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Content Creation Strategy You Must Not Ignore

Creating relevant and valuable content consistently remains the bane of most writers and service delivery businesses that wish to connect with their audience. In this write-up, you will be reading some content creation strategy solutions you must not ignore to keep your audience riveted to your presence and eager to hear from you.

Content marketing is the one of the new marketing strategy that have proven highly effective in engaging and retaining your audience and customers for the long run.

However, creating and delivering relevant content requires having an effective and top notch content creation strategy in place.

The biggest challenge you may face while creating content strategies are:

  • Knowing what your audience needs
  • Running out of content ideas

I will explain here:

To be able to create a relevant content creation strategy, you have to identify who your ideal audience are.

If your know your ideal audience then a part of the puzzle has been solved. Of course, this knowledge depends on the type of business, products or services that you offer.

Once you know who your audience are, the next thing is to identify what their needs are.

It is important to differentiate WANT from NEED.

NEEDS are more urgent and usually things we MUST have and can’t do without.

It could be something that brings relief, satisfaction, pleasure or simply adds value.

So at this point, you now know who your audience are and what they need.

You can find out what your audience need by asking them searching questions if you have an email list or social media group.

If you have no platform yet, you can create a FREE but valuable offer targeting your niche with an Optin page to collect email signups.

With this method, you can harvest individuals who are interested in your line of business.

In essence, your content creation strategy should be tailored towards the needs of your AUDIENCE.

The next challenge that you can face while trying to develop a content creation strategy is RUNNING OUT OF IDEAS.

This is also known as having a writer’s block.

It happens when you discover that you lack ideas on what to write about.

There are several ways to handle this challenge effectively.

  • You can create a content calendar based on topic ideas that are valuable and relevant to your niche’s audience.
  • You can use tools like Google Trend’s to find out topics that are currently trending in your niche and create good content on those.
  • You can also join social media groups and forums to find out the hot topics trending in your niche.
  • Next, you can contact your subscribers on your email list or messenger bot to indicate topic ideas where they need help with and you will provide a solution to them at no extra cost. Everyone loves free offers and you will definitely get them.

These two strategies are the two core ways I personally handle the challenge of creating a content strategy for my business.

How about you? How do you handle creating a content strategy?

Care to tell us your ideas?


Drop your comments below to share your ideas with us.

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