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How to Promote Affiliate Products Using Youtube

One of the simplest models in the world of making money online is affiliate marketing. The name alone explains it all – affiliate marketing, meaning marketing a product to an audience as an affiliate. Of course, there are different ways of doing this, one of which I will discuss shortly – how to promote affiliate products using Youtube videos.

In affiliate marketing:

– you do not need to create or own the product

– you do not need to offer support for it

– you do not need to update the product

– you do not to troubleshoot it

– you incur no expenses in producing it

Your only task is to pick the product and sell to people who need such products. No long stories. This is the basic framework to it.

Of course, it is not as straight forward as I have it out to be. Now, I must be very honest with you – affiliate marketing can be hard if you don’t plan well before going into it.

Heck, even with a great promotion strategy, it can still be tough succeeding at affiliate marketing if you are looking at it from a quick-money scheme perspective.

However, in this post I will be revealing how you can make money from affiliate marketing using Youtube to promote products.

You will need the following:

– Registration with an affiliate merchant

– A Youtube account

– A Tubidy extension account on your Google Chrome browser for ranking videos on Youtube

– A video creating software, if you know how to create explainer videos (alternatively, you can visit a freelance website and get a video designer create videos for you of the affiliate product)


Now let’s get started….

The first thing to do is to register with an affiliate merchant, you can pick anyone from Sellhealth, Clickbank to JVZoo. It doesn’t matter which one you go for, just go with the flow.

Next, you need to select a niche of choice from any one of these:

– Health and Fitness (Weight loss and diet, Sexual health, Body building, Skin enhancement, Hair care, Disease treatment and management)

– Software and other digital products in the Make Money Online Niche

– Marriage and Relationship


Whatever product you are going for should be one with a decent commission percentage and enough buzz on it as a performing product. It doesn’t have to be a top selling product as products of that level might have a lot of affiliate marketers like you on them.

It should have some rave reviews and buzz all the same. You can still go for top selling trending products too as I will be showing you how to rank them on Youtube’s search engine.

After selecting your product of choice and copying the affiliate link, visit to cloak the affiliate link then save in your Notepad on your PC.

Now check out the link and read through it to understand how they product works, write a rave review of about 300 – 500 words yourself and save this too.

Go to Youtube on your Google Chrome browser, login then open another tab and search for Tubidy Chrome extension.

Tubidy is a free extension that helps you rank videos on Youtube using keywords. After registering on it, it will naturally integrate itself to your Youtube account.

Whenever you are uploading a video on Youtube, it will come up, showing you elements where you can input name, search keywords and other features that will help you rank the video.

This feature of Tubidy makes it great to promote affiliate products using Youtube videos, as you will find out.

At this point, you need an Explainer video review of the product you want to promote on Youtube. You can do it yourself if you are a good Explainer video creator, video editor, or you can get one to do it for you.

The best to do this however, is to go on a freelancing website like and get an expert explainer video creator to create one for you where a medical personnel in a white lab coat preferably will talk about the product briefly.

This explainer video should be about 1-3 minutes, highlighting its value. You don’t want your link visitors to lose interest in a long video. The script should be straight to the  point, discussing what the product does using the ROT formula.

The ROT formula stands for Result, Objection and Time.

Your video script and written content should focus on this too.

It should start with the result your product offers…..then proceed with the challenge and objections your prospect might have then end it with a time-frame within which the product will deliver the solution.

Finally, a call-to-action showing the cloaked affiliate link should be at the end of the video script and the written content.

At this point, once your video of the product is ready and uploaded, enter the most likely keywords you know the product will likely be searched with on the internet then fill in the content with the affiliate link.

Next you submit and wait for about 6 – 24 hours for it to rank on Youtube’s search engine. If the product is a hot and trending one, it can even rank on first page in a few minutes or hours.

I have once ranked a video in a matter of minutes.

Now, repeat the same process for any number of products you may have and watch your sales begin to come in over time. This process is everlasting and as long as Youtube is in existence and the product is still available, you will see sales from that video from time to time IF IT RANKS WELL.

I hope you enjoyed this affiliate marketing hack – how to promote affiliate products using Youtube videos.

If you liked it or have questions or comments, don’t forget to drop them below.

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