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How to Increase Blog Income Using Adsense

As a blogger who is interested in making money from your blogging efforts, your top concern should be learning and mastering how to increase blog income using Adsense. You need to understand that there are certain dynamics involved when it comes to earning more money via Adsense.

Factors like having a high eCPM, having a higher CPC or cost per click and sensible traffic all tie together to determine the amount of income your blog is going to be making monthly.

If you really need to make money via Adsense, this article is for you as you are going to learn a few tweaks you can apply right away to increase blog income using Adsense.

What a lot of bloggers don’t know is that they need to focus more on CPC before thinking of CTR. A blog that has a high CPC but minimal or average traffic can be on par or even better than one that has a high CTR but low CPC.

You may be asking what CPC and CTR are – CPC is the cost per click of your blog. It also means the cost of each click on an ad on your blog. The CTR is the Click through Rate of your blog and has to do with traffic, the number of people who visit your blog and impressions made.

To increase blog income using Adsense, ensure that your blog fulfills the following parameters:


  • Focus on a Hot Niche from the Beginning

The niche your blog is on is going to determine the kind of ads that are shown on it. The CPC of your ads are determined by the type of topics your blog content is on. Certain niches pay far better than others and as a blogger, it is up to you to focus on a niche with high CPC.

Niches in Internet software, Tech devices and equipment, Make money online, Digital solutions, Cars, Health, Insurance, Real estate, Scholarships, Jobs, Entertainment and Dating are all have good CPC with Internet Software having the highest and dating the least.

So in essence, the quality of CPC you get is dependent on your choice. Let your niche be one that has high CPC potential.

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  • The Blog Content

How engaging and valuable is your content? If you really hope to increase blog income using Adsense, it is important that you create content that solves problems in your niche. This is the type of content that will resonate and connect with your audience more than ever.

Your content should also contain long-tail keywords preferably so you will have low keyword competition. This will help you rank better on search engines so when people interested in content like yours browse the internet, they can come across your content easily.

Having value-packed content will also help you connect and engage with your readers better to turn them into a loyal audience, eager to hear from you.


  • Adsense Ad Format

You need to do this right for you to increase blog income using Adsense. Certain ad formats have better CTR and CPC while others have lower ones. Each of your blog pages needs 3 ad placements at least and their sizes should be 336 X 280 and 468 X 60. Format should be text as they have higher engagement with better CPC and CTR.

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  • Country or Traffic

The worth of your website click is dependent on the country it is coming from. If your traffic is from the US, UK or other Western countries, expect to have a higher CPC. These countries have higher CPC and you will earn better Adsense revenue if you have your traffic coming from there.

One way you can get traffic from these countries is by using Facebook ad targeting which can be highly focused. Once you do this properly, you can expect to see an increase in your blog earnings via Adsense.


  • Enable Ad Blocking Feature

Remember that the type of ads you have on your website is going to determine your CPC. Therefore, it is important that your check out the Ad Blocking feature of your Adsense account to know which ads deserve to be blocked.

Your objective for having ads on your blog is to increase blog income using Adsense so it is important your check to see which ads are performing well and which aren’t.

On your Adsense dashboard, scroll to Allow Block Ads then check the niche of the ads showing on your blog and how much they are earning. Ads from irrelevant niches or ads that are not earning enough income can be blocked to increase your Adsense CPC.

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  • Ad Placement

A great way to increase blog income using Adsense is to set your ad placements perfectly. You can do this by ensuring you place at least 3 ads on your blog page. One should be outside the blog post, two other ads should be inside the blog post.

Don’t forget that you want these ads to be clicked on and for that to happen, you need to place them where they will be most visible to attract your blog visitors. As stated above, the best ad sizes are 336 X 280 and 468 X 60.


  • Responsiveness of Your Blog

A blog or website is said to be responsive when it adjusts to fit appropriately on the screen of any device from which it is viewed from. Your Adsense income will be higher if your blog or website is responsive because it will be easy to be shown to different viewers irrespective of the device used.

Some blogs that aren’t responsive don’t show ads when viewed on a mobile phone and this can lead to a loss in potential Adsense income.

A solution to this is to use a responsive, premium theme from the onset to design your blog. Alternatively, if you already have a blog, you can search for WordPress plugins that have responsiveness functionality to make your blog mobile responsive.

To increase blog income using Adsense isn’t rocket science, you have to try a combination of all these tips together. While you experiment, you will find the right blend of tips that will benefit your blog the most.

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