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How You Can Grow Your Blog with Content Marketing

There is a popular cliché that is quite popular in content marketing and website traffic generation circles.  It says ‘content is king and traffic is the general’, what this simply means is that the type of content you have has a strong influence on how fast you can grow your blog. When you add quality traffic to it, you get a BOOM. If you plan to learn how you can grow your blog, then this post is for you.

Content marketing simply refers to an aspect of marketing where you give free but valuable information to your target audience on a regular basis TO EDUCATE, ENGAGE and BUILD A RELATIONSHIP with them so as to increase their perceived authority of you as an expert and brand to come to for services.

The kind of content you create should be of very good value and contain information which your audience might not be able to get easily anywhere else. If this is the case, they will keep coming back to you for services. As a blogger or website owner, you need to keep your audience engaged and one of the ways of doing this is to learn how you can grow your blog using content marketing.

As an online entrepreneur and digital marketing consultant that has been in the online business field for quite some time, I will suggest you do the following to master how you can grow your blog quickly using content marketing.


  • Research to Find Your Ideal Audience

A very important aspect of content creation is knowing who your ideal audience is and where you can find them. You can’t afford to make the mistake of creating random content as without having a niche you are focused on. Unless you are blogging on entertainment or maybe news, you need to have a niche your content will be focused on.

Once you know who your ideal audience is, the next thing to do is to find out where they are.

For example, you want to have a blog on football; your ideal audience will be football lover and fans, not movie fans.

In this case, your content will be related to football and footballers and not any sports for that matter. If you hope to master how you can grow your blog using content marketing, knowing your audience is very important.


  • Create interesting and engaging content on topics in your niche or around the problems that your audience is facing.

If you can create very interesting, valuable and educative topics in your niche, you will increase your chances of connecting with audience more. Remember that your audience is interested in this niche and will benefit from topics that solve their problems.

Your blog will become their go-to place for solutions when they have problems if you can consistently create informative posts that thrash these problems thoroughly and effectively. People always connect better with content that are interesting and engaging and putting out such content can be very useful in learning how to grow your blog.


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  • Use a Lead Magnet to Build an E-mail list You Will Send Newsletters To from your Blog Posts

To grow your blog’s reach and influence even further, you will need an Email list. An E-mail list is a database of contacts also called subscribers who have signed up to receive your newsletters.

This is how it works – you create a FREE product AKA Lead Magnet which you offer as a giveaway to visitors on your website. This free offer is displayed using an opt-in form showing a name and email sign-up form and is integrated to an automated mail marketing platform that collates subscribers’ emails and delivers the FREE OFFER as a reply.

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Your Lead Magnet or FREE offer should be in the form of a video or E-book guide that has value your audience will need.  Once you have their emails in your list, you can start sending them your blog post links using newsletters as soon as you create a new post.


  • Participate in Relevant Forums and Blogs as a Contributor with a Back-link to your Blog

Learning how you can grow your blog using content marketing is basically about strategy. You have to offer valuable content on platforms that have a lot of traffic. One of such platforms are public forums related to your niche or being a contributor on other people’s websites or blogs.

Forums like Nairaland and Quora are very good examples of such platforms. You can join as a member and contribute in discussions by offering solutions and dropping information that is useful while linking back to your blog as your platform of operation.

This will give your blog more visibility and expose you to your audience as an expert and authority in your field.


  • Run Paid Promotions using Facebook Ads to Increase Your Visibility

Traffic is what determines whether you will make any income on your blog after having good quality content. If you don’t have a decent traffic of visitors who come to your website on a daily basis to check out your stuff regularly, you will neither grow your blog nor make income from it.

The fastest way to build massive traffic to your blog is by using a paid means of promotion. Google ads, Facebook ads and more recently Instagram ads are super-effective ways of driving massive, targeted to your blog.

You can have a budget of about $3-5 a day when starting out and subsequently increase it when you start earning more income.

Alternatively, if you can’t afford paid promotion, you can post on large social media groups, forums and websites to draw people to visit your website. This method is slower when using it as a means of promoting your blog but who knows, if you are consistent and dedicated you effort might just pay off.


  • Build your social media following by consistently posting content related to your niche

If you just starting out on how you can grow your blog to become an authority site, you gain a lot visibility and reach by building a large following on social media. You can create accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google plus and LinkedIn to post relevant, valuable content out there.

You will have to do this consistently with a call-to-action for your audience to like, re-post, share and invite their friends. If your content adds value and is relevant to your audience, with time your blog will gain authority and more people will engage with it without regular promotions from you like when you started out.


  • Do Guestposts for Other Bloggers in Your Niche

An effective strategy that can help you grow your blog authority and visibility is Guest Posting. It involves creating and posting content on other websites with the permission of the website owner. It is a simple yet effective means of promoting your blog.

Different bloggers can use this means to exchange guest posting services among themselves to enhance their blog’s domain authority and back-linking. Blogs with higher domain authority will definitely rank higher in search engines than those that have low ones.

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In my experience, growing your blog authority will be quick if you can follow through with this content marketing strategy. It is proven and very effective to work when implemented properly.

Hope you learnt something new? If you have any comments or questions, kindly drop them in the comment section below.

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