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7 Sure Tips To Be More Productive Every New Week

Yeah, I know it’s a new week and you have probably heard or seen all the Monday motivation posts. Or even read how to make your week more productive. But how are those working out for you? To be more productive every new week, you require committed effort and plan of action you will follow.

It’s not so easy to do when you check how fast you can actually lose track of your carefully planned schedule. Nonetheless, we still have to try to keep things in order. You know how Monday’s can be so overwhelming.

In this post, I will be sharing with you 7 sure tips to be more productive every week.

This isn’t rocket science and works for everyone irrespective of your field of endeavor. Employee or business owner, read on below to learn these tips to improve your productivity.

Start on Friday

That’s right. To make your next week more productive, you truly need to start planning from the previous week.

What didn’t you finish the previous week? What did you miss out on? What needs to be completed?

I know Friday should be time to relax! Heck! It’s TGIF but then if you don’t have a documented checklist of stuff still pending to be done, you are likely to be in a hassle on Monday.

So note down all unfinished tasks especially if your Fridays are less busy then plan how you to follow up on each one come Monday.

You can simply schedule them to the different of the coming week so the load will be evenly dispersed and not clutter your activities for the new week.

Relax and have fun during the weekend

Very important! If you are like most busy or productive people, you are likely consumed with the hustle  during the week. Getting into a new week with no real break for fun or relaxation will lead to one thing РUnproductive.

You begin to tire, get bored or lose interest completely in your business or job. When this happens, you become less efficient at completing tasks needed to grow your business.

To be on edge and productive every new week, you need time to have fun and enjoy life. Take a break, do fun stuff, visit friends and loved ones, go see a movie, travel a bit if possible.

A change of scenery can do wonders. Sometimes what one needs to improve their productivity is a tiny change of environment.

Coming back into the new week, you will be more refreshed or relaxed compared to if you didn’t chill during the weekend at all.

Believe me, life will continue without you should you break down and lose your life. There will be tears maybe, but you will be forgotten fast enough all the same.

If you have your own business, try to discipline yourself enough to stay away from work. Yes, it won’t run away. Companies that really value their staff encourage them to enjoy their weekend and have fun.

Draw up a plan for the new week

Without a plan, it’s very easy to not only lose focus but to forget a lot of important tasks that need to be handled.

The best plans are drawn up in a list form which makes it easy for you to tick out anyone you handle. With a plan of action in your hands, delegating your efforts accordingly will be easier making you more effective and productive.

Generally, the harder, time-consuming tasks should be handled first of all so you can put in all your zest and fresh energy into them. By the time you are powering down, you can then focus on the easier tasks and relax while doing them.

You can set up an activity or weekly planner or To-Do checklist that will guide your activities during the week. Check back on this list from time to time to see how far you are faring and where you need to put in more effort.


Check your emails preferably every 2-3 hours

Emails can be a help or a distraction depending on how you use it. One email can distract for at least 1 full hour. That means out of your 8 hours work period, you potentially lose like 2-3 hours depending on the kind of work you do.

There are emails you don’t need to respond to immediately. Checking them might likely distract you from your already planned schedule, making you less productive.

If there is something important that needs to be done, a colleague, superior or industry friend can call you via phone or find a way to call your attention to it.

You can also set an alarm to be reminded at intervals when to check your email so you won’t be lost in the haze of spam and other attractive promotions that end up in your box.

Set a primary goal for the week

Yep!. There should be at least one primary goal for the week if you truly hope to be more productive every new week.

This goal could be anything. But let it be something major.

Maybe you are creating an information product, a video course, writing a book or plan to meet an exclusive lead or client. Set it up to be your landmark achievement for that week and allocate enough time to strategize on getting it done right.

Setting primary goals are important as it can help your confidence when other stuff are not going well. You can fall back on it as motivation in your life journey.

The more you set and achieve your weekly goals, the more effective and productive you become in your field.

Be determined to put in extra effort

Your mindset is very important to be more productive every new week. You have to decide within yourself that you are going to achieve most or all the tasks you have set up for yourself.

Be determined to put in extra effort. Surely, you won’t die from the work if you follow a well-tailored plan of action. Say NO to distractions and naysayers and put in every ounce of effort to be better and get more results.

If you can’t focus on the tough tasks first, then handle the easier tasks first then relax in peace to tackle difficult ones taking the rest of the day at it if it can be helped.

Check what worked the last time you were faced with a task and what you did differently. Try out the same strategy and see if it works out for you.

You can also contact colleagues or industry associates for support. In all, be determined to put in more effort to make it work

Improve and grow yourself further

To be more productive every new week requires the extra-ordinary.

Yeah, it does. You have to be determined to do what others are not may not be willing to do. Research and improve on yourself every spare chance you get so you will be better than others.

Fortunately, a lot of people are naturally lazy so if you decide to go the opposite direction by being hardworking, you will be experiencing a lot of growth.

There is Google and Youtube for research and improving yourself on any field of your choice. There are online-based personal improvement centers where you can become better in anything. You don’t even have to be present physically to get this done.

You can network using Eventbrite to go for meetings and events where you can get the juiciest information on a wide number of topics that will increase your portfolio.

By being better at what you do, your tasks become easier and you begin to enjoy your work even more. You may even gain authority status as time goes on.


Being more productive requires effort, it doesn’t come to anybody just like that. There has to be a conscious effort and plan to be more productive weekly.

With these 7 tips to be more productive every new week, your business or work is going to benefit from having a more effective you. Isn’t that what we all want?

So tell me, what would you do differently from this new week going forward? I am interested in seeing your responses so don’t forget to comment to below!

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