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Information Marketing – Learn How You Can Earn Money Selling Information

Information marketing, simply means selling information.

However, this information must be valuable and relevant and must be targeted at those who are hungry for it.

What does this mean? You must market this information to people who have need for it….simple!

Once this is done and your marketing strategy is right…..I see no reason why you won’t make a sale or sales.

It appears quite easy, right?

It actually is though a lot of people make it out to be something complex. The catch here is that whatever information you have decided to market must be something that truly works.

The survival of your information marketing career may depend on your reliability and credibility.

Information marketing is a business model that will remain evergreen forever.

People are in different types and levels of need and pain.

What if you could provide a solution that works to these people that need it. Will they patronize you?

You know the answer to that.

Below are some steps on how you can kick-start your information marketing business.


Research, search and research

Yes, research, search and research what is trending currently.

Check social media, join forums and go through the question and answer sections, check online generally on what people are currently interested in.

In my opinion, there are three markets where the hunger for solutions will never end – wealth, health and heart.

I mean ‘make money’, health and fitness, and relationship niches.

These three encompasses the myriad of problems most people are looking for a solution for.

If you can get people in this niche and provide them a solution that really works, you make money.

Valuable information in exchange for cash…..end of discussion.


Create a valuable and effective solution

Now you have a target market and you know what they want.

Next is to get a solution you that actually solves this challenge. How do you get a solution?

You research and find it or you buy it then test it out to make sure it really works.

If it’s a product you can’t test for some reason, make sure you check for online reviews from people who have used it before.

The thing is most people are too lazy to search for solutions themselves….

Some of these information can be found online. Google is your friend but procrastination and laziness will not allow a lot of folks help themselves.

Well, it’s to your benefit if you can provide this reliable and effective solution.

Your solution could come in the form of an ebook, video, seminar or any other product.

Market this solution to the right audience

You have a target market who have a challenge, you have a solution for this challenge……now you only have to introduce this solution to your target market and you are good to go.

There are several ways you can do this. You can use the following methods:

  • Post your offer in groups and forums where your target market congregate and hope for the best, this may not be so effective unless you have built some sort of engagement with them previously.
  • Buy a targeted email list and use email marketing to market your offer to them
  • Use targeted FB ad marketing which links to a landing page to gather their emails then presell to them using email marketing before marketing your product.  To make this even more successful, you might add a lure also known as a freebie to attract them to click on your FB Ad and subsequently exchange their email for your free offer.

I personally advocate this last option, you will spend some funds on Facebook Ads but it is bound to pay off more than the other two if done right. You will have their emails and can sell other information materials later on if there is need for it.


Basically, this is what information marketing is about and if you follow these steps even as simple as they seem, you would have gotten started.

I hope you find the information I have shared useful, if there are questions or inquiries, don’t fail to reach out to me.

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Kalu is a digital marketing strategist and online business consultant. With years of experience studying the internet marketing space, he is an authority on how best to leverage on digital tools for business growth and development.

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