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How You Can Monetize Your Email List

If you are familiar with online business terms, you would have heard the phrase “the money is in the list”. The question however is, what is a list? Once you figure this out, the next thing is to find out how you can monetize your email list.

A list is simply a collection of emails or other contact details of your audience or subscribers.

It is usually targeted.

That is to say, it is usually built from an audience who are interested in your products or services. People whom you send emails and newsletters about what you do are the ones that make up your list.

To manage your email list, you need an email marketing tool like Getresponse, MailChimp or Aweber etc.

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Any one of these tools helps you send automated mails to your list as well as manage their contacts effectively in your marketing campaigns.

To monetize your list means to make money from your email list.

You need to sell them your product or service in exchange for monetary payment from time to time if you truly want to monetize your list.

Sounds easy, right?

In a moment

Before you can make money from your list, you must have built a relationship with your list so that they can see you both as an authority in that field and as someone credible.

It’s called building your know, like and trust factor.

To do this, you have to give and add value freely to make them see that you truly care and not just interested in pitching a product idea.

There are certain ways you can give value like the following:

  • You can offer discounts of your product
  • You can offer completely FREE and VALUABLE content in a series of newsletters using your e-mail autoresponder tool like MailChimp or Getresponse
  • You can give away tools and hacks or offer to solve problems faced by your email subscribers via a mail campaign series
  • You can sell advert spaces to your list to promote their products and services
  • You can sell affiliate marketing products to your list if the products relates or caters to what they do


Of course, you don’t have to make it seem like your main interest is to sell.

You can only offer a product to them to buy when you have built a relationship with your audience and they have come to see you as a free giver who offers value consistently and selflessly.

This is important.

Warm up your audience first before offering them a product to buy.

The next time you have a paid offer and you push their buttons and market properly

Let’s say you don’t have an e-mail list but you want to build one.

You can get it done by offering a FREE content integrated to a squeeze page whereby your audience has to access the FREE content only if they enter their e-mail contact.

This is the most common way of getting email subscribers to build your list.

The content you are offering has to be VALUABLE to your audience so as to trigger them to enter their e-mail to have access to it.

You can set up your FREE Content or Lead Magnet on your website so that visitors who come across it will opt into your list from there.

Your traffic sources could either be from social media advertising like Facebook or from Search Engines.

As soon as a visitor arrives at your website, their next port of call is your Lead Magnet (FREE and Valuable Gift), they will have to sign in to access it.

Once you have these subscribers, your e-mail marketing tool will come to good use to build a level of trust between you and them when you keep giving them value through quality content.

Content could be in form of newsletters, blog posts and links, free tools, videos etc.

You can pitch a product at them once you first highlight a problem that your offer can solve then pitch your offer to them.

If you have a targeted list of 2,000 subscribers and you pitch your product of say $10 and just 50 people buy this product out of the 2,000.

You would have made $500 in that campaign.

Now imagine the product cost higher than $10 and you have a bigger list plus a more effective sales pitch strategy, you will be making good money on demand.

What do you think?

Does this sound like something you would love to give a shot?

Let’s see your comments or inquiries below.

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