Why customer feedback is important to your business today

One way most businesses miss out on growing optimally is not having an effective feedback system in place to capture the responses of their customers. Without feedback, your business could be as good as a blind man serving dinner. If you are interested in knowing how and why customer feedback is important to your business today, continue reading.

Even if you are doing everything in the books to please your clients, you never can tell what their real perspective about your business is without a feedback system in place.

The best service providers are those who take out time to ask and find out exactly what their audience wants from them. Customer feedback is important to your business if you truly want to keep growing and outpace your competition.

With information about their needs and pain points, you will able to customize your service and products to solve their specific problems. This is exactly what your customers want. Effective products and solutions that really yield results.

If you can offer this after getting their feedback, then you will almost definitely make money on demand from your loyal audience. In this post, I will discuss why customer feedback is important to your business today and why should take it up to grow further.

With this knowledge, you can improve your customer satisfaction strategy, consolidate on customer loyalty, increase customer retention and upgrade your products and services to be better. When this happens you can expect your sales to increase and subsequently, your profits.

– Helps improve and measure customer satisfaction

With customer feedback, you will be able to know exactly what you are doing wrong in business so you can take action against it. How well your customers are satisfied with your products and services ultimately determines how well your profitability is going to be.

The most effective way to know if your customers are satisfied with what you are offering is by offering a feedback system. This system helps you measure the level of customer satisfaction being derived from use of your product or service.

To make the customer satisfaction feedback measurement easy, you can use 0-10 point rating scale to ask them specific questions. The average of the whole feedback rating gives you an approximate measurement of how your customer perceives your business.

– Aids you in improving your products and services

When a business has an efficient feedback system, beating their competition becomes easy.


Simply because you have the advantage of knowing exactly how your customers feel about your business and what they need. When you have this knowledge, it’s a simple matter of now customizing your offers further to serve their needs.

Consistently doing this ensures that they are satisfied and loyal to your business. Customer loyalty determines your share of the market especially when your services are top notch. With customer feedback, you can make your services the desire of every target customer out there.

– Helps you create an amazing customer experience

A customer who enjoyed your products and services will most likely come back again for more. Customers’ needs are simple – just give them exactly what they want the way they want it and you are sure of having a repeat customer.

Retaining your customer to become loyal customers is all about giving them a wow experience always. This even more so for first time customers because ideally you shouldn’t lose them on the first point of doing business with them.

Superb customer experience could be related to your customer service, the status or privilege associated with your brand, or your efficient complaint resolution setup. With a feedback system in place, you will be able to know how your customer feels about different aspects of the services you offer.

– Shows that you appreciate your customers’ opinions and increases loyalty

Customers are humans and from studies, it is known that businesses that have a personal touch are usually preferred to those that are officious and over-formal. Customers want to know that you see them as humans beings and appreciate their opinions.

This is why an effective feedback is important for your business. It provides an avenue for your customers to air their opinion on any part of your business that concerns them. A lot of individuals value when their opinions are sought after when a decision needs to be made.

Let’s say you have a product or service you plan to introduce into your business. You can seek the opinion of your customers to know their take on it. You will be surprised at what you may get as feedback.

Seeking customer opinion increases customer loyalty because they perceive you value them and will stick with your business. In addition, it can also save you the cost of creating a product or service nobody is going to buy.

– Customer feedback helps you take better business decisions

In business, making informed decisions is key to keeping your business sustainable. To do this, you need accurate information about your products and services and how they impact on your customers. This is another reason why customer feedback is important in business.

Considering the cost of employing guesswork and half-baked information in business, you wouldn’t want to follow that path. Customer feedback makes it easy for you to take better business decisions because you have concrete knowledge of exactly what your customers prefer.

This makes your service delivery far more better and accurate. It also helps your budgeting because you will know exactly where to put your money and where not to do so. Businesses that use customer feedback effectively  experience greater profitability compared to those that don’t.

– Improves customer retention and draws new consumers

When your customers are satisfied with your service, you can bet they will stay loyal to you for as long as possible. Customer feedback helps your business by making you know exactly what your customers need. Only when you know what your customers need will you be in a better position to serve their best interests.

A detailed feedback system will help you know how to serve your customers best to retain them. Happy customers seldom leave their service provider and if you can do this consistently, then that customer is yours for keeps.

In addition, it must be said that that a feedback system helps your business draw in new consumers. You might wonder how this is possible.

Look at it this way, when customers leave reviews on your online platform, visitors to that platform see these feedback and realize you are committed to providing an excellent service to your customers. They also see reviews given by your current users and can tell from them how good your services are.

If you are services are awesome, you can be sure that this visitors will like to try out your offers and you might likely make converts of them. Feedback or reviews from current customers serve as a tool to draw in more consumers.

If you are interested in flying high above your competition, then you must consider a dedicated customer feedback system to grow your business.


An effective customer feedback system helps you keep things in check in your business because you will have detailed information about what it is your customers need. Every business that is serious about growth and profitability should never ignore their customer’s opinions about their products and service.

Using customer feedback, you can save resources, effort, time and funds in your business because you know exactly where to channel them into. It is important to remember you are in business for a reason, to serve your customers by providing a solution to their problems and to make amazing sales and profits while at it.

I hope you enjoyed this read. Don’t forget to leave a comment on what you think or ask questions if you have any.

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Tips for Writing Engaging and Converting Email Copies

Email marketing is still king as far as reaching out to customers and clients is concerned. However, the major challenge most businesses have in their email campaigns is writing engaging and converting email copies that actually get opened and read.

Every online business that truly hopes to engage and sell to its audience must endeavor to include email list building and marketing as part of their promotion strategy.

To make the best out of your email marketing campaigns, you must make sure that your emails are not just engaging but also have the ability convert for you.

Of course, the objective of your email copy should be a priority. Are you writing to make a sale, get a lead or push your subscribers to take a specific action?

Your objective should be clear especially on the heading and subsequently on the body of the email copy.

In this post, I will be pointing out some great tips for writing engaging and converting email copies for your business. If you follow this tips, your emails are certain to experience more engagement and generate more conversions and sales.

  1. Inbox deliverability

For your email copy to be seen in the first place, it has to drop in the inbox of your subscriber. If it drops in the spam, it is likely going to be unnoticed.

The truth is that not every subscriber remembers to check their spam folder. If your emails keep dropping in the spam folder, then you might just be wasting a lot of email marketing efforts.

The best way to write your emails to improve their deliverability is to make them as simple and short as possible.

If you can avoid stuffing them with links, that will even be better. HD images and videos also reduce deliverability in the inbox especially with Gmail.

The less spammy your email appears, the higher it’s deliverability. Also, you can avoid inputting too many price tags in the email copy.

Heavily-coded HTML emails also have deliverability problems. If you are sending HTML emails, consider using light HTML to code your emails while keeping it simple.

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  1. Engaging Headers that Increase Open Rates

If your plan is truly writing engaging and converting email copies for your business then you must careful attention to this tip.

A lot of subscribers are tired of being marketed by a thousand and one email based marketers. Personally, what I do is when I check the header and it doesn’t interest me, I delete immediately.

Now consider what the average email subscriber will do in a similar case.

The point is, your email open rates will increase if you have engaging headers that push subscribers to check out your emails.

To improve your headers, keep it short and personal but include something interesting FOR the subscriber.

Most people are on the look-out to gain something one way or another. If you plan to push people to read or look at your emails, then you must add something in it for them always.

It could be a giveaway, a tip that they might need in their life or business or something of value which you think they will find useful.

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You can add the first name tag to personalize the email accordingly. A lot of email marketers already do this and I must say that too much of it will prove ineffective in the long run.

If you can write your email headers to include the value proposition you are offering, personalize it while keeping it short, then be sure that half the battle is won. Your subscriber will be far more likely to open and check out your email copy.


  1. Increasing Conversions through Read-through Activity

Your email marketing activity has an objective it is meant to achieve. As I stated earlier, this objective could be anything from making a sale, driving sign ups, encouraging group joining, giving a discount, making an announcement and so forth.

If your email headers are engaging, you are bound to experience a high Open Rate but how about Click-through or Read-through rate. You want to make sure that your audience doesn’t lose interest half-way down your email copy.

To achieve this feat consistently, you must be writing engaging and converting email copies that maintain the header story line.

Your header shouldn’t say another thing and your copy will be discussing something else. Uniformity and relevance is key in this case, your email copy should have a continuation of the message from your header which attracted your audience.

Doing otherwise will mean having your emails ignored, deleted or worse yet unsubscriptions from your audience.

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Try to make the content as interesting as possible. Remember keeping it simple but spacious is key. Nobody wants to read to a block of heavy text so it should be easy to grab at a glance.

To do this, write in short sentences of 3 per paragraph with double spacing in-between each paragraph. Writing your email copies this way will make them really easy to scan through by your readers.

There should be a clear Call-to-Action on what you want your readers to do. Whatever action that is, make it very clear in the email copy and you can be sure of getting better results.

If your objective is to increase downloads, sign ups or applications for something, the message should be properly and clearly communicated in your email copy.

In addition, you can add a sort of reward while writing your engaging and converting email copies.  Such rewards could include discounted offers and giveaways, bonuses and other free but valuable stuff that will incentivize your audience to take action immediately.

Everyone loves valuable stuff and if you make it free, you can be sure to have a higher engagement on it.


  1. Ask for Feedback from your audience

A feedback system is important for any business. If you are keen on growing your business properly then you need a feedback system in place. For one, it will help you know how your audience perceives you.

Secondly, a feedback system will help you realize where your business needs improvement and you can tailor your email copywriting to fit better.

To create an effective feedback system, you can send a simple mail to your email subscribers asking them to give you their take on a service or product you provide.

Or you can ask them to reply your email with where they need solutions to their problems as it concerns your mutual niche.

The use of survey forms can also come in handy and can really simplify everything for you. You can use SurveyMonkey forms to handle your reviews.



Email copywriting is an art on its own that has to be learnt. True that some people naturally have a way with words but you can still learn email copywriting with or without talent.

If you follow the tips listed in this post, you will position your emails higher amongst the deluge of emails hitting your subscribers inbox daily. When running your email marketing campaigns, these tips for writing engaging and converting will come handy to increase your open and click-through rates.

So, in essence, you need to follow every tip and observe how it works out for you. I’m quite sure that if your subscribers actually signed into your list with their real emails then they will surely respond to your emails if you make them valuable, engaging and converting.

I hope this post has been helpful to you. I would love to hear your opinion, perspectives or questions in the comments section.

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5 Tips for Cheap Effective Facebook Advertising      

Businesses need effective advertising to make more sales and in turn make more profit. Previously, the emphasis was on radio and TV adverts, newspapers and other media. There was one major problem however; only brands with big advertising budgets could compete favorably.

Today, the tables have turned to a large extent as new media has now made it easy for small and big brands to compete on an equal footing. Facebook advertising is one of the new media dominating the advertising market.

Fortunately, Facebook advertising is cheap but effective especially when set up properly. Even small businesses can now promote their brand to gain a massive reach with ease.

Yet with all these good news, not all businesses are enjoying the beauty of effective Facebook advertising. Some business owners and big brands are yet to benefit from the power of an optimized Facebook advertising.

In this post, I will be discussing the 5 tips for cheap effective Facebook advertising. Read on below and enjoy!


  1. The Image

If there is one thing that needs serious consideration when planning an effective Facebook advertising campaign, it’s the image.

An attractive or unusual image will naturally draw more attention than a run-of-the-mill one.

Let me take that again.

If you look closely, a typical Facebook feed is filled up with so many images and text all competing for your attention….that’s a lot of stuff to click on and check out.

Several other brands have their ads running as well and these ads are also competing for attention like yours. Therefore, if you ad must gain the attention of your intended audience, then you must ensure that your image which is the major part of your ad is super-unusual in an attractive way.

Stock images are great but a lot of people are already using that so the best way to go is for the opposite. You can try out a plain image with a lot spaces or one with less details on it but with a strong focus on your message.

An image like this will be easy on the eyes and draw attention more easily than say a colorful image that flows or blends in with other content on your feed.

Now consider this two images below and ask yourself which looks more interesting:

effective facebook advertising


effective facebook advertising

For you ad to convert effectively, you need an image that draws attention as fast as possible. You can get such pictures on Unsplash and Pixabay then edit them using Canva.

The image size has to be of the right measurement so as to fit perfectly without being out of scale. Color is also an important factor to consider when creating your image. You can go for colors that contrast against Facebook’s traditional white and blue background.


  1. Your Head Line

After your image, the next tip for cheap and effective Facebook advertising is your headline. Your headline is what drives visitors to check out your offer after image.

Your headline emphasizes the message your image is passing across. If you can get a highly-engaging headline that can catch the interest of your audience as fast as possible, then your ad is good.

The best headlines should be short but to the point. In other words, it should explain in its brevity what the ad is all about.

Your headline could mean the difference between an effective ad and a poor one. The more engaging it is to your target audience, the more they are likely to click through.


  1. Your Ad Copy and Call-to-action

Your ad copy can be likened to the final tie-breaker for hesitant visitors who check out your ad. It shouldn’t be long or boring. Usually, a few lines of words will do the job if they are properly optimized for best effects.

It should be convincing and straight-forward using a simple grammar. Most ads make the mistake of over-doing it.

Simple is usually more understandable so keep it so.

In addition, the call-to-action in the ad is also important to be direct with exactly what you need your audience to do. Ambiguity is unnecessary and should be avoided.

Most ads use the LEARN MORE call-to-action while others might use the APPLY NOW or BOOK NOW or even SEND MESSAGE. It’s important to choose a call-to-action element that fits your message accordingly.


  1. Your Audience Targeting

Perhaps, this is one of the major determinant of whether you ad is going to yield targeted leads or not. Your audience targeting should be super-focused it you are serious about not wasting your money.

For your ad to be effective, you simply need to target the right audience. It as simple as that but a lot of business owners don’t get this right and that’s where their problem starts.

The most common and effective tip for Facebook ad targeting still remains Interest targeting especially while starting out. You need to pick out common interests that your audience have in common.

Once you have run your first campaign, you can further reduce your ad cost and increase your targeting simultaneously by using the Custom audience and Lookalike audience feature of Facebook.

To set up your Custom audience, all you need to do is to scroll to your Create Custom audience column on your Ad Set dashboard. The Custom Audience is made up people whom you have targeted before on your previous campaigns.

You can also get your Custom Audience from your Email list if you have one, your Website visitors if you have a Facebook Pixel installed on your website or any other list you already have.

For the Look-alike audience feature, you create it by targeting people who are related to the audience you promoted to in the past. The Lookalike audience is a key feature of effective Facebook advertising that increases your targeting at a lower cost.

It should be considered as much as possible for best results when running a campaign.


  1. Plan your budget with your objective in mind

Facebook advertising can be expensive and unproductive if you don’t know how to go about it. However, with these tips for effective Facebook advertising, it should be less expensive and more effective in terms of budget and objective.

Your budget should be at least $5 while starting out, anything less might now yield best results. You also need to consider the objective of the ad and plan your budget to that effect.

Are you interested in post engagement, generating leads, website clicks, app downloads or website purchases?

You need to have an objective which you plan to achieve in mind before spending those precious funds on advertising. Once you have got this part figured out, you can simply tweak around and adjust the budget and other variables for best results.

The beauty of cheap Facebook advertising is that you can also run Split-testing to try out several similar ads to see which works best at a lower cost. The Split-testing feature of Facebook advertising can really make a great difference between wasting money and putting it to good use.

With this feature, you can tell which ads work best and what makes it work in comparison to the other ads in the Ad Set.



Have you been running expensive Facebook adverts? You can make it cheaper and even more effective by following the tips listed above. Here are the run-down of the fastest tips again:

– Image (type, size, color contrast, relevance)

– Headline and body

– Call-to-action and Objective

– Custom audience/Lookalike audience

– Split testing to see what works best.

Facebook advertising can be a source of very effective, cheap advertising for business owners. If you have heard about Facebook advertising and plan to use it to best use. You will find this post quite useful for your business.

I hope you found this post useful. Don’t forget to share after your read as someone out there might need to learn or relearn this. If you have a comment or questions on Facebook advertising for business, ask in the comments and I will respond as soon as possible.




How to Rank your Blog post in SEO Quickly

Creating a highly optimized blog post that ranks in SEO isn’t always a piece of cake. It usually takes some effort using certain tools made for this purpose. However, as tough as many content marketers and SEO specialists find it, it can be done. In this post, I will be giving a few tips on how to rank your blog post in SEO quickly.

To improve the ranking of a post, you will need tools like the following:

Yoast SEO Plugin

– Google Search Console

– a Keyword Research Tool e.g Ahref, Semrush or any other top keyword research tool

These 3 tools will help you do the job perfectly well. Here are the steps to rank your post in SEO quickly and drive more organic traffic.


– First open your Google Search console.

The reason for this is to check for the keywords currently drawing  showing on your post but have little traffic. Such posts will be optimized with synonymous traffic-pulling keywords to increase traffic to them.

Click on SEARCH ANALYSIS, select NO FILTER under the PAGES tab then input the URL to the post, then click FILTER to bring out the queries list brought up by your search. This is a list of keywords currently being searched in relation to your blog post.

Double Click IMPRESSIONS to sort these search keywords by the impressions on them.

You will see a list looking like this:

The next task is to pick out keywords with high impressions but few clicks.


– Using your Keyword Research Tool

This is where a keyword research tool will be handy to help rank your blog post in SEO. Any good keyword research tool can do this job well.

Examples include Semrush, Moz, Ahref and several others.

Input the keywords into your research tool to note those with the highest related keyword traffic on them. Note down these high traffic keywords because you will be needing them to optimize your post.

Generally, you will need the high traffic keywords to spread through your post’s title, meta description, URL and within the content.


– Using the Yoast SEO Plugin

With the help of the Yoast SEO Plugin, you can improve the blog post to rank in search engines by using the keywords you just noted down.

Embed the keywords into the heading and body of the post to blend in nicely with your message. It is important that you don’t overstuff your content but make it flow smoothly.

To rank your blog post in SEO, you need to do it right without black hat techniques.

Ensure that the Yoast SEO parameters all check out GREEN by embedding those keywords in the content in the heading, SEO title, meta description, focus keyword bar and other highlighted areas in Yoast.


– Observe your Results After About 30 days

At this point, the next thing to do is to wait for your blog post to gather some data then head back over to Google Search console.

Check the statistic you are currently seeing and compare it to the last figure you had 30 -60 days back. There should be a significant increase in your click, traffic and data figures for the post in view.

All things being equal, there is no reason why your blog post won’t rank in SEO due to the tweaks earlier.


– Optimize Other Blog posts to Rank in SEO

At this point, it is expected that this strategy has shown a marked improvement in your post’s search engine rankings. This is when you scale it up by working and ranking older blog posts in SEO using this same technique.

In time, this strategy shouldn’t take long to get better at. You will be to rank blog posts in SEO the more you do it often.


SEO maybe competitive but with a strategy like this, you can stay ahead of a lot of people in the same industry as you. It is better to create fewer contents that are of the highest quality with solid SEO knowledge than content with no optimization.

I am hopeful you, my reader has learnt something new from this. If you found this post useful, don’t forget to share on social media.

Someone out there will likely benefit from this. Thank you for reading and check out my other posts for more tips in your online business and marketing.


5 Social Media Platforms for Business Owners

The biggest leverage small business owners have in recent years is the emergence of social media. Gone are the days of striving to compete with big corporations that often armed with giant advertising budgets. Now small businesses can utilize the viral nature to increase their brand awareness, increase reach and grow their business.

In fact, any business that truly wants a slice of the population as its audience needs to strongly consider social media as a major part of their online marketing strategy after setting up a website.

Having a website should come first then backed up social media. Note that your website belongs to you or your business but social media accounts are third party accounts held by you.

In this post, I will elaborate in more detail on the 5 social media platforms for business owners. Ignoring any one of these platforms means you might be deliberately self-sabotaging your business.

Social media by the very nature are highly viral as long as the content offered is interesting to the audience.  When combined with quality content marketing, you can expect to have an awesome traffic building system pushing leads to your offers.

Considering the fact that there are tons of social media in existence, the question is – which platforms are best for business owners and which can be neglected?

Fortunately, you don’t need to be an expert in social media to utilize it to your advantage.

Basically, the type of business you do determines the particular social media platform to use for your marketing strategy online.

Now, let’s get into it, shall we?


  1. Facebook

    social media for business

With over 800 millionactive users, Facebook is the undisputed champion of social media platforms. Every business should have a presence on Facebook.

Considering their paid ad promotion feature plus the number of people on it, Facebook is a key social media platform for the business owner who has serious interest in growing their numbers.

Facebook features like Pages, Groups and being able to post on timelines, invite and tag friends have made possible to spread the word about your affairs to much as people as possible the world over.

With rich content marketing in the form of images, videos and text, small business owners can engage, network and grow their portfolio while focusing on niche audiences unlike never before.

The potential in Facebook marketing is incredible even more so with its integration with Whatsapp and Instagram.

With Facebbook, your outreach and marketing efforts can start from your family and friends in your contact list and grow from there.

If you are checking for one of the best, all-round social media platforms for business owners, Facebook tops the list.


  1. Instagram

    social media for business

After Facebook, consider the almighty Instagram as next on the list of social media platforms for business owners. By its very nature, Instagram is a very visual social media platform and was created for the display and sharing of rich visual content.

Businesses that deal in visually-appealing stuff can leverage on this wonderful feature of Instagram. Most businesses that deal in physical products like art, beauty and fashion actually prefer Instagram and maybe Facebook for their content marketing strategy.

Users congregate to watch high quality images and videos in relaxation. This is the place where your own products and services can come in as either normal or boosted posts with the relevant hash tags.

With Instagram, small business owners can show off their products and services in beautiful resolution graphics to build engagement and generate sales.


  1. Twitter

    social media for business

Twitter is the grand daddy of viral social media as far as texting is concerned.

With over 300 million users, the power of targeted hash tags, and the reach of industry influencers, Twitter is one social platform for business owners to spread the word on their business.

Using hash tags, users can stay connected to topics that they have a common interest in. This feature alone when added to the following users feature makes it easy to connect with like-minded people.

Content marketing here is also king , as threads (a chain of content interconnected using the Retweet feature by the user) can be used to create micro-blogposts.

Industry influencers are also available to be leveraged on to promote your business . This can be done either by following their followers and replying their tweets or contacting them directly to pitch for assistance with promotions.

Twitter ads though not really known to be as targeted as Facebook’s can also be used to build greater exposure for your business.


  1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the number one business-focused social media platform for professionals. If you have a service-based business, then consider LinkedIn as a prime place to be.

LinkedIn has over 135 million users worldwide making it a huge social media platform filled with opportunities for the enterprising business owner.

Originally, it was more like a job listing board but not anymore as business individuals and other professionals now dominate the platform.

Business owners offering different services can network amongst themselves to build their portfolio. Industry information and connection that can lead to further business growth and development through sales can also be gotten this wonderful B2B platform.

An optimized profile on your LinkedIn will generally improve your chances of recommendations and connecting with other individuals in a similar industry.


  1. Youtube

If you have a business that deals in creating tutorials, how-to guides and manuals, then you must consider Youtube to be an integral part of your business.

As an arm of the search engine giant, Google, you can virtually carve a sizable portion of the internet if you can set up and optimize a Youtube channel for this purpose.

How does this work?


Create quality videos, include your business website’s URL in the first line of the description with a call-to-action and set up your search tags on the video using search-relevant keywords.

Any time a search is done on Google looking for video content, you can count on your video coming up and your business’s URL will likely be checked if your content is engaging as well.



These 5 social media platforms are necessary for any serious business owner who truly means business. Facebook and Instagram alone are heavyweights but it certainly won’t hurt your business to be on more than those two.

If you are on Facebook, consider running highly targeted ads to promote your business as often as possible.

Online Business Ideas for the Unemployed Newbie

The first few steps are the hardest…ask a blogger, a toddler or any individual who is struggling with an online business idea.

I always come across people who are interested in starting something for themselves and they generally have two common questions.

The first is ‘which business can I start with X amount?’

The second is ‘I don’t have any skills and don’t know where to start. Can you help me?’

These questions are not necessarily bad but it helps when you are more focused or have already discovered what you want to do.

For those interested in any online-based enterprise, read through the rest of this post as I am confident you will find something that appeals to you.

Below are some online business models to check out especially if you have any skill or passion for any activity.

NOTE: This information is not comprehensive and only serves to spur your interest further.

Read on:



Involves bringing in goods for cheap from platforms in China and selling in Nigeria without having to physically see or touch the goods.

Everything is automated and the entry fee to get started is actually low but has high profit margin. However, you need guidance or mentoring to do this right because a lot of technicalities are involved.

I do e-commerce considerably well and can vouch for it 100%. With a reasonably low amount and proper guidance/mentoring, this online business idea is perfect for any newbie.
Advantage: Low capital investment comparatively.



Involves content creation and sharing of information or knowledge to a target audience while monetizing this activity.

There are two types:
Newspaper style blogging – Involves trending, viral stories and heavy traffic to generate income via CPC advertising.

Authority style blogging – Involves sharing knowledge or expertise on a specific subject with more focus on targeted traffic than volume. Monetization requires selling of products and services.

I do authority blogging and can vouch for it 100%.
Advantage: Can be highly profitable once it gains authority


Information marketing:

Involves the research, creation and promotion of information to an audience that are in need of it. It could be any information that solves problems and can come in different formats.

It usually comes in PDFs, audio recordings, video courses etc. Almost everybody in the online business space does Information marketing one way or the other.

The success of an information marketing career depends on several factors especially the niche, the need of the audience and the branding and marketing of the product.

There are 3 niches that can be considered the hottest:

Advantage: Has a low capital investment comparatively.



online business ideas

Freelancing involves selling a skill you have in exchange for payment. By skills, I mean activities you can carry out to a certain level of expertise.

Skills like writing in all its genres, graphic design in all its forms, programming, web design and development, app development, social media management and other forms of digital marketing, video editing and animation, audio editing and production and many others.

Truth is, there are many skills that can be offered as a freelancer on platforms that accept freelancing services.

Sites like Fiverr and Upwork offer free registrations to sign up and get started. Of course, you will need some mentorship and coaching to guide you on how go about it.

I did some freelancing while starting out.

Advantage: Almost zero or minimal capital investment.


E-Learning Course creation and Tutorship:

Similar to information, e-course creation requires monetization of knowledge or skill you have by creating courses and uploading them on e-learning platforms as an instructor.

You pay nothing to register on this platforms and a percentage of revenue earned you earn from students who subscribe for your course goes to them.

Examples of E-Learning platforms include Udemy, Skillshare and Coursera.

You can create a course on almost any topic that is has an interested audience in it. Of course, you will have to find a way to promote your courses to reach people who are interested in registering.

Social media marketing and email marketing can be of help here.

Advantage: Almost zero or minimal capital investment required.


Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing involves the promotion and marketing of selected products from an affiliate platform to a target audience to earn a commission from each sale made.

Sounds easy huh? Not so easy, my friend but it requires experience and guidance.

There are affiliate platforms like JVZoo, Clickbank, Warriorplus, Commission Junction etc.

You sign up, choose a product and promote to an email list you buy or already have set up. Alternatively, you can create a website with affiliate products on it then drive traffic with proper marketing with the intention of making sales.

Commission earned ranges from 10% – 100% depending on the product vendor.

Most authority bloggers do affiliate marketing in conjunction with their blogging activity.

I do affiliate marketing and it basically involves suggesting or recommending a product to people in your contact list to use or try and when they do you earn your commission.

Advantage: Can be income on auto-pilot once the initial setup has be arranged but requires some investment.


There you have it, these online business ideas are money makers depending on how you go about it.

As I said before, this list is not comprehensive in terms of covering everything but it’s meant to give ideas on what you can possibly consider trying.

It is advisable to go with one or two at a time to ensure proper utilization of resources.

I will provide an answer to every question in the comments section.

So tell me….which of these online businesses interests you and what’s stopping you from getting started?

12 Best Automated Emails for Subscribers

In today’s world of business, communication has been made easier through the use of various channels like email marketing, social media marketing and others. In this post, you will find 12 best automated emails for subscribers to nurture and build a relationship with them.

If you are business person who would love to keep in touch with your subscribers and customers, consider email marketing as a major tool to leverage on.

Automated emails make it possible for you to keep in touch with your subscribers and customers at all times because they are automated.

This means that after set-up, they can send out on their own without any extra effort on your part.

If you are thinking of using email marketing for your business marketing campaigns, these 12 best automated emails for subscribers will improve your chances of making sales in your business.

With the power of auto-responders, setting up automated emails for your subscribers means you can send out different individual emails or drip emails in a sequence.

These emails can be conditioned to a particular activity that triggers it to send to a particular or group of subscribers.

Below are different types of automated emails for subscribers depending on the condition that you want them sent out for. It could be dependent on the gender of the subscriber while signing up, the campaign objectives, the specific type of audience etc.

  1. Welcome Email

This type of automated email is a kind of introductory email to your subscribers probably after they just signed up into your list or offer.

It is exactly what it is, a welcome email showing them their presence on your platform is appreciated.

Welcome emails can make your new customers or subscriber feel special and eager to know more about what you are offering.

It can go perfectly with a free welcome gift further making your audience feel really wanted on your list.

Welcome emails can be automated on your email marketing account by integrating them on a list and sign-up form.

Any new contact on that list gets the Welcome email almost immediately.


  1. Thank You Email

Just like a Welcome email, a Thank You email serves to thank or show appreciate your subscribers or audience for taking a specific action. It could be subscribing into your list, downloading a free material, or purchasing your product.

Setting up a Thank You Email involves setting up an automated email in your email marketing form and targeting a specific list. Your subscribers or customers will get this email once they perform a certain action which triggers it.

Thank you emails can come with freebies to further entice your audience to be eager to see your emails often.

If you are in business, using a Thank you email to conclude your sales will show your customer that you are appreciate their buying decision and improve your chances for a repeat purchase in future.

Consider Thank you emails as one of the best automated emails for subscribers benefit in your marketing campaigns.


  1. Status Email

If you are running an e-commerce business, automated status emails are really essential to keep your customers up to date about their delivery.

Status emails basically inform your audience or customers about when orders have been placed, moved for shipping, shipped or arrive location for pick-up.

Status emails as automated emails help improve marketing efforts and improve product delivery to customers who need to know the status of their order.

Apart from e-commerce businesses, status emails help your subscribers audience know the current status of an activity carried out on your platform.

As a brand, you can set up this type of email to improve your relationship with your audience when they transact with you in any activity.


  1. Feedback Email

Feedback emails can be automated emails for your subscribers to tell you how they really feel about a product or service.

You can set-up an automated feedback email to a list to be sent on a specific day after a customer carries out an action. It could be days after a purchase or a download of your material.

Feedback emails improve your marketing efforts by helping your learn more about your audience’s preferences. It can give detailed insight into their preferences, likes, challenges, targets and objectives.

When you are armed with this information, you can adjust your marketing campaigns to focus on any feedback.


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  1. Recommendation Emails

As a business enterprise servicing a unique customer base, it is important you provide value at every customer touch point.

Customer touch point means every time a customer comes in contact with your business in any form. One way to offer value to your customers or audience without selling something is to send a scheduled email recommending or suggesting products they should consider.

Suggested products could be based on their history of buying activity.

In addition, results from past surveys can be useful in creating recommendation emails to educate and inform your audience about better and improved products and services.

Your email marketing campaigns can be set in a way where a certain buying activity will send out specific automated emails to your subscribers recommending a product or products.

Recommendation emails are highly effective in causing impulse buys from customers.


  1. Activity/Event reminder emails

If you have any activity or event coming up, automated event reminder emails are the way to go to ensure your audience turns up. Many people are very busy with their lives and may not even remember you have an event coming up if you don’t remember them.

Automated reminder emails can be set up to send out to your list at specific intervals. Most events managed this way experience a higher turn-out than those that weren’t handled the same way.

In addition, activity reminder emails are one of the best automated emails that serve to remind your audience about an action they have to take.

It could be a reminder about a reactivation request, a sign-up action, an abandoned cart on an e-commerce store or any other call-to-action.


  1. Blogpost reminder emails

If you run a blog, blog post reminder emails can serve a useful purpose for your content marketing. This is one automated email you should send your subscribers any time you have a new post update.

You can also use blogpost reminder emails to inform your audience about any offers that might be valuable to them.

These offers could be your products, services, discounts, solutions to industry problems etc.

Consider blog post reminder emails to improve your content marketing efforts and you can be sure of an approximate effect on your business.


  1. Product promotion emails

Let’s say you have a new product in your line-up that you need to introduce to your audience. Automated product promotion emails are one of the ways to get the news out that you have a new product.

These type of emails can be set up to go out at certain times of the day when the engagement will be higher.

Ideally, your audience should be the first people to find out about any products that you have and automated emails will make this task easier.

Do you have products to promote, consider promotion emails as one of the automated emails for subscribers.

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  1. General reminder emails

General reminder emails come in different forms and can be automated to follow audience behavior or activity.

It could be reminder emails for a webinar event, discount expiration, sign up request, after-event follow-up, and other emails that serve as reminders about some activity or action needed.

You need this type of automated emails for your subscribers if you plan to keep them engaged on a regular basis. The online space is a highly volatile one and out of sight is usually out of mind.

People are very busy with a lot of distractions and general reminder emails will work perfectly you keep your business in their minds.


  1. Anniversary Emails

Who doesn’t love anniversaries? Well, a lot of people do because anniversaries are usually associated with good will.

Anniversary emails could be birthday good wishes and come very handy in maintaining your relationship with your customer.

Customers usually feel good getting anniversary emails from businesses they deal with.

It shows to an extent that the business has them on their record and thought it necessary to remember them on their special day.

Anniversary emails give a human face to your business and are one of the best automated emails that connect you with your customers.


  1. Appreciation Emails

Appreciation emails can be automated to send out to customers or prospects who come in contact with your business.

This type of email could concern offering a free service, trial offer, welcome message, thank you message or simply commending them for checking out your business.

Appreciation emails can push your customers or audience to take action even when it doesn’t appear like you are marketing to them.

The language should be subtle and suggestive without being obvious.

After stating your appreciation for their interest or being in touch with your business, the email can suggest a product or service and the value it offers.

If you plan to have an improved email marketing experience, appreciation emails can make a lot of difference.

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  1. Content marketing Emails

Content marketing simply means demonstrating your expertise about your field in a way that markets your business.

It involves the use of related content in your industry to engage with your audience.

This information can be educating, informative, or entertaining but above all must be targeted at your specific audience.

Content marketing emails can also involve the use of blog posts and social media posts to build your engagement with your customers. Such content must be relevant and could come in different formats like text, audio or video.



At this moment, you now know about the 12 best automated emails for subscribers. You can use these email ideas for your marketing campaigns irrespective of your industry.

In your subsequent campaigns, think of any of these emails you can implement for best results in your business.

I know these automated emails will work for you when set up properly in your email marketing platform.

Kindly let me know your thoughts in the comment section.

Hey! You can share too so others can enjoy the post too!

How to Create a MailChimp Landing Page

If you ever have need to use email marketing for your business then consider MailChimp as one of the top email marketing solutions in the market out there. MailChimp is actually easy to use and integrate with other web solutions and has several features apart from the email marketing feature. You can create a MailChimp landing page, form, newsletter and surveys to keep in touch with your subscribers and customers.

The beauty of MailChimp is that the layout is really minimalist, easy on the eyes and navigation-friendly. It comes with a FREE plan that offers users a mail list of 2000 subcribers at no extra cost.

In this post, you will be learning how to create a MailChimp Landing Page easily even if you are just starting out.

MailChimp Landing pages are great for designing single web pages, product pages, sales pages, promotion pages etc.

First, login to your MailChimp account then had over to the top MENU where you can see LIST. Click on LIST to create one then save and head back to your dashboard.



Click on CREATE to choose a campaign type, you will be shown three options – Email, Ad and Landing page.

Select Landing page, choose a name for it and select the list you just created.

Click CREATE and you will redirected to the MailChimp landing page builder. It involves a drag and drop feature. This makes it really easy to drag and drop content blocks as you wish while setting your landing page.

You will see the content block builders to the right of your screen. To choose a content block, click and hold then drag to the left side where you want it to be.

A basic landing page design will have a header text/image, one or several body text/images and a call to action block/sign up form.

After designing the landing page, hit the save button to save and publish to make it go LIVE.

Now you can visit your Dashboard, click on CAMPAIGN to check your current campaigns. This includes the landing page you just created. You can copy the URL for use as planned.

You can play around to find out works best for you. Below is a video to guide you further when designing a MailChimp landing page.

Mailchimp also provides already designed landing page templates. This further makes it easy for you to design and set up by only editing the text and images as preferred.



How to Start Earn Money Quickly through Blogging

A common statistic says that most bloggers don’t blog for up to 6 months before giving up on it. Either they run out of content to post or they lose interest because money isn’t coming out of it yet. Now this is quite common and every blogger at one point or the other must have felt this way. Many people don’t think it’s possible to earn money quickly through blogging.

However, if you want better results in blogging then proper research is required to understand what’s involved in blogging.

First, you need to understand that there are two types of blogging. Namely, the authority blogging model (also known as niche blogging) and the viral blogging model (also known as the newspaper blogging).

These two models operate differently and for the purpose of this post, we are going to focus our attention on viral blogging. The reason is this, authority blogging takes a while to gather momentum because you have to build your authority and visibility in that niche first, build a followership, create search engine optimized content as well as use paid traffic.

In addition, you don’t have to create posts often because each content you create ideally should be a masterpiece as an authority in that niche.

For viral blogging, you need consistent posting of viral content in the form of trending news and stories, images and videos.

You may need to always be in the know to follow trends and might have to post at least 5 times each day.

The posts must be interesting, engaging and a hooker.

In viral blogging, there is no such thing as building authority or doing SEO. Your content can just be 250 – 400 word posts or short videos bearing very interesting information to catch and retain the interest of your audience. These short, viral posts are powered by paid traffic and if you have ever heard anyone talking about earning money quickly through blogging, then this is one of the techniques.

The best traffic for this type of blogging is social media traffic, especially heavy paid traffic using Facebook ads. Remember, social media is a viral platform and the plan here is to drive heavy, paid traffic to a viral content blog. You earn income by the impressions and clicks on ads by your blog visitors.

There is no exact figure here I can give you but how much money you make on a daily basis is dependent on different factors like your ad network and its placement on your blog,

There are several elements to consider when planning to go into viral blogging. Below are some of them in no particular order:

Niche of interest

The first point to note when planning to set up a viral blog is to identify the niche you want to focus on. Some niches build audience interest easily while others are more difficult to engage an audience.

By niche, I mean a category of topic your posts will be on. The best thing to do is to consider the different niches that are already winners in driving interest in people. Niches like the following:

– Sex

– Football

– Health

– Trending news

– Politics

– World events

– Scholarship

These are niches that usually have content that drive human interest in the thousands and when combined with a powered traffic source, you will have visitors rushing to your website whenever you boost a post.

So go ahead and choose a niche that you have interest to push viral content on.

Uniqueness of your domain name

One mistake a lot of bloggers make is picking a domain name that has nothing to do with their niche. This is very wrong and if you are just starting out, it is best you avoid it in the first place. This is not to say that your domain name (the name of your website) will determine whether you make money or not but it certainly helps when your domain is relevant or related to your niche of interest.

Whether you are going for an education blog or sports blog, let your domain name be clear about what your blog is about by merely looking at it.

Once you have chosen a domain name, head on to Namecheap or Hostgator to register it on the web.

Blog design, layout and responsiveness

The design and layout of the blog is very important. For me, the best design to go for should be minimalistic and well-structured. You wouldn’t want a blog with a cluttered interface.

If your blog’s user experience and interface is clear and easy to navigate, you already have an advantage. To have a proper blog design, you need to use a proper and premium newspaper theme for your blog design.

In addition, premium newspaper themes are optimized to improve your blog’s CTR so try to get a quality theme. It is important that traffic to your site is utilized as much as possible to generate income for you.

Themes like Newspaper 7 and Divi theme are great themes you can use to set up your blog. You can do this by yourself with a little support from Youtube or visit Fiverr to get a professional web designer to set one up for about $40 – $100 depending on your budget.

Remember, simple designs are best….it doesn’t have to be very technical and can have just about 4 pages like Blog, Resources, About Us, Contact Us.

Once you have set up your blog using a premium theme that optimizes ad network banners like Adsense, it is now time to create content. You will need to fill up your website with short, viral posts before driving traffic to it.

Content posting strategy

This part is quite important and you must listen carefully.

Remember that the goal here is to create and post viral and interesting content.  This content should be in the form of text, images and videos. You may be wondering where you are going to get such content but it’s not so difficult.

Simply do a search on websites that post viral and engaging content on the web, bookmark them and copy their content.

Here is the formula: Copy, rewrite or respin in your own words, post and give credit at the end of the post to the source. You don’t need to break your head over this one.

It doesn’t get tougher than this so just visit sites like Lifehacker, Buzzfeed, Upworthy, Viranova and some others like them to copy and respin hot topics.

You can then boost the very viral ones with Facebook ad to drive tons of traffic to your website.

Also, you can set up Google Trends and other new notification sites on your phone to get the hottest news on your niche as it happens.

Ad Monetization Network

For monetization, you will need a Google Adsense account for starters. Once you have gained experience and started earning some money, you can get registered on other ad publishing networks like Taboola or Media.net to further improve your earnings.

Of course, if you are using Google Adsense, you would want to make sure you ads are properly placed on your blog to drive clicks from visitors. The best placements involves placing one rectangular, long ad in your header, a column ad in your side bar, another under your post topic and two within the post itself.

If you have traffic coming in from high CPC countries, the bigger your daily earnings will be. You can use an ad optimization plugin like Advanced Ads on your WordPress dashboard to optimize your ads performance.

If you need a Google Adsense account, contact me to help you get one using this email – admin@onlinebusinesshacking.com


Paid traffic sources

This one is a no-brainer. The best traffic to use for this is Facebook ad promotions.

You need to create a Facebook page related to your blog niche with probably the same name as your blog. On this page, you can post topics from your blog and boost them to reach more people.

Check out your posts that are likely to have very high engagement and boost them to a general audience of people who are likely to respond to your content.

If you are just starting out, Facebook ad requires some practice and experience to get it right. Whether you plan to target only people who are interested in your niche or to target wide, the key thing here is that you need a large volume of traffic.

Personally, I will advise targeting wide in the mean time then monitoring your ad to see how it performs. You will need to try different tweaks before settling on what work best for you.

Since this is viral blogging and our aim is to drive heavy traffic, you need to have a sizable ad budget. As high as $150. This amount will be about $5 daily ad spend to boost your posts.

The technique to use is this, select your top viral=looking, interesting posts and boost them for two days, after the two days, pick another and repeat. Experiment a little bit until you find your own winning strategy.

Means of collecting payment

To collect your payment through Google Adsense and other ad networks, there are usually options for either a direct bank deposit or Paypal. You can integrate your local bank to your Adsense account or set up your PayPal there.

Contact me for a guide on how to set up your fully functional PayPal account to receive international payments.

Payment is usually on the 21st of every month.

Earning income consistently through viral blogging is possible but of course, it requires work on your part to ensure it works for you.

You will need to be consistent and organized with your work ethics to get the best results out of this. As you get more experienced in this, your results will improve especially when you scale up your ad budget to push even more traffic to your blog.

I hope you found this post useful and don’t forget to use the share button after reading.


Best Information Product Formats in Internet Marketing

Simply put, information marketing involves the creation and marketing of information products for sale to people who need them. To do this right, the information has to be collated, processed, and packaged in a format that will not only appeal to the audience but provide maximum impact on them. In this post, I have discussed the best information product formats in internet marketing.

Whether you are creating a make money online course, health guide, or repair manual, your information product needs to be in a specific format. The best information product formats are doc or pdf document, an audio book, video course, webinar or membership site.

Any one of this best information product formats can serve your purpose but some formats are more fitting than others.

For example, video information products are generally more engaging than text or audio formats which means if you are creating an information product, consider using a video format.

Below are the best information product formats and why you should consider each:

Document format

The document format is the most common type of format used when creating an information product. It involves using the native document file processor of your computer to create readable documents usually in either doc or pdf format.

Almost everyone who has access to a computer or smart phone can access this one using Microsoft Word or Adobe Reader.

It doesn’t require any expertise, just use your Microsoft Word to create your information product, format accordingly and do an e-cover page then you are good to go. You can also convert to a pdf document format to make it look more appealing and easier to design.

Using Canva.com, you can create a beautiful e-cover to add to eat and make it even more credible.


The advantage of creating document format information product is that it is cheap and easily accessible but the disadvantage is that many people are losing interest in reading, especially when it’s more than a few pages.


Audio book format

The audio book format is one of the best information product formats out there in information marketing. However, a lot of people are sleeping on this information product format.

If you remember clearly, people love listening to the radio or to music. This makes this information product format a winner for folks who are interest in your niche.

To get started, you can use the sound recorder on your phone to record your voice notes while you speak. You can also download sound recorder apps or software on your computer for use in creating audio books.

For phones, you can use Spreaker or Parrot mobile apps while for computers, you can use Camtasia Studio.

The audio information product will have to be in MP3 format for easy playback. Also, if you can inculcate podcasts to your repetoire, then you should be armed enough to use audio books as a reliable information product format.


Video Course format

The grand daddy of information product creation is video info products. Their very visual nature makes them highly engaging and much more appealing than other information product formats.

Naturally, humans love something they can watch and connect much more with it.

This is so because videos can relate the tonality, emotions and knowledge of the creator to the audience more directly than other information product formats.

To create video courses, you need a screen recording software on your phone or computer. For phones, you will need an app like A-Z Phone recorder and for computer, you will need Camtasia Studio or Screen Cast’Omatic to record your video courses.

Another advantage of video information product format is that they are priced higher than audio and text formatted info products because of their more detailed nature.

If you are considering creating an information marketing product, give a great deal of thought to creating it in a video format.


Just like videos, webinars are one of the best information product formats to consider when creating an information product. However, rather than being a stored information product, they are live information products because they are recorded and presented as they are being presented.

Webinars present your audience with the chance to witness how a process is carried out live. It is one of the most engaging and informative information product formats.

The only set back that can be attributed to webinar info product format is that you might find it difficult saving it for future reference if you are not experienced. However, with a screen recorder you can catch the live relay as it plays.

Saved webinar training are usually priced at a  premium because of their highly-instructive nature.  So if you plan to create information products, consider creating a webinar format of it.



There are different formats to use when creating an information marketing product. In the post above, you will find out in detail the best information product formats to consider when creating a digital product.

Each product format type have their benefits. Generally, document and audio products are less priced than video or webinar formats of information product which are usually priced at a premium.

Whichever information marketing product format you chose, your success in making sales is determined by a number of other different factors.

Your promotion strategy, your product branding and packaging, your marketing funnel all have a major impact on how well you can make sales from your products.

I hope you found this post instructive. Kindly let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

Hey! Don’t forget to share as well, someone out there might need this.


Online Businesses You Can Start After Graduation

Life after graduating from school can be tough. It is even tougher after completing the compulsory youth service program in Nigeria and you find yourself unemployed. However, this doesn’t have to be this way if you plan well from the on-set.

The advent of the internet and online businesses as a whole has made it possible to start a side hustle whether unemployed or not. If you are in school or just finished from the university or the NYSC, there are several online start-ups you can go into to earn money.

Depending on your skill level, you can earn money offering different online-based services. If you are skilled in writing, graphics, programming or web design, there are markets out there that need these services.

All you need to do is to position yourself, find your ideal clients and promote your services to them. Below are some online businesses you can start after graduation to earn income.

Freelance Services

If you are skilled in the various genres of writing or other digital creatives like graphics, programming, web design/development, social media marketing/management, email marketing etc, you can become a freelancer to earn money.

There are freelancing websites like Fiverr and Upwork where you can offer your digital  skills in exchange for payment. All you need to do is to create is to create a professional profile then start bidding for jobs depending on your area of competency.

Most payments are in USD which means you get to enjoy the exchange rate when you    convert to your local currency. If you are not skilled, you can learn a few skills you can earn money from on these platforms.

In addition, you can create an online agency that provides the services you are skilled in to clients both offline and online outside freelancing platforms.

Information Marketing

Information marketing simply involves the marketing of valuable information products to an audience who are in need of it to earn money. It comes in various forms and usually      solves a problem.

The beauty of information marketing is that there are a wide range of topics that can be  covered in it. There are different hot niches where people have problems that need answers.

Niches like the make money/finance niche, health niche, dating niche etc are examples of niches where you can create information products that solve people problems.

To find people problems, you can visit forums like Nairaland and Quora or join Facebook groups that are related to such challenges.

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After creating your information product in a suitable format, the next thing to do is to promote to your audience using a highly-optimized marketing funnel that will compel them to buy from you.

The beauty of information marketing is that you are in total control of the business and can decide how you want it to be compared to other business models.

Mini Importation

This is another hot online business model to consider if you have some money saved up. As the name implies, it involves bringing in items from a cheap source outside into the country to sell at a higher price.

Some of these products are of very high quality even with the cheap prices and the start-up capital isn’t high.

The main challenge in mini-importation is in getting a well-meaning coach who can guide you accordingly. In addition, a certain level of patience is also necessary because there is a waiting period during when the products are ordered, shipped and when they arrive in your country.

The best bet is to start small and scale up as you gain experience and  make money.

China happens to be one of the favorite destinations for importing products at cheap prices. They have different platforms like 1688, Aliexpress, Taobao and Alibaba that sell a wide array of products to suit your taste.

Generally, fashion items sell very well and if you can get female items then you can count on making consistent sales if your promotions are targeted.

Drop Shipping

Similar to mini-importation, Drop shipping involves the selling of products but the difference is that you don’t need to buy the product first before selling to your customer. In fact, you don’t need to touch the product.

The major work here is simply to function like a middle man where you have to warehouse the merchant’s product on your online store, fix your price and promote to your audience to buy.

For each sale made, you earn the differential on top plus commission while the merchant earns their fixed price on the sold product.

Drop shipping remains one of the cheapest online businesses to start up as a newbie. Start-up capital required will be for data connectivity and promotion activities.

For more information, you can do a more detailed research into the drop shipping industry to learn more.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another online business to start after graduation even if you are a newbie. You don’t need to create any product here as all that is needed is simply to register with an affiliate platform and promote their products as an affiliate partner.

Income is earned each time you earn a commission from selling an affiliate product.

There are different affiliate platforms out there to join for free and thousands of products to promote as well. Some promotion methods are free while others are fast in yielding results.

‘If you plan to move fast with good results, paid promotion methods are better. For this type of promotion, you can go for email list promotion or Facebook/Google ad promotion.

Both types involve money but if you prefer to take the long, torturous route then use Forum and social media group promotion.

For improved chances of success while starting out, the best niches to promote in affiliate marketing are niches concerned with health and making money. You can check affiliate merchant websites like WarriorPlus and JVZoo to get registered then do your research on how to get started.

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E-Course Creation

As the name implies, this online business model involves the creation of e-courses for online learning. The courses doesn’t have to be something out of the ordinary. Any subject matter you are very good at will suffice in this regard.

There are a number of e-learning platforms that allow e-course creation and once you sign up with them, your course can be promoted to people out there.

Courses to create on these e-learning platforms range from as low as knitting/crocheting to programming and other complex tech.

Examples of e-learning platforms to consider are Udemy, Skillshare and Udacity where product creators create the best courses for students the world over. These courses are affordable and are reviewed by students after they have enrolled and taken your class they give a review on the platform.

These reviews determine how good your courses are and helps the platform promote it further.

To get started with this business model, first create a course, then register on the platform, then upload your course content on the platform.

An alternative to this is to have a membership website created where you can offer your paid course to interested students who pay to have it. This kind of website is a Members Only website where each student have their unique login information to access the course content one they pay.

For more information on this, Google and Youtube will be quite helpful.

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Life after graduating from school can be tough especially with the high unemployment rate. It is important now more than ever to have a monetisable skill that can help you sort out your bills when the need arises.

Fortunately, for those interested in entrepreneurship, there are different skill sets and online business models that require less capital than regular businesses. Whether a newbie or not, these are some of the online business you can start after graduation – Freelancing, Information marketing, E-commerce, Drop shipping, Affiliate marketing, and E-Course Creation.

Hope you found this article useful. Kindly let me know your thoughts in the comment section.

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5 Best Information Product Ideas

If you are just starting out in Internet marketing, one of the best models you can get into is Information Marketing. This is even more so when you are bootstrapping on a very low budget and need to maximize your results as best as possible. In this write-up, I will be showing you 5 best information product ideas you can create a digital product on to make money when starting out.

The first thing you need to understand is that the best information product ideas are those that help people in need solve their problems. It is a fact that if an information product does not provide a solution to people’s problems, keeping it as a sustainable income generator will be difficult.

Therefore, the first thing to think about when creating info product is to think of the serious problems a lot of people have issues with and how you can offer a solution for it.

Problems like infertility, sterility, STD treatment, dating, picking women, starting a particular business etc are examples of difficulties people won’t mind paying for a solution.

The 5 best information product ideas should ideally be solutions to problems that are either painful or embarrassing to discuss. It should be a solution that provides relief for the victim who is willing to go almost any length possible to get it.

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All you need to do is to do your research, gather this valuable information and sell it to a hungry audience to make your money.

Further research is needed to provide an information product for each problem you identify. This is where you come in as a savvy information product creator.

Information product ideas that can be considered hot enough with a large hungry audience include but are not limited to the following below.

  • Make Money Niche/Financial Management/Investment

One of the biggest problems people have is how to make money then keep it or build it. The niche this falls into is what is called an ever-green niche because it a challenge that ties to man’s basic welfare.

Therefore, it is reoccurring and has no all-in-one solution as almost everyone has this problem. The beauty of the make money or financial management niche is that the market is huge so tapping in is no problem.

Many people want to make money, many others want to keep theirs while others want to increase theirs. If you have a monetizable skill that is in-demand, you can make bigger income teaching what you know and not even practicing it.

This doesn’t mean that what you know is wrong but it doesn’t mean you can’t teach it to make money.

Anyone who can provide solutions to the challenges faced in making money, managing finances and handling investments can make huge sums of money creating and selling digital products that solve this products.

  • Dating/Relationships/Marriage

This is another area of human need that is as basic as it gets. The need to have a companion of the opposite is universal whether it be temporal or permanent. At a point in our lives, there is a need to have someone in your life as a mate.

As sweet as this sounds, it’s not always easy and this is where the problem lies. Getting someone suitable to date, have a relationship with or even marry is not an easy feat.

Many end up with the wrong person, some end up with someone they can tolerate while a few actually meet their right mate.

As it stands, the dating/relationship/marriage market is ripe with problems that need solution and you can position yourself as that expert. This is one of the best information product ideas anybody can run with to create a dating or relationship course and be sure of selling.

So long as it has the tag of being a dating guide or marriage course and the marketing is done right, you will have sales creating an info product to solve needs in this market.

The best information product ideas here should be based around topics like: How to get a girl or woman of your dreams, How to go on a date, How to manage and grow your relationship, How to have a successful marriage, How to avoid challenges in marriage, How to keep a woman/man,How to manage a divorce etc.

The list is endless but if you can do a bit of research, you will easily come up with a hot idea to run with.

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  • Sexual Health/Improvement Product Ideas

This particular is under-served, large and people with problems here would rather not talk about it. A lot of people have varied sexual health problems that they would rather keep private.

What makes this market one of the best information product idea is because it involves a pressing need that requires a solution fast. A lot of people have these problems but prefer to hide their identity even while looking for a solution.

If you can provide this solution through your information products, you will be patronized as long as your audience are sure of their privacy.

Think of men who have premature ejaculation problems or those with STDs, most need help but are suffering in silence. If you can find these people in your market targeting and provide them with your product, you make money.

Remember, you are only selling valuable information that can help them get rid of their problems. Product ideas here should be based around topics like How to last longer in bed, How to satisfy your partner, How to handle STDs, How to avoid STDs, How to cure impotency etc.


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  • Women’s Health/Pregnancy/Breast Cancer

It might be unfair to say that women have a wide myriad of health problems but that’s the truth. These problems usually require urgent attention because of the more delicate of the human female body.

Fortunately, there are solutions available for many of the problems. You can position yourself as an authority in providing valuable, well-researched information on how to tackle some of these problems without prescribing drugs or medical treatment directly.

Women’s health problems relate to topic ideas like: Breast cancer awareness, avoidance and prevention, How to get pregnant easily or avoid pregnancy, How to choose the sex of a baby, How to avoid specific disease types in women, How to carry your baby safely to term etc

The good news is that there is a ready, hungry market for this waiting for you to provide a solution and they will buy your product to consume if your marketing is done right.


The best information product ideas are products that solve people’s problems. Most of these problems are either pressing or embarrassing which makes the victims desperate for effective solutions for them.

Some of the best information product ideas focus on making money, investment, finance, dating, relationship, marriage, sexual health and unique disease conditions like cancer, diabetes etc.

Information product ideas providing a solution for these problems can provide a consistent means of income when marketed right. If you are just starting out in online business, information marketing is one of the models to look out for till you find your feet.

Most internet marketers use the information marketing model when creating products and training courses. Whether you are just starting out or experienced, you can succeed in information marketing with little financial investments and efforts.

I hope this post has been helpful. Kindly let me know your thoughts in the comment section.

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How To Promote Information Products

Finally, you have finally created your information product of choice. The product is of the highest quality and contains every information needed to make it work. Your next challenge is to learn how to promote information products.

Fortunately, there are several means that can be used to promote information products. Some are free while some are paid. Generally, paid means of promotion get faster results than free means.

If you are just starting out and have little funds, you can start with the free methods. Subsequently, once you have made some money, you can upgrade to paid means to promote information products for better results.

In this post, I will discuss in more detail the different methods you can use to promote information products to reach your audience and make sales.

Promote to Your Contact List

Your contact list is the first place to promote your information product. If your contact list is optimized with people who are interested in your niche of focus, you might just make sales.

Your contact list includes your phone contacts, friends, family, acquaintance, and social network. Promoting to them might yield some sales as they may buy or refer people who need your product to you.


Promote on Forums

Forums like Warrior forum, Quora and Nairaland are great platforms where you can easily promote your product using content marketing.

First, you need to join forums then contribute to posts related to your niche. You can start your own posts and offer useful, free tips to build trust with your audience.

Subsequently, you can start promoting your information product after you must have built enough audience. If you do a good job of offering value first, you will find out that your audience will be more obliged to buy from you.

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Promote on Social Media

Social media has a very high volume of traffic and is a superb resource pool of leads. Every market worth their salt needs to promote their products on social media. You can do free means or paid means depending on your budget.

You can promote your information product on your Facebook timeline, Facebook groups, Twitter, Instagram and other social media channels out there.

If you have a large follower base, you will experience more shares and likes as your audience responds to your offer. You can also add a call-to-action text directing people to share and like your post so more people can see it.

Promoting information products using social media helps give you more visibility, builds your social and brand awareness and establishes you as an authority in that field.

Promote to Email List

One of the most effective promotion strategies in internet marketing is email list promotion.

You need to have built an email list in the first place for you to be able to promote information products. To build an email list, you need to register with an email marketing platform then create a squeeze page where you lure in subscribers with a lead magnet.

Once they sign up to get the lead magnet, you get their emails in your email list. In future marketing endeavors, you can start promoting your information or digital products to them.

However, it is always important to nurture your list first by building a relationship with them before promoting information products to them. You can build this relationship by offering valuable tips, guides and advice using newsletters.

Later on, you can start marketing your products by telling about the problem it solves and the benefits of having your product.

 Promote using Facebook Adverts

Facebook Advert is one of the most effective advert methods currently in use by online marketers. This isn’t surprising given the fact that Facebook has over a billion users globally.

This is a very large audience which anybody can tap into to drive traffic to their products. The beauty of Facebook ads is that it can be targeted to an audience using any specific parameters.

As a paid means of promotion, Facebook advertising when done correctly can yield outstandingly positive results for you sales-wise. You will need a Facebook account and a Facebook ad account which are both free to run a targeted ad to promote your product.

The promotion itself isn’t free and you will need to have an international credit or debit card to fund your ad account for the promotion.

Your Facebook ad promotion can be targeted to any particular niche of your choice to sell your information products.

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Promote using Influencer Marketing

Information products can also be promoted using influencer marketing. This involves getting in touch with key figures or authorities in the internet marketing industry to promote your product to their contacts and lists.

This can be done while offering a share of the sales or reciprocating the gesture with an action of your own. In addition, some influencers might help promote your product after vetting it for quality out of good will.

Others might ask for some kind of payment before promoting your information product.

Influencer marketing is very effective for promoting information products as you will simply be leveraging on their visibility and influence to drive targeted traffic. If you are looking to cover much ground quickly, consider influencer marketing as a top means of promoting information products.


Making those beautiful six or seven figure income is dependent on how effective your promotion strategy is. If you do your promotions well, you will be experiencing a lot of sales if you have a good product.

There are several means of promoting information products. Whether you choose a free or paid means of promoting your information product, you will make sales relatively.

For faster results, paid promotion strategies are generally more advisable. You will reach more interested people automatically than going the manual route when using a free method.

Promoting to an email list, using Facebook advertising and influencer marketing are super effective for promoting products.

I hope you found value in this post. Kindly let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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7 Best Tools for Information Marketing

Just like in any other type of online business model, you need tools to succeed in information marketing. Information marketing can only be lucrative when you do it right using proven strategies and resources. In this post, I will be showing you the 7 best tools for information marketing.

It is important to understand that information marketing refers to the business of providing valuable but scarce information to a group of people who need such information but have no access to it.

These 7 best tools for information marketing work best when you follow a proven strategy that requires you do the following:

  • Find a niche audience
  • Decide on a product format
  • Create the information product
  • Build an email list of targeted audience
  • Pitch your product and make your money

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Below are the 7 best tools for information marketing success even if you are just starting out.

Google Search Engine

The almighty Google search engine is an amazing tool for information search, research and collation. If there is one tool you need to gather information, Google comes as number one.

With Google, you can find information on almost any topic on earth. The truth is that people are naturally lazy to run this searches themselves.

If you can research and package the information into a digital product, locate the audience and promote to them, you will be making money.

To use Google, simply head on to www.google.com to type in the information you want to search.

Forums and Facebook Groups

Finding your audience can be tasking if you don’t know how to do it right. The best way to find your specific audience is to do some prospecting using content marketing via forums and Facebook groups.

Simply join forums and Facebook groups related to the information product you are interested in creating, then start giving value by creating quality posts and posting regularly for a period.

After awhile, you would have gotten some engagements through comments. You can also comment on threads in the same niche as your coming information product.

To identify what information product to create, check for problems or challenges most people need a solution for then get to work.

In addition, you can add a call-to-action to text in your posts compelling people to contact you. Forums and Facebook groups remain one of the best tools for information marketing especially for newbies.

Email Marketing Platform

One of the challenges businesses have is following up on leads and prospects. This is where an email marketing platform comes in. It is a wonderful tool for generating leads, nurturing prospects and marketing them to become customers.

With an email marketing platform, you will be able to send valuable information to people who sign up for your freebie when you are list building.

It is also important for marketing purposes when you have a product to sell like your information product. Most email marketing platforms have automation features that make it possible to integrate to your sales pages. You can also send automated marketing emails scheduled previously.

Some email marketing platforms include Mailchimp, Getresponse, Aweber, Freshmail etc. They all have similar features but different pricing structures. If you can sign up to one of these, you would have gotten one of the best tools for information marketing.


Web Hosting and Domain name

A domain name and web hosting account comes very handy with WordPress making it easy to set up landing and sales pages for your information product.

You will need to select a relevant domain name as this is also the name of your website. Your landing and sales pages will have this name on their links too. You don’t necessarily have to set up your website but a web hosting account helps you set up WordPress.

With WordPress you can then install a landing page builder to set your information product sales or landing page.

You can get web hosting and domain name from providers like Bluehost, Namecheap, Hostgator, Whogohost etc. A domain name and web hosting account are essential tools for information marketing.

Microsoft Word and Screen Video Recorder

Creating information product doesn’t require anything out of the ordinary. With Microsoft Word, you can easily create your information product in doc format and subsequently converting to PDF format.

Using Canva, you can create beautiful PDF e-covers for your information products for FREE.

For how-to guides and instructional information products, the best form to create them is in video format. To create instructional video courses, you will need a tool like Camtasia Studio or Screencast O’matic which helps in recording your screen while teaching.

Sales Page Builder

A sales page builder is necessary to market your information product effectively. A sales page is a simple single web page where information about your digital product is presented along with its features and value proposition.

You need a sales page builder to set up a sales page containing features of your product and a payment details on how to get the information product.

Leadpages, Instabuilder, Thrivearchitect and WPProfit builder are some sales page builders you can design your sales page with.

A sales page builder is one of the best tools for information marketing .


Payment Processor

To earn money from your information product, you need a means of receiving payments from your sales page.

Your sales page can have a credit and debit card integration using Paystacks or add a PayPal button to make it possible for international payment processing.


To succeed in information marketing, you need tools and resources to make it happen. Some of these tools are free while others are paid. For greater chances of success, premium tools are preferable.

In this post, we have discussed the 7 best tools for information marketing especially if you are just starting out. This list is not conclusive and you can do your research to add more to it.

Hope you found value in this post. Kindly let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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Make Money in Information Marketing

The first time I came across information marketing as a means of making money on the internet was in 2007. I had just read in a newspaper how a 17 year old made his first million doing this. To say I was intrigued is an understatement, I was determined to make money in information marketing as well.

I researched and gobbled up everything I needed to know and finally created an information product. For promotion, I used forum posting and commenting and ended up selling a few copies and that was it.

I didn’t fail but I didn’t have much success either but I learnt from the experience. It was clear to me at that point that the market was hungry and there a was huge potential to make money in information marketing.

The new plan I formed was to improve my processes by building a list of hungry buyers first then offer them the product. Well, that was the plan and it would have worked but something else happened. I got into paid employment and forgot all about entrepreneurship.

Today, the job is no more and I am back to building my own business and guess what.

Information marketing still rocks. There are tons of information out there that certain clusters of people are dying to get their hands on. If this information can be gotten across to them, a good number of them won’t mind paying to have it.

To make money in information marketing involves a few basic steps that revolves around product creation and packaging.

Information marketing simply means finding valuable but scarce information needed by a select group of audience and providing it to them at a price. Marketing information means you have to package it into an information or digital product before presenting it for sale.

It can be in different formats – text or doc file, E-book PDF, video course, member website or a webinar.

The best information products today are those that can be considered as visual and instructional. Examples include video courses, membership sites and webinars.

This type of information or digital products are more easily assimilated by the audience making it a better alternative than E-book. You may not have noticed but the reading culture is fast depreciating and a lot more people are losing patience with reading.

At this point, you may be asking how do you create an information product that can make you money.

The answer lies in researching and looking out for what people are currently in need of. Some topics are evergreen, in that there is always a need for it by almost everybody. This type of topic is controlled by a human base desire; examples include topics on making money, dating, marriage, sex, health, etc.

Fortunately, these niches are also filled with a lot of challenges that a lot of people need solutions to. Once you provide the needed information to the target audience, all things being equal, they will buy from you.

Below is a step by step guide on how you can make money in information marketing easily even if you are a newbie.

– Find a niche market

– Identify which format of information product will work best

– Create the information product

– Build an email list of targeted audience

– Pitch your product and make money in information marketing

Now let’s add flesh to these steps to make them more easily comprehensible for everyone.


Find a Niche Market

The first thing to do to make money in information marketing is to research and locate who and where your audience is.  You need to look out for what the current trends are and ask yourself who you are creating this product for.

Find out your niche market – is it overweight people, people with eye problem, people with diabetes, or the unemployed? Where can this category of people be found? You might have to check out forums on the internet, social media groups and Google trends.

Popular forums are full of topics so consider those with lots of engagement to be worthy of creating an information product on.

Alternatively, start with a niche you have an interest because it might help you locate your target market of like minds more easily too.

The health, wealth and make money niche are heavily crowded and it won’t a fly if you jump in for a slice of the cake.


Identify which format of information product will work best

After finding your niche market and identifying your target market, the next step is deciding on a product format.

Will your product be better as an E-book, video course, training via a membership site or served in a webinar? Your decision depends on the type of information product you are selling and whom you are selling to.

Personally, I feel video courses are better because they show your audience in greater detail how to learn what you are teaching.

If it’s a simple instructional course, you can create it as a pdf and get a beautiful e-cover for it. You can visit Canva.com to design a beautiful e-cover free.

For membership websites, you may need to get a web designer to set up a website for you using WordPress. A premium membership website theme and plugins will be necessary to secure access to the site for only paid members only.

For video courses, you can create a video tutorial using Camtasia Studio or Screencast o’matic to record your screen.

Create the Information Product

Once you have decided on a format to follow, it is time to make money in information marketing. Go ahead to do your research on the information then create your product using your format of choice.

If you can help it, make your information product as professional-looking as possible. Packaging is key in the information marketing business if you really want to succeed.

Build an email list of targeted audience

Now you have your information product ready, the next step is to build the audience you plan to market to. To do this, you need one of the following:

– Facebook or Whatsapp Group

– Email List

– Facebook Messenger Bot

You will require traffic from a targeted source and my suggestion is to run a Facebook ad offering either product or something of value related to it as a giveaway. If your Facebook promotion is targeted at the right audience, you should be able to get signups into your offer.

At this point, you will use E-mail marketing to market your product to your new list. The best way to market is to show them why they need your product and the benefits they stand to gain by buying it.

In addition, you can also offer incentives and bonuses like free software, membership to your Facebook groups, free access of information from you directly etc.

Such enticements will serve to persuade your audience to buy your offer. You can also implement several marketing techniques to compel them further to take action.

Use deadlines, heighten the sense of lost opportunity, inflate the benefits to drive sales. You want to make money in information marketing right?

As long as your product is legit, market the hell out of your product and see results pour in.

Pitch your product and make money in information marketing

Continue to pitch and promote your product on social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Use your timeline and also post in Facebook Groups for this purpose. Keep running your paid promotions too to reach a bigger audience.

On your email marketing platform, offer valuable tips and guides for free on some days then alternate it with heavy pitching of your information product.

As you gain authority and visibility, your next campaign around will be easier as your audience will buy into your offers more easily.


To make money in information marketing requires creating a product from what you are very good at. Or creating a product from a NEED a lot of people have.

You will have to do some research before deciding on a niche to go for. Also, product format is important. People respond more to video content than text content so if you can create video courses or webinars, you will experience more engagement.

Video courses also command more premium pricing because of its level of detail. In addition, when creating a product, ensure that it looks as professional as possible.

Information marketing will continue to thrive as a successful online business model as long as man has needs. The quest to find solutions for these needs provides an opportunity for the savvy internet entrepreneur to make money marketing this information.

Did you learn something new or different in this post?

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