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How to Rank your Blog post in SEO Quickly

Creating a highly optimized blog post that ranks in SEO isn’t always a piece of cake. It usually takes some effort using certain tools made for this purpose. However, as tough as many content marketers and SEO specialists find it, it can be done. In this post, I will be giving a few tips on how to rank your blog post in SEO quickly.

To improve the ranking of a post, you will need tools like the following:

Yoast SEO Plugin

– Google Search Console

– a Keyword Research Tool e.g Ahref, Semrush or any other top keyword research tool

These 3 tools will help you do the job perfectly well. Here are the steps to rank your post in SEO quickly and drive more organic traffic.


– First open your Google Search console.

The reason for this is to check for the keywords currently drawing  showing on your post but have little traffic. Such posts will be optimized with synonymous traffic-pulling keywords to increase traffic to them.

Click on SEARCH ANALYSIS, select NO FILTER under the PAGES tab then input the URL to the post, then click FILTER to bring out the queries list brought up by your search. This is a list of keywords currently being searched in relation to your blog post.

Double Click IMPRESSIONS to sort these search keywords by the impressions on them.

You will see a list looking like this:

The next task is to pick out keywords with high impressions but few clicks.


– Using your Keyword Research Tool

This is where a keyword research tool will be handy to help rank your blog post in SEO. Any good keyword research tool can do this job well.

Examples include Semrush, Moz, Ahref and several others.

Input the keywords into your research tool to note those with the highest related keyword traffic on them. Note down these high traffic keywords because you will be needing them to optimize your post.

Generally, you will need the high traffic keywords to spread through your post’s title, meta description, URL and within the content.


– Using the Yoast SEO Plugin

With the help of the Yoast SEO Plugin, you can improve the blog post to rank in search engines by using the keywords you just noted down.

Embed the keywords into the heading and body of the post to blend in nicely with your message. It is important that you don’t overstuff your content but make it flow smoothly.

To rank your blog post in SEO, you need to do it right without black hat techniques.

Ensure that the Yoast SEO parameters all check out GREEN by embedding those keywords in the content in the heading, SEO title, meta description, focus keyword bar and other highlighted areas in Yoast.


– Observe your Results After About 30 days

At this point, the next thing to do is to wait for your blog post to gather some data then head back over to Google Search console.

Check the statistic you are currently seeing and compare it to the last figure you had 30 -60 days back. There should be a significant increase in your click, traffic and data figures for the post in view.

All things being equal, there is no reason why your blog post won’t rank in SEO due to the tweaks earlier.


– Optimize Other Blog posts to Rank in SEO

At this point, it is expected that this strategy has shown a marked improvement in your post’s search engine rankings. This is when you scale it up by working and ranking older blog posts in SEO using this same technique.

In time, this strategy shouldn’t take long to get better at. You will be to rank blog posts in SEO the more you do it often.


SEO maybe competitive but with a strategy like this, you can stay ahead of a lot of people in the same industry as you. It is better to create fewer contents that are of the highest quality with solid SEO knowledge than content with no optimization.

I am hopeful you, my reader has learnt something new from this. If you found this post useful, don’t forget to share on social media.

Someone out there will likely benefit from this. Thank you for reading and check out my other posts for more tips in your online business and marketing.


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