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Why Email Marketing In Business Might Save Your Brand

A lot of businesses are completely ignorant of the power of email marketing in business. Email marketing represents a key part of marketing for many medium to large corporate firms who have been able to harness its awesome leverage.

In this post you will read why your small business needs an email marketing system for best results.

Small businesses by virtue of their size usually have less budget available for adverts and promotions. Email market in business can make all the difference for these small businesses as it involves lead generation, nurturing, relationship management and consistent sales.

With email marketing in business, these small businesses will be able to compete somewhat favorably with bigger competitors for a fair share of the market without being dominated completely.

The process involved is actually simple when you look at it; at every customer touch point, there should be a lead magnet available to take in leads/prospects who come in contact with your small business.

If you are wondering if your business qualifies as a small business, worry not. Email marketing in business works irrespective of size of your establishment.

The main thing to do here is to build an email list of leads, prospects and customers, old and new. Once you have such a list, segmentation is key as your email marketing effort will be different across each segment.

Content sent to a lead will differ from that sent to a prospect and even different from that sent to an existing customer.

With email marketing, your business will be able to reach your target audience at all hours and they can get to be mentally aware of your service whenever your newsletter comes in.

Email marketing in businesses means you can easily share information about your discounts, promotions, special events, pitch sales and create more awareness about your brand.


Cost effective compared to other advert and promotion strategies

With email marketing, your advert expense is going to be lower than when you are using most other method. The only fee you are likely to pay is the monthly subscription fee charged by email marketing platforms like Getresponse, Aweber, Mailchimp and others.

This fee is usually very minimal compared to other ad media resources. A professional email marketing service in Lagos like Digital Universe Tech can easily set up your email marketing accounts, build your list and manage your customer email lists and your sales promotions.

Of course, there are a good number of email marketing services in Lagos but I highly recommend Digital Universe Tech because of the special relationship I have with them.

Email marketing unlike many other alternatives is virtual and super-fast. At the touch of a button, you would have sent out your newsletters to hundreds or thousands of subscribers at zero cost.


Time management and efficiency

Any brand using email marketing in their business can dictate when they want their subscribers to see their ads and promotions. Emails can be auto-set to trigger following specific customer actions or time settings as preferred by the business management.

Email marketing is a major aspect of online marketing in Nigeria today and the tech-savvy brands are already leveraging on its advantages to win a good percentage of their specific market.


Availability of data analytics to improve marketing efficiency

The use of email marketing in business makes for an overall improvement in marketing efforts. Most email marketing platforms offer data analytics where a user can monitor the performance of their marketing efforts and how their subscribers are responding to it.

Generally, email open rates are around 20-30% at best and click through rate is even lower too.

With this knowledge in mind, businesses using email marketing services will be able to detect what is causing what and how to improve low metrics and improve them too.

Email dynamics you must ensue your email marketing service provides your team includes deliverability, rate, subscribe and unsubscribe rate, bounce rate, open rate, click through rate and of course, reply mails to your marketing efforts.

This data tracking feature of email marketing makes it a must have for small businesses that serious to scale their growth and sales respectively.


Adds a personal touch to your brand

Customers love it when a business relates with them on a first name, first hand basis. Email marketing makes this possible as emails can be customized to show first names, smileys and other emoticons which convey a personal touch to the customers making them trust your service and business more.

Most online businesses in Nigerian and indeed, the rest of the world understand this customer psychology. Ask yourself why else do you get mails from brands and it shows you first name.

How do you feel when you get a mail and the first thing you see is ‘Hello First Name..’. It makes you feel valued and you will find it easier connecting with that brand.


Ease and convenience of dispersing information to customers

Unlike other forms of marketing, a brand can easily reach out to its customer base using emails at any time. Information sharing is very convenient using this form of marketing.

Your audience can read the information you are sharing at their convenience without worrying about missing a notification or promotion from you. Be it in the morning, afternoon or night, you can reach your audience in minutes and at zero cost.

Business owners who wish to build their business for the long term will benefit greatly from having an email marketing service grow their business.


Final words

So the questions are, why are small businesses not using this form of online marketing to the maximum and how can they start using this service?

The reason behind the first question is a case of reduced awareness, a lot of people don’t know about these or how it can be used. The responsibility lies on the marketing and sales units of a business to carry out detailed research on how to go about their marketing projects.

For the second question, to get started in using email marketing in business, a simple search for ’email marketing service in Lagos’ or any other location will turn up a handful of results showing businesses that offer this service.

Digital Universe Tech is one of such services offering digital marketing in Lagos and Nigeria. Send a mail to to book an appointment or discuss terms.

Did you enjoy the post? What do you think of using email marketing in your business and watch out for improved growth and sales rates.

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