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Make Money in Information Marketing

The first time I came across information marketing as a means of making money on the internet was in 2007. I had just read in a newspaper how a 17 year old made his first million doing this. To say I was intrigued is an understatement, I was determined to make money in information marketing as well.

I researched and gobbled up everything I needed to know and finally created an information product. For promotion, I used forum posting and commenting and ended up selling a few copies and that was it.

I didn’t fail but I didn’t have much success either but I learnt from the experience. It was clear to me at that point that the market was hungry and there a was huge potential to make money in information marketing.

The new plan I formed was to improve my processes by building a list of hungry buyers first then offer them the product. Well, that was the plan and it would have worked but something else happened. I got into paid employment and forgot all about entrepreneurship.

Today, the job is no more and I am back to building my own business and guess what.

Information marketing still rocks. There are tons of information out there that certain clusters of people are dying to get their hands on. If this information can be gotten across to them, a good number of them won’t mind paying to have it.

To make money in information marketing involves a few basic steps that revolves around product creation and packaging.

Information marketing simply means finding valuable but scarce information needed by a select group of audience and providing it to them at a price. Marketing information means you have to package it into an information or digital product before presenting it for sale.

It can be in different formats – text or doc file, E-book PDF, video course, member website or a webinar.

The best information products today are those that can be considered as visual and instructional. Examples include video courses, membership sites and webinars.

This type of information or digital products are more easily assimilated by the audience making it a better alternative than E-book. You may not have noticed but the reading culture is fast depreciating and a lot more people are losing patience with reading.

At this point, you may be asking how do you create an information product that can make you money.

The answer lies in researching and looking out for what people are currently in need of. Some topics are evergreen, in that there is always a need for it by almost everybody. This type of topic is controlled by a human base desire; examples include topics on making money, dating, marriage, sex, health, etc.

Fortunately, these niches are also filled with a lot of challenges that a lot of people need solutions to. Once you provide the needed information to the target audience, all things being equal, they will buy from you.

Below is a step by step guide on how you can make money in information marketing easily even if you are a newbie.

– Find a niche market

– Identify which format of information product will work best

– Create the information product

– Build an email list of targeted audience

– Pitch your product and make money in information marketing

Now let’s add flesh to these steps to make them more easily comprehensible for everyone.


Find a Niche Market

The first thing to do to make money in information marketing is to research and locate who and where your audience is.  You need to look out for what the current trends are and ask yourself who you are creating this product for.

Find out your niche market – is it overweight people, people with eye problem, people with diabetes, or the unemployed? Where can this category of people be found? You might have to check out forums on the internet, social media groups and Google trends.

Popular forums are full of topics so consider those with lots of engagement to be worthy of creating an information product on.

Alternatively, start with a niche you have an interest because it might help you locate your target market of like minds more easily too.

The health, wealth and make money niche are heavily crowded and it won’t a fly if you jump in for a slice of the cake.


Identify which format of information product will work best

After finding your niche market and identifying your target market, the next step is deciding on a product format.

Will your product be better as an E-book, video course, training via a membership site or served in a webinar? Your decision depends on the type of information product you are selling and whom you are selling to.

Personally, I feel video courses are better because they show your audience in greater detail how to learn what you are teaching.

If it’s a simple instructional course, you can create it as a pdf and get a beautiful e-cover for it. You can visit to design a beautiful e-cover free.

For membership websites, you may need to get a web designer to set up a website for you using WordPress. A premium membership website theme and plugins will be necessary to secure access to the site for only paid members only.

For video courses, you can create a video tutorial using Camtasia Studio or Screencast o’matic to record your screen.

Create the Information Product

Once you have decided on a format to follow, it is time to make money in information marketing. Go ahead to do your research on the information then create your product using your format of choice.

If you can help it, make your information product as professional-looking as possible. Packaging is key in the information marketing business if you really want to succeed.

Build an email list of targeted audience

Now you have your information product ready, the next step is to build the audience you plan to market to. To do this, you need one of the following:

– Facebook or Whatsapp Group

– Email List

– Facebook Messenger Bot

You will require traffic from a targeted source and my suggestion is to run a Facebook ad offering either product or something of value related to it as a giveaway. If your Facebook promotion is targeted at the right audience, you should be able to get signups into your offer.

At this point, you will use E-mail marketing to market your product to your new list. The best way to market is to show them why they need your product and the benefits they stand to gain by buying it.

In addition, you can also offer incentives and bonuses like free software, membership to your Facebook groups, free access of information from you directly etc.

Such enticements will serve to persuade your audience to buy your offer. You can also implement several marketing techniques to compel them further to take action.

Use deadlines, heighten the sense of lost opportunity, inflate the benefits to drive sales. You want to make money in information marketing right?

As long as your product is legit, market the hell out of your product and see results pour in.

Pitch your product and make money in information marketing

Continue to pitch and promote your product on social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Use your timeline and also post in Facebook Groups for this purpose. Keep running your paid promotions too to reach a bigger audience.

On your email marketing platform, offer valuable tips and guides for free on some days then alternate it with heavy pitching of your information product.

As you gain authority and visibility, your next campaign around will be easier as your audience will buy into your offers more easily.


To make money in information marketing requires creating a product from what you are very good at. Or creating a product from a NEED a lot of people have.

You will have to do some research before deciding on a niche to go for. Also, product format is important. People respond more to video content than text content so if you can create video courses or webinars, you will experience more engagement.

Video courses also command more premium pricing because of its level of detail. In addition, when creating a product, ensure that it looks as professional as possible.

Information marketing will continue to thrive as a successful online business model as long as man has needs. The quest to find solutions for these needs provides an opportunity for the savvy internet entrepreneur to make money marketing this information.

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