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5 Tips for Cheap Effective Facebook Advertising      

Businesses need effective advertising to make more sales and in turn make more profit. Previously, the emphasis was on radio and TV adverts, newspapers and other media. There was one major problem however; only brands with big advertising budgets could compete favorably.

Today, the tables have turned to a large extent as new media has now made it easy for small and big brands to compete on an equal footing. Facebook advertising is one of the new media dominating the advertising market.

Fortunately, Facebook advertising is cheap but effective especially when set up properly. Even small businesses can now promote their brand to gain a massive reach with ease.

Yet with all these good news, not all businesses are enjoying the beauty of effective Facebook advertising. Some business owners and big brands are yet to benefit from the power of an optimized Facebook advertising.

In this post, I will be discussing the 5 tips for cheap effective Facebook advertising. Read on below and enjoy!


  1. The Image

If there is one thing that needs serious consideration when planning an effective Facebook advertising campaign, it’s the image.

An attractive or unusual image will naturally draw more attention than a run-of-the-mill one.

Let me take that again.

If you look closely, a typical Facebook feed is filled up with so many images and text all competing for your attention….that’s a lot of stuff to click on and check out.

Several other brands have their ads running as well and these ads are also competing for attention like yours. Therefore, if you ad must gain the attention of your intended audience, then you must ensure that your image which is the major part of your ad is super-unusual in an attractive way.

Stock images are great but a lot of people are already using that so the best way to go is for the opposite. You can try out a plain image with a lot spaces or one with less details on it but with a strong focus on your message.

An image like this will be easy on the eyes and draw attention more easily than say a colorful image that flows or blends in with other content on your feed.

Now consider this two images below and ask yourself which looks more interesting:

effective facebook advertising


effective facebook advertising

For you ad to convert effectively, you need an image that draws attention as fast as possible. You can get such pictures on Unsplash and Pixabay then edit them using Canva.

The image size has to be of the right measurement so as to fit perfectly without being out of scale. Color is also an important factor to consider when creating your image. You can go for colors that contrast against Facebook’s traditional white and blue background.


  1. Your Head Line

After your image, the next tip for cheap and effective Facebook advertising is your headline. Your headline is what drives visitors to check out your offer after image.

Your headline emphasizes the message your image is passing across. If you can get a highly-engaging headline that can catch the interest of your audience as fast as possible, then your ad is good.

The best headlines should be short but to the point. In other words, it should explain in its brevity what the ad is all about.

Your headline could mean the difference between an effective ad and a poor one. The more engaging it is to your target audience, the more they are likely to click through.


  1. Your Ad Copy and Call-to-action

Your ad copy can be likened to the final tie-breaker for hesitant visitors who check out your ad. It shouldn’t be long or boring. Usually, a few lines of words will do the job if they are properly optimized for best effects.

It should be convincing and straight-forward using a simple grammar. Most ads make the mistake of over-doing it.

Simple is usually more understandable so keep it so.

In addition, the call-to-action in the ad is also important to be direct with exactly what you need your audience to do. Ambiguity is unnecessary and should be avoided.

Most ads use the LEARN MORE call-to-action while others might use the APPLY NOW or BOOK NOW or even SEND MESSAGE. It’s important to choose a call-to-action element that fits your message accordingly.


  1. Your Audience Targeting

Perhaps, this is one of the major determinant of whether you ad is going to yield targeted leads or not. Your audience targeting should be super-focused it you are serious about not wasting your money.

For your ad to be effective, you simply need to target the right audience. It as simple as that but a lot of business owners don’t get this right and that’s where their problem starts.

The most common and effective tip for Facebook ad targeting still remains Interest targeting especially while starting out. You need to pick out common interests that your audience have in common.

Once you have run your first campaign, you can further reduce your ad cost and increase your targeting simultaneously by using the Custom audience and Lookalike audience feature of Facebook.

To set up your Custom audience, all you need to do is to scroll to your Create Custom audience column on your Ad Set dashboard. The Custom Audience is made up people whom you have targeted before on your previous campaigns.

You can also get your Custom Audience from your Email list if you have one, your Website visitors if you have a Facebook Pixel installed on your website or any other list you already have.

For the Look-alike audience feature, you create it by targeting people who are related to the audience you promoted to in the past. The Lookalike audience is a key feature of effective Facebook advertising that increases your targeting at a lower cost.

It should be considered as much as possible for best results when running a campaign.


  1. Plan your budget with your objective in mind

Facebook advertising can be expensive and unproductive if you don’t know how to go about it. However, with these tips for effective Facebook advertising, it should be less expensive and more effective in terms of budget and objective.

Your budget should be at least $5 while starting out, anything less might now yield best results. You also need to consider the objective of the ad and plan your budget to that effect.

Are you interested in post engagement, generating leads, website clicks, app downloads or website purchases?

You need to have an objective which you plan to achieve in mind before spending those precious funds on advertising. Once you have got this part figured out, you can simply tweak around and adjust the budget and other variables for best results.

The beauty of cheap Facebook advertising is that you can also run Split-testing to try out several similar ads to see which works best at a lower cost. The Split-testing feature of Facebook advertising can really make a great difference between wasting money and putting it to good use.

With this feature, you can tell which ads work best and what makes it work in comparison to the other ads in the Ad Set.



Have you been running expensive Facebook adverts? You can make it cheaper and even more effective by following the tips listed above. Here are the run-down of the fastest tips again:

– Image (type, size, color contrast, relevance)

– Headline and body

– Call-to-action and Objective

– Custom audience/Lookalike audience

– Split testing to see what works best.

Facebook advertising can be a source of very effective, cheap advertising for business owners. If you have heard about Facebook advertising and plan to use it to best use. You will find this post quite useful for your business.

I hope you found this post useful. Don’t forget to share after your read as someone out there might need to learn or relearn this. If you have a comment or questions on Facebook advertising for business, ask in the comments and I will respond as soon as possible.




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