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How to Promote Affiliate Products Using Blog Commenting and Google Alerts


In this post, I will be showing you showing you one way to promote your affiliate products using a combination of Website commenting and Google Alerts.

As I’m sure you already know, you make money through affiliate marketing by promoting specific projects to a target audience and for each purchase they make of the product, you earn a commission.

Now, the more the number of products they buy, they more the amount of commissions you make.

It’s simply math which means it’s actually easy for you to scale your figures up.

The first thing to do is to register with an Affiliate Marketing platform of your choice

Next you need to select a niche where you’ll pick affiliate products from.

Let’s say you’re going with an Affiliate Merchant like Sellhealth or Click bank, you can go for the Weight Loss niche.

Under the Weight Niche, there are hundreds of affiliate products you can choose.

But we are not going to pick just any weight loss products here.

We need to pick products that are known winners in the industry.

Such products should fulfill any one of the following parameters:

– It should have rave reviews.
– It should be a top selling product; that is, it should have a high gravity
– It should be moderately priced with a good commission percentage on it.

So let’s assume you now have your product of choice, it’s time for the next step.

Remember that our strategy for promoting the affiliate products is via niche blogging commenting.

Go to your browser and search for this link –

What we want to do here is to register for Google Alerts which is a platform where Google sends you notifications when any content you have interest in is published on the web.

Note that our interest at this moment is to find niche blogs that have decent traffic and frequently updated content.

To register for Google Alerts on these blogs, in the search bar of the Google Alert page, enter the keyword of the niche and add blog or website to it.

Here is an example:

‘Weight loss + Blog’

Once you enter these keywords, you will be prompted to add your email of choice where you want to be receiving the alerts of new blog posts on the niche your product is on.

Now it’s gets even more interesting.

When you start getting alerts, simply visit the blog, sign up if you have to do that before commenting.

Contribute positive comments to whatever discussion the new post on the weight loss blog is about then add your affiliate product link as a link and suggest to other readers to give it a try that you’re currently using it.

A Word Of Caution – It’s important that you cloak your affiliate product link with a Link Shortener like or Bitly before pasting it in there with your comment.

If your comment appears original and helpful, you should be able to get some people to purchase the product from the link you drop especially if the blog has decent to massive traffic on it.

Most of the blog readers might likely not know that what you dropped is an affiliate product link.

The more you do this using helpful comments on other blogs, the more your chances of making sales.

This method of promotion works but might not be fast.

If you’re just starting out and lack funds to buy email lists or run Facebook ads, this is one way to promote your affiliate products.

If you liked what you just read and would love to learn some more from me, I’ll love to see your comments and questions below.

I will be dropping another strategy within the week so be on the look out for it.

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