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Interested in Affiliate Marketing? Check Out These 5 Platforms

Affiliate Marketing still remains one of the easiest online income models to go into. Low capital needed but has a realizable potential for huge income. As soon as you register under an affiliate platform, pick a product to promote then find a favorable means of promotion to send traffic to your affiliate products.

You earn commission on each sale of the products;the more you sell, the more you earn. I have compiled a list of wonderful affiliate platforms you can join today and start promoting their products to earn good commissions.

Check out these 5 best affiliate marketing platforms you can join today.


This is probably one of the most popular affiliate platforms in existence. Clickbank is a secured and very rewarding platform where affiliates can make good commissions selling their products. One of their many advantages is that their marketplace offers a wide variety of products from almost any niche you can think of. Their payment system is through Paypal which is awesome.

The only disadvantage is with Clickbank is that they don’t allow registrations from Nigeria for reasons best known to them. However, there are other great affiliate platforms to join still.

To join Clickbank, click HERE and get registered quickly.

Another amazing affiliate platform that rewards affiliates very well.JV Zoo is mostly focused on make money online products and softwares though they also have products from other niches as well. They have a well-planned support system and last time I checked, they allow registrations from Nigeria. The registration process is quite easy too.

You can get registered right away and start promoting amazing products without any hitches. Click HERE to get registered on JV ZOO.


Max Bounty combines affiliate marketing and CPA marketing and intending afiliates are usually confirmed through a phone interview before complete registration. The process isn’t as tedious as it sounds though not as simple as that of JV Zoo.
Commissions are great here as well and product range is quite diverse. Nigerians can easily register on this platform.


Warrior Plus is a very rewarding affiliate marketing platform and has an easy registration process like JV Zoo. Payment of commissions is by Paypal and they have a wide range of products available for promotion. WarriorPlus is an amazing platform offering wonderful products. The registration process is easy and user-friendly.

You can get registered right away by visiting this link HERE.


One of the best affiliate platforms solely focused on the health niche especially sexual health and anti-aging products. They have an amazing registration process and offer very juicy commissions. Registration process might require sending a mail to an admin to manually confirm your registration if there is a delay. They offer so many different health products and payment is through Paypal as well.

Would you love to promote products from Sellhealth? Click HERE now!

So there you have it. These 5 affiliate marketing platforms are top-notch and if you choose to go with any one or several of them, you will get quality support and partnership.

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