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Is Too Much Information a Problem Today?

In a field such as ours – online business, you will find out that there are a whole lot of different ways to monetize the internet and this has led to information overload.

This has led to a super-flooding of our senses and person with so many different information all pointing to one thing – making money.

You find yourself confused and considering several options on the path to toe in your money making journey.

This challenge is known as INFORMATION OVERLOAD.

It affects even the best of us and without guidance, it can do more harm than good as is mostly the case.

It hampers your growth, slows you down with so much unnecessary baggage and helps you spread your scarce resources too thin.

Now consider this:

There is information marketing and consulting, affiliate marketing, blogging, freelancing, e-commerce and so many others…..

How do you know the one that will suit you best?

You can do this by picking the one that interests you most. In fact, you may never be able to know which is best till you pick one or two and follow through.

You just have to trust the process and adapt to failing and learning while being guided by someone who is grounded in the business. That’s the only way to succeed.

If you can get a mentor or coach, so much better.

Information overload has led to a syndrome called The SHINY OBJECT SYNDROME.

This is when you see yourself jumping from one money-making ‘business’ to another without following through with the one you are currently on.

At the end of the day, you will find out that you have nothing to show for it because your resources are spread out too thinly to be effective.

There will always be an abundance of information available. What makes the difference is your ability to single out that which you have interest in and focus all your resources and interest in to make it work for you.


There are no LEGITIMATE GET-RICH-QUICK money schemes anywhere. You have to focus and put in the work.

Sometimes I see people who learn a skill or buy a course ask, “Like how much will I make in the next 1 week?”

I just laugh when I hear this, money is a motivation, yes but mastering what ever you want to offer and how to offer it should be primary first.

To do that you need to focus on that one thing.

In the end, when such people don’t make money as fast as they expected, you see them jumping to the next shiny object and bashing gurus (both fake and real).

Information is everywhere……even free information that will make you money. Most of what I know were learnt FREE but it wasn’t easy figuring them out.

What I usually advice is this, learn one or two business models at most…commit every resource you have to make it work. Only when you have done this should you think of jumping into another thing.

The only caveat here is when you have done everything possible and for some reason, your village people have refused to leave you alone. Only then should you abandon ship and move to something else……with a vetted coach, of course.

For me, I focus on Authority Blogging, Affiliate Marketing and Mini-importation. I keep every other online business model as secondary to optimize my resources.

So tell me, what you focus your resources on to make money and how you fight information overload in the comments.

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Kalu is a digital marketing strategist and online business consultant. With years of experience studying the internet marketing space, he is an authority on how best to leverage on digital tools for business growth and development.

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