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Why Affiliate Marketing Remains the Easiest Online Business You Can Start

There are a thousand and one online businesses out there but only a handful can be easily set up with little or no prior training.

Affiliate marketing is one of such online businesses that require a small amount of cash investment to start.  It involves promoting a product to a prospective targeted audience and when they make purchase, you earn commissions for each sale completed.

There are several other reasons why you should start affiliate marketing.

Start-up capital is low, you don’t need to create any product, you can do it at your convenience, you can determine how much you are likely to earn by how much effort put in. Now, the next question is how does one get started and what is needed.

Basically, you sign up with an affiliate marketing platform, there are several of them out there like and you can click on anyone of them to get started right away:

Some of them don’t allow registrations from Nigeria like Clickbank while many do. So simply pick one of your choice, register and as an affiliate (a product promoter and seller), you are not creating any product, remember.

Registration is usually free, ensure Nigeria is listed among eligible countries. Use your real details and after signing up go to their payment settings to set up how you will receive your earnings.

You can receive earnings online either through Paypal or a Payoneer card, this is dependent on the affiliate platform chosen.

To get a Paypal account, it has to be registered and verified outside Nigeria because Paypal account registered here have limitations and restrictions.

Click here to open a PayPal account quickly.

You can get someone outside the country to get one registered and verified for you, preferably US or UK.

On the other hand, a Payoneer account and card can be registered and received here in Nigeria.

Click here to open a Payoneer account for receiving payments anywhere in the world.

Simply log on to,, register and fill in your details correctly including your home address.

It is advisable to use the closest NIPOST address close to your residence and include your number on this address. When the card gets to NIPOST, they will call you through that number to inform you.

Okay, let’s continue….now, you have registered under an affiliate program of your choice, and probably updated your payment method as well.

Please note that getting your payment method (paypal or payoneer) first before registering is the best way to go about this because after registration you will need to add one to continue.

Now you have an account with an affiliate program and a payment method, next is to pick a niche you will focus on.

A niche is a specific category and in this case, a specific category of products to promote. You could choose money making niche, men’s health niche, weight loss for women niche, sexual health niche, relationship niche.

These niches are evergreen because from now till the end of time, people will always seek for solutions to their problems in this niche. Products here usually sell better than products from other niches.

Pick a niche, check out the available products and pick one or two to promote. You will need the affiliate product link to promote this product by sending them to your targeted audience.

This used to be the way most affiliate marketers promote their affiliate links but it isn’t the most effective.

To get the best out of affiliate marketing, you have to send targeted traffic interested in what you are selling to your affiliate link and hope that they will buy.

But that’s not all, how do you get this targeted traffic.

You need some basic tools like an auto-responder (Getresponse, Aweber) which manages emails and automates the sending process, you will need a landing page builder (for creating landing/optin/squeeze pages for collecting emails e.g Instabuilder, Instapage, Leadpages)

You could get them through joining related groups on Facebook or forums and discussion boards where you can add value through posting useful content and subsequently you can post your squeeze page link to collect emails of those interested in the value you add.

Once you have built a sizable list, you can start employing the power of email marketing by sending them newsletters bearing useful information about a problem your affiliate product can solve.

These mails could bear your affiliate links or you can finally introduce your product in your last mails to them.

This method is the free one but if you are willing to go and grow fast too, you could get a targeted email list and traffic using Solo ads.

Click HERE to register an account on a solo ad network.

Solo ads providers have already grown email lists in your niche and all you need do is contact the seller with your landing page or squeeze page link (a sign up page used for collecting emails) which they will send their traffic to.

Interested persons who sign up on your offer will have their mails received on your auto-responder.

Normally, you are supposed to have messages about this product set up on your auto-responder so that once sign ups come from the solo ads traffic, the auto-responder starts sending scheduled messages to them.

It seems like quite a process but really it isn’t once you understand the system. As long as the solo ads traffic fits your product specification and your email marketing is done right, sales would definitely come….in time.

It’s not really an instant affair but once you master the basics, it will become more of a set up and watch the money come in.

For each sale concluded, you earn a commission and it’s advisable to go for products that pay at least 50% commission and above.

Affiliate marketing done correctly is a sure source of making income without spending much on the project.

You only need the necessary tools and proper guideline to make it work for you.

Quite a number of people have made serious money through affiliate marketing and you can too.

Want to get registered?

Visit any of the links above to get started immediately or click HERE to choose an affiliate network of your choice.

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