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How Social Media Might Determine the Growth of Your Business

Social media has changed the nature of marketing…whether you agree or not.

This is a platform that offers cheap advertising that virally engages prospects in minutes and has a massive reach when compared to traditional advertising methods.

New avenues that didn’t exist previously became available for marketers who have been long suffering the hassle-filled advertising channels in existence.

At the touch of a finger, content can be shared all over the world at the speed of light.

Any business that doesn’t have a social media account is already far behind and likely unaware of all they’re losing.

Almost everybody is on social media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc. Connecting to a lot of people is only a fingertip away and companies who know their onions are already leveraging on this to boost their business in several ways.

There several reasons your business will benefit from social media marketing, check them below:

  • Cheap but effective engagement

For me, this is number one – engagement means being in communication with leads who turn to prospects and finally customers.

When done positively using social media, it leads to improved reputation of your business as it allows the business and is clients to interact freely using social media as a platform.

The social media account becomes a person and represents the business and can respond to enquiries from customers.

For example, if you tweet a complaint or commendation to Peak Milk twitter account, they must respond to your tweet.

This helps in building trust and showing your customers, both potential and existing that your business is in touch with them.


  • Traffic

The traffic found on social media is huge resource of potential sales waiting to be converted. Every smart business owner ought to tap into this flow.

It is even better when you have a website where you can drive this traffic to. Your website works hand in hand with your social media accounts.

Your social media creates the awareness and engages them then sends this traffic to your site where your services are checked out.

This is very cheap advertising that is also highly effective; imagine using a tool like a well-targeted Facebook ad campaign to promote your business, the results will be nothing but positive.


  • Branding/personality

Social media helps give your business a personality.

I will call this personality your business brand. What comes into people’s minds when they come across your business?

What kind of impression does your business leave on prospects and customers? Friendly, high quality, cheap, exploitative?

Social media can help correct any negative trends or enhance positive trends from engagement with customers.


  • Search Engine Optimization

Social media has become more active than ever in promoting SEO for businesses online.

Most of these platforms are being integrated with every coming update of search engines and this makes them work in tandem.

Your site will rank better in SEO if it has social media accounts because this affects the visibility of your business online.

Some of these social media platforms are search engines on their own and can do a significant job of increasing your online presence.


  • Coverage/Mobility

A lot of individuals are on mobile devices now, on the go – these people are also on social media.

What is the implication of this?

Your content can reach a large number of people through your social media account 24/7.

Social media gives you the reach, it gives you the coverage, gives you the mobility to engage mobile users who have the most likely chance of coming across your content.

Social media gives your business the necessary awareness.

Most internet activity is done through mobile devices because of the portability and this should be taken into perspective.


I hope this information has been useful, kindly leave comments, suggestions or enquiries as the case may be and I will respond to all.



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