Is Too Much Information a Problem Today?

In a field such as ours – online business, you will find out that there are a whole lot of different ways to monetize the internet and this has led to information overload.

This has led to a super-flooding of our senses and person with so many different information all pointing to one thing – making money.

You find yourself confused and considering several options on the path to toe in your money making journey.

This challenge is known as INFORMATION OVERLOAD.

It affects even the best of us and without guidance, it can do more harm than good as is mostly the case.

It hampers your growth, slows you down with so much unnecessary baggage and helps you spread your scarce resources too thin.

Now consider this:

There is information marketing and consulting, affiliate marketing, blogging, freelancing, e-commerce and so many others…..

How do you know the one that will suit you best?

You can do this by picking the one that interests you most. In fact, you may never be able to know which is best till you pick one or two and follow through.

You just have to trust the process and adapt to failing and learning while being guided by someone who is grounded in the business. That’s the only way to succeed.

If you can get a mentor or coach, so much better.

Information overload has led to a syndrome called The SHINY OBJECT SYNDROME.

This is when you see yourself jumping from one money-making ‘business’ to another without following through with the one you are currently on.

At the end of the day, you will find out that you have nothing to show for it because your resources are spread out too thinly to be effective.

There will always be an abundance of information available. What makes the difference is your ability to single out that which you have interest in and focus all your resources and interest in to make it work for you.


There are no LEGITIMATE GET-RICH-QUICK money schemes anywhere. You have to focus and put in the work.

Sometimes I see people who learn a skill or buy a course ask, “Like how much will I make in the next 1 week?”

I just laugh when I hear this, money is a motivation, yes but mastering what ever you want to offer and how to offer it should be primary first.

To do that you need to focus on that one thing.

In the end, when such people don’t make money as fast as they expected, you see them jumping to the next shiny object and bashing gurus (both fake and real).

Information is everywhere……even free information that will make you money. Most of what I know were learnt FREE but it wasn’t easy figuring them out.

What I usually advice is this, learn one or two business models at most…commit every resource you have to make it work. Only when you have done this should you think of jumping into another thing.

The only caveat here is when you have done everything possible and for some reason, your village people have refused to leave you alone. Only then should you abandon ship and move to something else……with a vetted coach, of course.

For me, I focus on Authority Blogging, Affiliate Marketing and Mini-importation. I keep every other online business model as secondary to optimize my resources.

So tell me, what you focus your resources on to make money and how you fight information overload in the comments.

5 Benefits of Registering for Paid Courses When Starting Out

Starting out in a specific path can be exciting as well as scary especially when you are new at it. Fortunately, having a coach, trainer or mentor makes the walk easier through the new path.

In truth, if you are interested in learning anything fast and getting results, the best way to about it is to find someone who knows and practices it and get them to impact that knowledge on you.

One way to get such knowledge impacted on you is by paying for their training, courses, or programs. If not for anything, paying for such trainings will bring you closer to the inner circle of the trainer where you will get to enjoy several benefits you could have missed otherwise.

The truth is, a lot of people especially people who are new to a path find it difficult to cough out money for paid courses, not necessarily because they can’t afford it but because of their mindset, their mentality.

Such people feel they are doing the coach a lot of good without even considering the benefits attached to working with a coach.

In this post, I have listed 5 benefits of registering for paid courses when starting out. These benefits are interconnected as each one can lead to the other.

Of course, this list is not exhaustive but it’s meant to serve as insight to individuals who need coaching, mentorship, or training.


– Saves you from wasting time and effort

Paying for a course saves you from wasting too much time and effort on trial and error. You get full access to the full information without spending needless time and effort looking for answers, making mistakes and getting frustrated along the way.

When you have the exact information you need, you will be able to manage your time better and maximize your effort for best results.


– Makes you more productive and efficient

Just as having access to specific, targeted information through paying for courses saves you from wasting your time and effort on meaningless research, it also makes you more productive and efficient in delivering the project in question.

Because you have the precise information you need, there is less chances of making mistakes and this reflects in your results. Your output becomes more result-oriented because you are working with a proven, tested system that truly works.

When you see people churning out result after result, there is a reason behind their success. They are following a proven strategy most likely coming from a paid or premium course or program.


– Delivers specific knowledge saving you from guesswork

Paid courses are usually created from an aggregation of the expert’s experiences and knowledge. They are usually specific and detailed enough to provide with value on what really works.

When you pay for a course, you are paying for an undiluted, practical form of the information you seek and from someone who has probably tested it out. You save yourself and business from guesswork.

Most mentees and newbies don’t get this however and will prefer to keep running around wasting time, limited resources and effort from one fruitless, half-baked, poorly-conceived idea to another.


– Helps you build relationships and expand your network

This is a key part of paying for courses that many people don’t even remember. When you pay for a course, you have built a new relationship with the owner of the course.

You have expanded your network and gotten closer to one more person of value whose actions could have a wholesomely, positive effect on your life journey. Unfortunately, many people do not get this….they don’t understand it or even look at it from this perspective.

For you to grow exponentially in business, you need a larger network you can leverage on. With such a network, you meet newer people, build more relationships and come close to the inner circle. This benefit ties in closely to the next benefit.

In addition to all these, you get the divine blessings that comes from sowing a seed into a creator’s life. There are divine consequences of most actions we take. By paying for a trainer’s course or program, the fruit of their labor has been rewarded and yours will be rewarded as well in due time and season.


– Usually leads to more opportunities to improve in life and business

Personally, I have paid for courses not because I was really interested in what the paid course was about but because getting those courses will lead to opportunities. I am talking of opportunities to meet new people, like minded people, power brokers, authority figures and industry influencers whom you might leverage on to move to the next level in life and business.

They say that your net worth is a value of your network…..associations are powerful and can spell the kind of opportunities that come your way.

As discussed above in one of the 5 benefits of registering for paid courses, there are certain information you can never find in the media. You can only these valuable pieces of info flying around in close circles you have no access to.

A lot of paid courses offer so different opportunities any clear-eyed newbie can leverage on to grow past that stage. Most coaches with a conscience will be more favorably disposed to people who contributed to their life by purchasing their course by presenting them with mouth waterlng opportunities.

Friends and family might see this as going overboard but trust me, you are marking your territory and in due time, your effort will be rewarded many fold.

7 Sure Tips To Be More Productive Every New Week

Yeah, I know it’s a new week and you have probably heard or seen all the Monday motivation posts. Or even read how to make your week more productive. But how are those working out for you? To be more productive every new week, you require committed effort and plan of action you will follow.

It’s not so easy to do when you check how fast you can actually lose track of your carefully planned schedule. Nonetheless, we still have to try to keep things in order. You know how Monday’s can be so overwhelming.

In this post, I will be sharing with you 7 sure tips to be more productive every week.

This isn’t rocket science and works for everyone irrespective of your field of endeavor. Employee or business owner, read on below to learn these tips to improve your productivity.

Start on Friday

That’s right. To make your next week more productive, you truly need to start planning from the previous week.

What didn’t you finish the previous week? What did you miss out on? What needs to be completed?

I know Friday should be time to relax! Heck! It’s TGIF but then if you don’t have a documented checklist of stuff still pending to be done, you are likely to be in a hassle on Monday.

So note down all unfinished tasks especially if your Fridays are less busy then plan how you to follow up on each one come Monday.

You can simply schedule them to the different of the coming week so the load will be evenly dispersed and not clutter your activities for the new week.

Relax and have fun during the weekend

Very important! If you are like most busy or productive people, you are likely consumed with the hustle ┬áduring the week. Getting into a new week with no real break for fun or relaxation will lead to one thing – Unproductive.

You begin to tire, get bored or lose interest completely in your business or job. When this happens, you become less efficient at completing tasks needed to grow your business.

To be on edge and productive every new week, you need time to have fun and enjoy life. Take a break, do fun stuff, visit friends and loved ones, go see a movie, travel a bit if possible.

A change of scenery can do wonders. Sometimes what one needs to improve their productivity is a tiny change of environment.

Coming back into the new week, you will be more refreshed or relaxed compared to if you didn’t chill during the weekend at all.

Believe me, life will continue without you should you break down and lose your life. There will be tears maybe, but you will be forgotten fast enough all the same.

If you have your own business, try to discipline yourself enough to stay away from work. Yes, it won’t run away. Companies that really value their staff encourage them to enjoy their weekend and have fun.

Draw up a plan for the new week

Without a plan, it’s very easy to not only lose focus but to forget a lot of important tasks that need to be handled.

The best plans are drawn up in a list form which makes it easy for you to tick out anyone you handle. With a plan of action in your hands, delegating your efforts accordingly will be easier making you more effective and productive.

Generally, the harder, time-consuming tasks should be handled first of all so you can put in all your zest and fresh energy into them. By the time you are powering down, you can then focus on the easier tasks and relax while doing them.

You can set up an activity or weekly planner or To-Do checklist that will guide your activities during the week. Check back on this list from time to time to see how far you are faring and where you need to put in more effort.


Check your emails preferably every 2-3 hours

Emails can be a help or a distraction depending on how you use it. One email can distract for at least 1 full hour. That means out of your 8 hours work period, you potentially lose like 2-3 hours depending on the kind of work you do.

There are emails you don’t need to respond to immediately. Checking them might likely distract you from your already planned schedule, making you less productive.

If there is something important that needs to be done, a colleague, superior or industry friend can call you via phone or find a way to call your attention to it.

You can also set an alarm to be reminded at intervals when to check your email so you won’t be lost in the haze of spam and other attractive promotions that end up in your box.

Set a primary goal for the week

Yep!. There should be at least one primary goal for the week if you truly hope to be more productive every new week.

This goal could be anything. But let it be something major.

Maybe you are creating an information product, a video course, writing a book or plan to meet an exclusive lead or client. Set it up to be your landmark achievement for that week and allocate enough time to strategize on getting it done right.

Setting primary goals are important as it can help your confidence when other stuff are not going well. You can fall back on it as motivation in your life journey.

The more you set and achieve your weekly goals, the more effective and productive you become in your field.

Be determined to put in extra effort

Your mindset is very important to be more productive every new week. You have to decide within yourself that you are going to achieve most or all the tasks you have set up for yourself.

Be determined to put in extra effort. Surely, you won’t die from the work if you follow a well-tailored plan of action. Say NO to distractions and naysayers and put in every ounce of effort to be better and get more results.

If you can’t focus on the tough tasks first, then handle the easier tasks first then relax in peace to tackle difficult ones taking the rest of the day at it if it can be helped.

Check what worked the last time you were faced with a task and what you did differently. Try out the same strategy and see if it works out for you.

You can also contact colleagues or industry associates for support. In all, be determined to put in more effort to make it work

Improve and grow yourself further

To be more productive every new week requires the extra-ordinary.

Yeah, it does. You have to be determined to do what others are not may not be willing to do. Research and improve on yourself every spare chance you get so you will be better than others.

Fortunately, a lot of people are naturally lazy so if you decide to go the opposite direction by being hardworking, you will be experiencing a lot of growth.

There is Google and Youtube for research and improving yourself on any field of your choice. There are online-based personal improvement centers where you can become better in anything. You don’t even have to be present physically to get this done.

You can network using Eventbrite to go for meetings and events where you can get the juiciest information on a wide number of topics that will increase your portfolio.

By being better at what you do, your tasks become easier and you begin to enjoy your work even more. You may even gain authority status as time goes on.


Being more productive requires effort, it doesn’t come to anybody just like that. There has to be a conscious effort and plan to be more productive weekly.

With these 7 tips to be more productive every new week, your business or work is going to benefit from having a more effective you. Isn’t that what we all want?

So tell me, what would you do differently from this new week going forward? I am interested in seeing your responses so don’t forget to comment to below!

Hey! You can actually share this. Someone out there will benefit from this read.