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How to Start Earn Money Quickly through Blogging

A common statistic says that most bloggers don’t blog for up to 6 months before giving up on it. Either they run out of content to post or they lose interest because money isn’t coming out of it yet. Now this is quite common and every blogger at one point or the other must have felt this way. Many people don’t think it’s possible to earn money quickly through blogging.

However, if you want better results in blogging then proper research is required to understand what’s involved in blogging.

First, you need to understand that there are two types of blogging. Namely, the authority blogging model (also known as niche blogging) and the viral blogging model (also known as the newspaper blogging).

These two models operate differently and for the purpose of this post, we are going to focus our attention on viral blogging. The reason is this, authority blogging takes a while to gather momentum because you have to build your authority and visibility in that niche first, build a followership, create search engine optimized content as well as use paid traffic.

In addition, you don’t have to create posts often because each content you create ideally should be a masterpiece as an authority in that niche.

For viral blogging, you need consistent posting of viral content in the form of trending news and stories, images and videos.

You may need to always be in the know to follow trends and might have to post at least 5 times each day.

The posts must be interesting, engaging and a hooker.

In viral blogging, there is no such thing as building authority or doing SEO. Your content can just be 250 – 400 word posts or short videos bearing very interesting information to catch and retain the interest of your audience. These short, viral posts are powered by paid traffic and if you have ever heard anyone talking about earning money quickly through blogging, then this is one of the techniques.

The best traffic for this type of blogging is social media traffic, especially heavy paid traffic using Facebook ads. Remember, social media is a viral platform and the plan here is to drive heavy, paid traffic to a viral content blog. You earn income by the impressions and clicks on ads by your blog visitors.

There is no exact figure here I can give you but how much money you make on a daily basis is dependent on different factors like your ad network and its placement on your blog,

There are several elements to consider when planning to go into viral blogging. Below are some of them in no particular order:

Niche of interest

The first point to note when planning to set up a viral blog is to identify the niche you want to focus on. Some niches build audience interest easily while others are more difficult to engage an audience.

By niche, I mean a category of topic your posts will be on. The best thing to do is to consider the different niches that are already winners in driving interest in people. Niches like the following:

– Sex

– Football

– Health

– Trending news

– Politics

– World events

– Scholarship

These are niches that usually have content that drive human interest in the thousands and when combined with a powered traffic source, you will have visitors rushing to your website whenever you boost a post.

So go ahead and choose a niche that you have interest to push viral content on.

Uniqueness of your domain name

One mistake a lot of bloggers make is picking a domain name that has nothing to do with their niche. This is very wrong and if you are just starting out, it is best you avoid it in the first place. This is not to say that your domain name (the name of your website) will determine whether you make money or not but it certainly helps when your domain is relevant or related to your niche of interest.

Whether you are going for an education blog or sports blog, let your domain name be clear about what your blog is about by merely looking at it.

Once you have chosen a domain name, head on to Namecheap or Hostgator to register it on the web.

Blog design, layout and responsiveness

The design and layout of the blog is very important. For me, the best design to go for should be minimalistic and well-structured. You wouldn’t want a blog with a cluttered interface.

If your blog’s user experience and interface is clear and easy to navigate, you already have an advantage. To have a proper blog design, you need to use a proper and premium newspaper theme for your blog design.

In addition, premium newspaper themes are optimized to improve your blog’s CTR so try to get a quality theme. It is important that traffic to your site is utilized as much as possible to generate income for you.

Themes like Newspaper 7 and Divi theme are great themes you can use to set up your blog. You can do this by yourself with a little support from Youtube or visit Fiverr to get a professional web designer to set one up for about $40 – $100 depending on your budget.

Remember, simple designs are best….it doesn’t have to be very technical and can have just about 4 pages like Blog, Resources, About Us, Contact Us.

Once you have set up your blog using a premium theme that optimizes ad network banners like Adsense, it is now time to create content. You will need to fill up your website with short, viral posts before driving traffic to it.

Content posting strategy

This part is quite important and you must listen carefully.

Remember that the goal here is to create and post viral and interesting content.  This content should be in the form of text, images and videos. You may be wondering where you are going to get such content but it’s not so difficult.

Simply do a search on websites that post viral and engaging content on the web, bookmark them and copy their content.

Here is the formula: Copy, rewrite or respin in your own words, post and give credit at the end of the post to the source. You don’t need to break your head over this one.

It doesn’t get tougher than this so just visit sites like Lifehacker, Buzzfeed, Upworthy, Viranova and some others like them to copy and respin hot topics.

You can then boost the very viral ones with Facebook ad to drive tons of traffic to your website.

Also, you can set up Google Trends and other new notification sites on your phone to get the hottest news on your niche as it happens.

Ad Monetization Network

For monetization, you will need a Google Adsense account for starters. Once you have gained experience and started earning some money, you can get registered on other ad publishing networks like Taboola or to further improve your earnings.

Of course, if you are using Google Adsense, you would want to make sure you ads are properly placed on your blog to drive clicks from visitors. The best placements involves placing one rectangular, long ad in your header, a column ad in your side bar, another under your post topic and two within the post itself.

If you have traffic coming in from high CPC countries, the bigger your daily earnings will be. You can use an ad optimization plugin like Advanced Ads on your WordPress dashboard to optimize your ads performance.

If you need a Google Adsense account, contact me to help you get one using this email –


Paid traffic sources

This one is a no-brainer. The best traffic to use for this is Facebook ad promotions.

You need to create a Facebook page related to your blog niche with probably the same name as your blog. On this page, you can post topics from your blog and boost them to reach more people.

Check out your posts that are likely to have very high engagement and boost them to a general audience of people who are likely to respond to your content.

If you are just starting out, Facebook ad requires some practice and experience to get it right. Whether you plan to target only people who are interested in your niche or to target wide, the key thing here is that you need a large volume of traffic.

Personally, I will advise targeting wide in the mean time then monitoring your ad to see how it performs. You will need to try different tweaks before settling on what work best for you.

Since this is viral blogging and our aim is to drive heavy traffic, you need to have a sizable ad budget. As high as $150. This amount will be about $5 daily ad spend to boost your posts.

The technique to use is this, select your top viral=looking, interesting posts and boost them for two days, after the two days, pick another and repeat. Experiment a little bit until you find your own winning strategy.

Means of collecting payment

To collect your payment through Google Adsense and other ad networks, there are usually options for either a direct bank deposit or Paypal. You can integrate your local bank to your Adsense account or set up your PayPal there.

Contact me for a guide on how to set up your fully functional PayPal account to receive international payments.

Payment is usually on the 21st of every month.

Earning income consistently through viral blogging is possible but of course, it requires work on your part to ensure it works for you.

You will need to be consistent and organized with your work ethics to get the best results out of this. As you get more experienced in this, your results will improve especially when you scale up your ad budget to push even more traffic to your blog.

I hope you found this post useful and don’t forget to use the share button after reading.


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