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Why SMS Marketing Could Be Exactly What Your Business Needs

With the world growing more sophisticated than ever, marketing has gone purely digital with social media taking the lead. As much as this is so, SMS marketing however, could be exactly what your business needs.

You may ask why this is so but the facts are really glaring when you look at it. Almost 70% of the world’s population now uses mobile phones and these phones range from highly featured smart phones to simple phones that are only capable of calls and text messaging.

With everyone on mobile phones, there is need to have a means through which your business can promote its products and services across board to its different classes of customers.

This is where SMS marketing comes in.

With a lot of businesses going different routes in their marketing efforts, the smart business owner should retrace steps back to SMS marketing because of its efficiency in delivering results.

Email marketing, social media and search engine optimized marketing are all great but none can compare to the instantaneous delivery that SMS marketing offers.

It is important to also remember that the noise in the world of marketing is quite high now, therefore being unique and standing out is necessary to be visible above the whole marketing clutter.

Here are some reasons why SMS marketing is important if you own a small business.


Cost Efficiency

Compared to the amount of money needed to run traditional ads on TV and newspapers, effective social media ads, or the cost of doing proper SEO marketing, SMS marketing is relatively far cheaper and several times as effective.

As long as your potential customer has a phone, you have a high probability of reaching them the minute you send out your bulk SMS. Of course, it is important not to spam too because spamming will reduce your efficiency.

The general rule is to only send promotional offers and deals to people who willingly submitted their phone numbers for that purpose.

If it turns out that you are spamming your audience with texts they do not need, they can ignore or worse yet blacklist your number completely ending your chances of future campaigns.


Heavier Reach

With SMS marketing, there is little room for your audience to miss your messages when you send them. Only if the individual’s phone is unavailable will they not get a message from you when you run a campaign.

Unlike in E-mail marketing where your subscribers need data to receive the mail and even check their box to read, SMS marketing delivers messages directly, forcing the recipient to take action.

SEO marketing still requires people to run  search on search engines. Messenger bots require the internet as well, but SMS marketing is almost unavoidable.

Personally, I have found them very useful as smart businesses use it to remind their customers of deals and promotions that might be very useful.

Consider what the telecoms network providers do, they have a very heavy SMS marketing campaign project which has proven very effective in keeping their customers within easy reach.

A sizable number of the population still do not have these smart phones and if you really want to put your business out there in the faces of people, consider SMS marketing in your marketing efforts.


Instant Deliverability

From all indications, it has been proven that SMS marketing has a higher degree of deliverability (no fear of your content ending up in the promo tab like in Gmail).

Open rates are high and click-through rates are higher compared to other marketing media too.

Provided you send your messages when your subscriber haven’t slept off at night, you are bound to have a high open rate.

It is this way because SMS content usually comes with a loud notification and is usually straight to the point with the information contained.

In fact, it can even be argued that whether you send your message in the night, morning or afternoon, you are still bound to have a high open and read-through rate, all things being equal.


Fast customer response and experience.

With SMS marketing, customers can easily respond to your call-to-action or any other information contained within with or without the internet. SMS marketing makes it possible through the use of USSD commands.

These commands are short codes that your audience can dial to get a specific response to an inquiry. What this simply means is that at the touch of a button, your audience can gain access to whatever you provide either by replying the message, call the number or dialing a short code (USSD).


Exclusive Marketing

By exclusive marketing, I mean there are few businesses in your niche that will be using SMS marketing for their promotional campaigns should you decide to apply it. You will get to reach a greater percentage of the market doing what a lot of your competitors are not doing.

While your competition is busy battling the noise on social media and the struggle for ranking on search engines, you will simply build your SMS marketing list and fire away.

For a moment, consider what banks and telecom providers are doing with SMS marketing and then ask yourself why they seem to be the only brands with a strong focus on it.

It’s simple really.

These brands know that a far higher percentage of their customer base may not even have smart, internet-enabled phones. Therefore, they are not ready to leave any stones unturned.

Are you a small business owner or perhaps, you have a growing business……consider growing an SMS subscriber list then applying SMS marketing techniques to grow your business.

You will find out that your business will experience more engagement, visits and patronage which will all translate to mean more profits for you.

Even if you have doubts about this strategy, consider trying out an SMS marketing strategy in your business before disregarding its effectiveness.

Don’t forget to check out my next post on what you need to avoid in SMS marketing.

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