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Here’s Why Your Business Will Benefit from Having a Website

The saying ‘the world has become a global village’ is truly cliched now but yet it remains true. With a touch of a button, information can easily be spread to hundreds of thousands of people in a few seconds. The information age is more exciting than ever…what a time to be alive!

Big corporations and businesses have realized the power in leveraging on this information mobility. Traditional marketing methods are being replaced by the advent of social media and content marketing websites – both methods are cheap and even more efficient than traditional marketing methods.

This means that any business that wants exponential growth ought to have a website. Fortunately, getting a website set up for your business doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. All you need to do is to decide on a relevant name for your website (also called a domain name), a hosting account to host the website and a web designer or developer to set up the website.

There are several benefits that comes with having a website for your business, but for the sake of simplicity and brevity, I am going to highlight 5 top reasons why you need to get your business a website.

Below are some reasons why your business needs a website:


1.) Brand awareness and exposure

Millions of people are now internet-enabled, thanks to smart phones and
tabs…having a website means you can easily reach across to a percentage
of these people. It gives your business the ability to be accessible from
any part of the world and reduces the limitations of geography and a
physical address. You can get more individuals to get to know your business better this way especially when you employ certain niche targeted techniques. Your business having a website on the internet means you can be contacted from any part of the globe. Your services will be on display right on your site and it does the job of marketing as well. As a matter of fact, a website for a business is like a shop situated on the internet where physical prospects are replaced by online prospects.

2.) Cheap but super-effective advertising

Compared to the cost and efficacy of traditional advertising methods,
owning a website is inexpensive and more effective in advertising. Your
site is permanently on the internet with your goods and services on display in detail for the world to see. There is no need to rely on expensive radio and TV commercials to draw in prospects. Your website can easily leverage on social media and targeted traffic sources which gives your business huge leads with more potentials of conversion. Your prospects can easily contact you at their convenience through your website. All you will need is get a domain name, get web hosting, get targeted traffic sources, display relevant content on the site and drive your traffic through the site and you are good to go.

3.) Saves money, time and always available

Time is money, money is time…I’m sure you have come across that
statement before. Let’s say your business website is up and running, 24/7,
365 days a year…you will not have to waste precious time responding to
queries and phone calls all the time. Why? Because everything they need
know is clearly outlined on your site. You will only have to point them to
check for more information and that’s it. Time and effort saved. Remember a website for your business is like an online version of your physical shop or office. The advantage however, is that it is always open and your services can be checked out by prospects at any given time without inconvenience to either party. You save time wasted, you save money on unnecessary adverts. A win -win.

4.) Builds customer loyalty and offers convenience

When your business as a website on the internet, it is like saying, ‘we
are good and very confident in what we do, so here we are showing it to the whole world’. It makes your business have more credibility, this makes potential clients able to trust you more because of the exposure you have given your business. Surely, you won’t be up to something funny and expose your business that way. It gives a personal feel to your business.

It also offers them convenience to be able to access your services at
any given time. Say, during weekends, they won’t have to wait till Monday
morning to visit your office or call your office line. This convenience of
access is really an advantage most businesses fail to realize.

5.) Establishes you as an authority in that field

When your business has a website, it establishes you as authority in
that niche. You are an expert in providing solutions and services to people
who need them. They are more likely to believe you and patronize you when they perceive you to be a professional in that niche. Your website will usually have a lot of detailed information on what it is you do and this
gives you an edge over your competitors who do not have a website.

There are several other reasons your business needs a website to grow
further, however, I believe this 5 are top reasons you should go
for a website.

You will need a web-hosting and a domain name and of course, get a web
designer to make it come alive. There are also several tips you might need
to get it really optimized.

In my next write-ups, I will be discussing how you can get the best website set up for you and how to get online visibility after that.

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