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Discover how you can make 10 times your current salary just 3 months into 2020. 

 Online Business Success Masterclass

Discover how this malaria dream income can be possible...

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You've made enough money in 5 months tops to change the car you've been using for the past 2 years.

Your parent's rent is no longer a problem as you make more than enough to handle yours and theirs. In fact, you'll soon start considering building yours.

No more school fees drive for your kids as you're making really good money and will do so into the foreseeable future.

You finally have enough money to buy that land you've been admiring from afar. You've made enough to invest into that idea you've been dreaming of for so long.

It's month end, and you just remembered you made your salary many times.


This is not a malaria-induced dream. All these are possible when you've decided to take action by starting something really rewarding.

Some mistakes of 2019 must not repeat itself in 2020.

On the 31st of January, 2020, my good friend Nick and I are going to be showing you how you can rise above perpetual lack of cash and build yourself to an INCOME-GENERATING MACHINE.

⦁ The business of Freelancing - Make millions selling services on the internet
⦁ The business of Ecommerce Merchandising - Make millions selling products on the internet

You are going to be learning from the experience and expertise of two successful young men who have mastered their craft and will be showing you how to do the same. It doesn't matter what you currently do.

Whether you believe this or not is left for you. My own is to show the way to people who have decided that 2020 won't be the same for them.


Spots will definitely fill up fast on this offer because January is a hard time when people are in need to get their started. The early you make up your mind to improve your life, the earlier you will see results.

Are you going to take this chance?

We have never done something like this before so we plan to give it our all to make sure there are enough success stories. Personally, I have gained a lot of personal success running these businesses since 2016. I have trained people who went on to become successful but only via my video courses so this is the first live physical event.


It is my firm belief that everyone should have an online-based business....not only does it give you time freedom, it's also highly scalable. Meaning there is no limit to how much you can earn, all things being equal.

If you have failed before attempting to monetize an online business, you can rest assured that the story will be different this time. I am damn certain about that.



I'm not one to toot my own horn too much but just check out some of these income and feedback screenshots. It is not rocket science, the processes are tested and proven and anyone can get the same results when they apply them.


6+ Hours of Online Business Training and Mindset Resetting in LAGOS.

For Freelancing (your audience will be global):

  • High income skills/services you can make 6 figures from
  • How to position yourself as an expert even if you're just getting started
  • Where to find customers who need these skills
  • How to position yourself to win offers/contracts
  • How to close deals and sell more of your services
  • How to withdraw your foreign currency earnings to Nigeria
  • Access to a private Whatsapp mentorship group
  • 30 minutes phone call support
  • Access to video tutorials, and other resources


For Ecommerce Merchandising:

  • Introduction to the potential in Ecommerce
  • Best category of products
  • Product types to avoid
  • List of hot products that sell without fail
  • Pricing strategy for maximum profit
  • Types of selling structure for fast sales of your products
  • Where to get customers
  • Best Facebook advertising tips to push big sales
  • Contact list of delivery agents nationwide
  • Video tutorial course
  • Hot product guide + resource files
  • Facebook group support
  • 30 minutes phone call support


As you can see, we are out to give you the best props for 2020 domination. What you see above is the millionaire-maker formula. I can't begin to count the number of Nigerians who have gained financial freedom starting from these two business models.

Heck, this is mostly what I have been doing since can too and we will show you how starting from the 31st of January, 2020.

So how much do you think we should charge for a training of this calibre?

Normally, money-making secrets are closely-guarded if you've noticed. Nobody will reveal them for a token especially if it's something that truly works. Yet, here we are about to reveal them.


We have made enough and will continue making more. Sharing our knowledge will not stop us from making more money. This is my personal mindset. Your hustle can NEVER block my own. We are out here trying to make impact in the lives of the people and a NAME for ourselves.

The plan is not just to make money but to make IMPACT AND GROW INFLUENCE TOO.

That's the WHY.

So how much do you think we should charge?


Considering the value of these 2 courses out together, it should be around that figure.

You will probably make this amount in 2 weeks tops, once you begin. (if you're serious)

Ah, it's worth far more than're getting two MILLIONAIRE-MAKER business trainings in one seating.


For a limited time or until the whole 50 slots are taken up, we will reveal every strand of truth and secret required to turn you into an INCOME MACHINE through this training for ONLY...

Wait for it...


NOW N20,000 ONLY

For the first 15 person who register for this training...

Yes, you're seeing well. That's less than $100 to learn 2 MILLIONAIRE-MAKER businesses.

This price will go up to N35,000 once we have filled up the first 15 slots and all we need for this training is 50 persons and after that this offer is gone TILL ONLY GOD KNOWS.

Spots are filling up quickly because the way Nigeria is today, people need help because nothing is working. The only help you can give yourself is to make as much money as possible.

Once the count down goes to zero, the price will go up to N35,000 so hurry now and get in...

Here's how to partake in this training:
Follow this secure Paystack link to register your payment.


Pay N35,000 into:
Name: Kalu Udeagha
Bank: GTB
Acc No: 0221812072

After payment, send your details to or call 08056169448 for confirmation and onboarding.

Venue will be communicated to paid registrants only.

Got questions?

Go through our Frequently Asked Questions Below!

1.)Who is this event for?
- This training program is for everyone who simply wants to earn more money. It doesn't matter if you're working or unemployed.

2.) What do I need to be successful in this program?
- You need to implement everything we will be showing in this training and success will be guaranteed.

3.) What tools do you need?
- You will need a laptop, steady internet and information from this program and video tutorials.

4.) Do you need experience to make this successful?
- No, you don't need experience to succeed. What we are showing you is so simple that a smart 8-year old child will get it right. Everything has been simplified just for you.

5.) How much is this program going to cost?
- We have discounted this program to cost only N35,000 and this includes 2 business trainings, video tutorials, resource materials, PDF resources, coaching support and dedicated group mentorship.

6.) Is there any money back guarantee if it doesn't work for me?
- Yes, we will refund your money if you don't see results after proving that you implemented our strategies for at least 60 days with NO RESULT to show for it.

7.) When is the event starting?
- It's a one day event holding on the 31st of January, 2020.

8.) When is the deadline for this program?
- Registrations will end on the 30th of January, 2020.

9.) How much can I make after going through this program?
- Results are not typical and would be different across board. Just like people are different, so are results different. A healthy estimate would be any where from $1000 upwards.

10.) Would there be support after the live workshop?
- Yes, there will be coaching support calls and access to a dedicated group for all participants.


In addition, you will enjoy our 60-days Money Back Guarantee if you apply everything we reveal to you and get no results.

Nothing to Lose At All.

With proper financial management, you'll be able to manage the income you'll make from these business models over time and avoid money problems for good.

Here's how to pay again.

Follow the secure Paystack link to register your payment.


Pay N20,000 into:
Name: Kalu Udeagha
Bank: GTB
Acc No: 0221812072

For a limited time or until the whole 50 slots are taken up! Your time starts now!



Got questions? Send an email to or call 07056010640

60 Day Guarantee

If you are unhappy for any reason, we will refund your payment. No Question Asked!

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