronize you when they perceive you to be a professional in that niche. Your website will usually have a lot of detailed information on what it is you do and this
gives you an edge over your competitors who do not have a website.

There are several other reasons your business needs a website to grow
further, however, I believe this 5 are top reasons you should go
for a website.

You will need a web-hosting and a domain name and of course, get a web
designer to make it come alive. There are also several tips you might need
to get it really optimized.

In my next write-ups, I will be discussing how you can get the best website set up for you and how to get online visibility after that.

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