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Tips for Writing Engaging and Converting Email Copies

Email marketing is still king as far as reaching out to customers and clients is concerned. However, the major challenge most businesses have in their email campaigns is writing engaging and converting email copies that actually get opened and read.

Every online business that truly hopes to engage and sell to its audience must endeavor to include email list building and marketing as part of their promotion strategy.

To make the best out of your email marketing campaigns, you must make sure that your emails are not just engaging but also have the ability convert for you.

Of course, the objective of your email copy should be a priority. Are you writing to make a sale, get a lead or push your subscribers to take a specific action?

Your objective should be clear especially on the heading and subsequently on the body of the email copy.

In this post, I will be pointing out some great tips for writing engaging and converting email copies for your business. If you follow this tips, your emails are certain to experience more engagement and generate more conversions and sales.

  1. Inbox deliverability

For your email copy to be seen in the first place, it has to drop in the inbox of your subscriber. If it drops in the spam, it is likely going to be unnoticed.

The truth is that not every subscriber remembers to check their spam folder. If your emails keep dropping in the spam folder, then you might just be wasting a lot of email marketing efforts.

The best way to write your emails to improve their deliverability is to make them as simple and short as possible.

If you can avoid stuffing them with links, that will even be better. HD images and videos also reduce deliverability in the inbox especially with Gmail.

The less spammy your email appears, the higher it’s deliverability. Also, you can avoid inputting too many price tags in the email copy.

Heavily-coded HTML emails also have deliverability problems. If you are sending HTML emails, consider using light HTML to code your emails while keeping it simple.

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  1. Engaging Headers that Increase Open Rates

If your plan is truly writing engaging and converting email copies for your business then you must careful attention to this tip.

A lot of subscribers are tired of being marketed by a thousand and one email based marketers. Personally, what I do is when I check the header and it doesn’t interest me, I delete immediately.

Now consider what the average email subscriber will do in a similar case.

The point is, your email open rates will increase if you have engaging headers that push subscribers to check out your emails.

To improve your headers, keep it short and personal but include something interesting FOR the subscriber.

Most people are on the look-out to gain something one way or another. If you plan to push people to read or look at your emails, then you must add something in it for them always.

It could be a giveaway, a tip that they might need in their life or business or something of value which you think they will find useful.

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You can add the first name tag to personalize the email accordingly. A lot of email marketers already do this and I must say that too much of it will prove ineffective in the long run.

If you can write your email headers to include the value proposition you are offering, personalize it while keeping it short, then be sure that half the battle is won. Your subscriber will be far more likely to open and check out your email copy.


  1. Increasing Conversions through Read-through Activity

Your email marketing activity has an objective it is meant to achieve. As I stated earlier, this objective could be anything from making a sale, driving sign ups, encouraging group joining, giving a discount, making an announcement and so forth.

If your email headers are engaging, you are bound to experience a high Open Rate but how about Click-through or Read-through rate. You want to make sure that your audience doesn’t lose interest half-way down your email copy.

To achieve this feat consistently, you must be writing engaging and converting email copies that maintain the header story line.

Your header shouldn’t say another thing and your copy will be discussing something else. Uniformity and relevance is key in this case, your email copy should have a continuation of the message from your header which attracted your audience.

Doing otherwise will mean having your emails ignored, deleted or worse yet unsubscriptions from your audience.

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Try to make the content as interesting as possible. Remember keeping it simple but spacious is key. Nobody wants to read to a block of heavy text so it should be easy to grab at a glance.

To do this, write in short sentences of 3 per paragraph with double spacing in-between each paragraph. Writing your email copies this way will make them really easy to scan through by your readers.

There should be a clear Call-to-Action on what you want your readers to do. Whatever action that is, make it very clear in the email copy and you can be sure of getting better results.

If your objective is to increase downloads, sign ups or applications for something, the message should be properly and clearly communicated in your email copy.

In addition, you can add a sort of reward while writing your engaging and converting email copies.  Such rewards could include discounted offers and giveaways, bonuses and other free but valuable stuff that will incentivize your audience to take action immediately.

Everyone loves valuable stuff and if you make it free, you can be sure to have a higher engagement on it.


  1. Ask for Feedback from your audience

A feedback system is important for any business. If you are keen on growing your business properly then you need a feedback system in place. For one, it will help you know how your audience perceives you.

Secondly, a feedback system will help you realize where your business needs improvement and you can tailor your email copywriting to fit better.

To create an effective feedback system, you can send a simple mail to your email subscribers asking them to give you their take on a service or product you provide.

Or you can ask them to reply your email with where they need solutions to their problems as it concerns your mutual niche.

The use of survey forms can also come in handy and can really simplify everything for you. You can use SurveyMonkey forms to handle your reviews.



Email copywriting is an art on its own that has to be learnt. True that some people naturally have a way with words but you can still learn email copywriting with or without talent.

If you follow the tips listed in this post, you will position your emails higher amongst the deluge of emails hitting your subscribers inbox daily. When running your email marketing campaigns, these tips for writing engaging and converting will come handy to increase your open and click-through rates.

So, in essence, you need to follow every tip and observe how it works out for you. I’m quite sure that if your subscribers actually signed into your list with their real emails then they will surely respond to your emails if you make them valuable, engaging and converting.

I hope this post has been helpful to you. I would love to hear your opinion, perspectives or questions in the comments section.

Don’t forget to share as well as someone out there will benefit from this.

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