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How to Create a MailChimp Landing Page

If you ever have need to use email marketing for your business then consider MailChimp as one of the top email marketing solutions in the market out there. MailChimp is actually easy to use and integrate with other web solutions and has several features apart from the email marketing feature. You can create a MailChimp landing page, form, newsletter and surveys to keep in touch with your subscribers and customers.

The beauty of MailChimp is that the layout is really minimalist, easy on the eyes and navigation-friendly. It comes with a FREE plan that offers users a mail list of 2000 subcribers at no extra cost.

In this post, you will be learning how to create a MailChimp Landing Page easily even if you are just starting out.

MailChimp Landing pages are great for designing single web pages, product pages, sales pages, promotion pages etc.

First, login to your MailChimp account then had over to the top MENU where you can see LIST. Click on LIST to create one then save and head back to your dashboard.



Click on CREATE to choose a campaign type, you will be shown three options – Email, Ad and Landing page.

Select Landing page, choose a name for it and select the list you just created.

Click CREATE and you will redirected to the MailChimp landing page builder. It involves a drag and drop feature. This makes it really easy to drag and drop content blocks as you wish while setting your landing page.

You will see the content block builders to the right of your screen. To choose a content block, click and hold then drag to the left side where you want it to be.

A basic landing page design will have a header text/image, one or several body text/images and a call to action block/sign up form.

After designing the landing page, hit the save button to save and publish to make it go LIVE.

Now you can visit your Dashboard, click on CAMPAIGN to check your current campaigns. This includes the landing page you just created. You can copy the URL for use as planned.

You can play around to find out works best for you. Below is a video to guide you further when designing a MailChimp landing page.

Mailchimp also provides already designed landing page templates. This further makes it easy for you to design and set up by only editing the text and images as preferred.



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