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5 Social Media Platforms for Business Owners

The biggest leverage small business owners have in recent years is the emergence of social media. Gone are the days of striving to compete with big corporations that often armed with giant advertising budgets. Now small businesses can utilize the viral nature to increase their brand awareness, increase reach and grow their business.

In fact, any business that truly wants a slice of the population as its audience needs to strongly consider social media as a major part of their online marketing strategy after setting up a website.

Having a website should come first then backed up social media. Note that your website belongs to you or your business but social media accounts are third party accounts held by you.

In this post, I will elaborate in more detail on the 5 social media platforms for business owners. Ignoring any one of these platforms means you might be deliberately self-sabotaging your business.

Social media by the very nature are highly viral as long as the content offered is interesting to the audience.  When combined with quality content marketing, you can expect to have an awesome traffic building system pushing leads to your offers.

Considering the fact that there are tons of social media in existence, the question is – which platforms are best for business owners and which can be neglected?

Fortunately, you don’t need to be an expert in social media to utilize it to your advantage.

Basically, the type of business you do determines the particular social media platform to use for your marketing strategy online.

Now, let’s get into it, shall we?


  1. Facebook

    social media for business

With over 800 millionactive users, Facebook is the undisputed champion of social media platforms. Every business should have a presence on Facebook.

Considering their paid ad promotion feature plus the number of people on it, Facebook is a key social media platform for the business owner who has serious interest in growing their numbers.

Facebook features like Pages, Groups and being able to post on timelines, invite and tag friends have made possible to spread the word about your affairs to much as people as possible the world over.

With rich content marketing in the form of images, videos and text, small business owners can engage, network and grow their portfolio while focusing on niche audiences unlike never before.

The potential in Facebook marketing is incredible even more so with its integration with Whatsapp and Instagram.

With Facebbook, your outreach and marketing efforts can start from your family and friends in your contact list and grow from there.

If you are checking for one of the best, all-round social media platforms for business owners, Facebook tops the list.


  1. Instagram

    social media for business

After Facebook, consider the almighty Instagram as next on the list of social media platforms for business owners. By its very nature, Instagram is a very visual social media platform and was created for the display and sharing of rich visual content.

Businesses that deal in visually-appealing stuff can leverage on this wonderful feature of Instagram. Most businesses that deal in physical products like art, beauty and fashion actually prefer Instagram and maybe Facebook for their content marketing strategy.

Users congregate to watch high quality images and videos in relaxation. This is the place where your own products and services can come in as either normal or boosted posts with the relevant hash tags.

With Instagram, small business owners can show off their products and services in beautiful resolution graphics to build engagement and generate sales.


  1. Twitter

    social media for business

Twitter is the grand daddy of viral social media as far as texting is concerned.

With over 300 million users, the power of targeted hash tags, and the reach of industry influencers, Twitter is one social platform for business owners to spread the word on their business.

Using hash tags, users can stay connected to topics that they have a common interest in. This feature alone when added to the following users feature makes it easy to connect with like-minded people.

Content marketing here is also king , as threads (a chain of content interconnected using the Retweet feature by the user) can be used to create micro-blogposts.

Industry influencers are also available to be leveraged on to promote your business . This can be done either by following their followers and replying their tweets or contacting them directly to pitch for assistance with promotions.

Twitter ads though not really known to be as targeted as Facebook’s can also be used to build greater exposure for your business.


  1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the number one business-focused social media platform for professionals. If you have a service-based business, then consider LinkedIn as a prime place to be.

LinkedIn has over 135 million users worldwide making it a huge social media platform filled with opportunities for the enterprising business owner.

Originally, it was more like a job listing board but not anymore as business individuals and other professionals now dominate the platform.

Business owners offering different services can network amongst themselves to build their portfolio. Industry information and connection that can lead to further business growth and development through sales can also be gotten this wonderful B2B platform.

An optimized profile on your LinkedIn will generally improve your chances of recommendations and connecting with other individuals in a similar industry.


  1. Youtube

If you have a business that deals in creating tutorials, how-to guides and manuals, then you must consider Youtube to be an integral part of your business.

As an arm of the search engine giant, Google, you can virtually carve a sizable portion of the internet if you can set up and optimize a Youtube channel for this purpose.

How does this work?


Create quality videos, include your business website’s URL in the first line of the description with a call-to-action and set up your search tags on the video using search-relevant keywords.

Any time a search is done on Google looking for video content, you can count on your video coming up and your business’s URL will likely be checked if your content is engaging as well.



These 5 social media platforms are necessary for any serious business owner who truly means business. Facebook and Instagram alone are heavyweights but it certainly won’t hurt your business to be on more than those two.

If you are on Facebook, consider running highly targeted ads to promote your business as often as possible.

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